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Asian Handicap -0.5 | What Does -0.5 Asian Handicap Mean & How to Use It

Asian handicaps were intended to give players more flexibility, by providing the means to partially or entirely reimburse losses. Today, some were used as a hedge against risk but there are some such as the -0.5 Asian handicap that are meant for decisive players.

Such sport bets are similar to the European handicap but operate with finer margins, so they keep players in full control of their betting routine.

In this betting guide, will tell you what does -0.5 Asian handicap mean and which are the best Asian handicap bookmakers.

Quick glance at Asian handicap betting

Before having the -0.5 Asian handicap explained will take a closer look at the Asian handicaps as a whole as it pays off to go from general to particular. The Asian handicap gives one team or athlete an edge over the opposition, which in turn, influences the odds.

An Asian handicap -0.5 makes it impossible for the bet to result in a push by giving a half point advantage to one team. Find more in our “what does push mean in betting” guide. This type of bet renders the possibility of a draw irrelevant, similar to Asian handicap 0.25 and Asian handicap 0.75 bets. The difference resides in the payout percentage and whether some of the losses are refunded or not. Furthermore, a -1 Asian handicap or an Asian handicap 1 gives players more room for error by refunding one goal defeats.

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What does -0.5 Asian handicap mean?

The -0.5 Asian handicap meaning is self evident and that’s why this type of single Asian handicap live betting is the easiest to explain. When applied to one team, it means that the selected squad must win, for punters to cash in as both a loss or a draw would lead to the forfeit of the investment.

  • In our -0.5 Asian handicap example we have Real Madrid hosting Barcelona, with Asian bookies offering odds of 2.50 on each team.
  • If we bet on a Real Madrid -0.5 Asian handicap we are paid 250% the stakes if they win and lose the entire investment if the match ends in a draw or if Barcelona prevails.

Other types of Asian handicaps

As mentioned above, the Asian handicap comes in many flavors and the other types can even be expressed in different ways. Take the Asian handicap 0.0, -0.5 handicap for example where punters lose half the stakes if the match ends in a draw. Conversely, with the Asian handicap -0.5 -1 punters will win if favorites win by two goals or more and win half the stakes if they prevailed by one goal, but if you want to learn more, read our article about over 2.5 goals.

These alternative Asian handicap bets are better for contested games between evenly matched teams. Just like the quarter goal handicap is used for closer games, you can push the envelope and aim for bigger winnings with wider Asian spreads such as -1.5 o -2.5 handicap betting lines.

The table below shows several -0.5 Asian handicap options and outcomes for each:


Team Result

Bet Result

0.0 & -0.5 (-0.25)
Team Result
Win by 1 or more
Bet Result
Lose Half

Team Result
Bet Result

-0.5 & -1.00 (-0.75)
Team Result
Win by 2 or more
Win by 1
Bet Result
Win Half

Tips on betting with -0.5 Asian Handicap

As soon as you understand what is Asian handicap -0.5, you can start using it to online bet on pretty much any sport available. That’s because it is just as suitable for football games that are so popular in the United Kingdom, American sports and even non-sporting events. When using the -0.5 Asian handicap betting you are essentially counting on the chosen team to win by any margin. That’s because only a half goal advantage is being given to the underdog, you will claim the entire payment, no matter the chosen payment option, in case of a narrow margin win. The draw outcome is eliminated, just as if you were backing the favorites in the 1×2 betting market.

Understanding how does -0.5 Asian handicap work is easy but you can’t craft an overly complicated Asian handicap betting strategy for football. Basically you are simply betting on the team to win regardless of score, just like the 0.5 Asian handicap is a double chance bet. With tennis handicap betting and other sports where the total number of points doesn’t necessarily dictate the winner, using Asian handicap -0.5 can be useful for underdog betting. You can bet on the big serving Serena Williams with a -0.5 Asian handicap on the total number of games won and cash in if she loses 46 60 36. 

Compared to split Asian handicap offers which operate with final margins and allow players to cash in on slide odds variations, this one is less suitable for Asian handicap arbitrage and bonus hunting.

Pros and Cons of -0.5 Asian handicap betting


  • The half Asian bet is the easiest to understand and use
  • The handicap home -0.5 eliminates the disadvantage of a draw
  • It comes in many flavors, including 1st half asian handicap
  • All major bookmakers offer the Asian handicap -0.5


  • This split Asian handicap is simply a bet on the winning team

Your FAQs on Asian handicap -0.5 answered

Using Asian handicap in play is possible at all bookmakers offering this type of wagering. It is just as easy as understanding -0.5 Asian handicap betting as it is to use it on football as well as other sports.

No other type of Asian handicap is easier to apply. Compared to to 1x2 markets the possibility of a draw is eliminated. You give favorites a half point deficit that they need to cover when you use the -0.5 Asian handicap and win regardless of the winning margin.

Once you understand what the -0.5 Asian handicap means all that is left is finding a team to bet on. Pick a squad strong enough to win in regular time so the possibility of a draw is greatly reduced.

Tap into the hidden potential of the -0.5 Asian handicap

We did our best to have the -0.5 Asian handicap explained, so you can make the most of this decisive way of mobile betting. Compared to all the other types of Asian handicaps, this one is the most straightforward and easy to use by beginners. Make sure to check out our dedicated guide for Betfair Asian handicap e-sports betting, too.

The Asian handicap -0.5 always pays when your team of choice wins regardless of margin and is available in the online portfolios of all bookmakers. Some of them even offer slightly higher odds on the -0.5 Asian handicap than the straight win market, so you win more with no extra risks.