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Asian Handicap In Play Betting Guide | Strategy & Tips

Live bets can make you earn more thanks to their dynamic odds, and this is especially true for Asian handicap in play bets. With this special type of betting, you can increase your profit margin even more. However, in-play Asian handicap betting can be quite complicated for beginners and it is best to use a guide to make your job easier.

And this is why we prepared this Asian handicap in play explained guide. Below, you can find answers to every question you wonder about in play Asian handicap (and alternative Asian handicap) bets.

In play Asian handicap explained

Before starting this in play Asian handicap betting guide, let’s briefly recall the basics. In handicap betting, no matter the sports betting site you select to gamble on, each team is considered to have a specific handicap according to their chances of winning the match. To win these bets, the result must match the handicap points. For example:

  • Asian handicap 1: The team starts the match with a +1 goal and the score must be “win” (by any points) or “draw” to win the bet. If the score is “lose by 2 points”, the bet is lost.
  • Asian handicap -1: The team starts the match with a -1 goal and the score must be at least “win by 2 points” to win the bet.

You can find more information in our guide where we explain the Asian handicap bets in detail. Make sure to read it especially if you want to learn about the win/lose conditions of different handicap points such as Asian handicap 0.25 and Asian handicap 0.75. For now, let us remind you here that there is no draw outcome in this type of bet: You can only bet on the win/lose outcomes.

Asian handicap in play bets also work this way and with the same rules, but the bet is placed while the match is running. This means that you can place your bet while the match continues (and until it ends), not before the match. If you are wondering why you should prefer this option, just look at the odds. Compared to pre-match bets, Asian handicap live odds are almost always higher and constantly change throughout the match, even at crypto betting websites.

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In play Asian handicap rules

The conditions for winning Asian handicap in play bets are the same as for Asian handicap bets. The score must match the handicap points. We have given some simple examples above, and you can take a look at our other guides to learn what the win/lose conditions are in exotic examples such as 0.5 Asian handicap and 0.5 Asian handicap.

In this betting guide we will talk about the most important difference (and basic rule) of in play Asian handicap bets: as soon as you place this bet, the score is “reset” and the goals scored before your bet are ignored. So, for example, if you bet Asian handicap in play when the score is 2-0, the score will be 0-0 for you at that moment and whether you win the bet or not will be determined accordingly. In the example below, we explain this rule in more detail.

How does in-play Asian handicap betting work?

Let’s give an Asian handicap live bet example, that you can encounter at any betting website, so you can understand how they work and what is the meaning of the “score reset”.

  • Let’s say there is a match between Team A and Team B. Team A is the favorite (expected to win the match) and Team B is the underdog (not expected to win the match). 
  • In the 10th minute of this match, Team B scores a goal and the score becomes 0 – 1.
  • At this moment, you decide to place a -1 Asian handicap in play bet on Team A.
  • The match ends 3 – 2 in favor of Team A.
  • Congratulations, you just won your in play Asian handicap bet.

So, what happened here? As we mentioned above, the score must be at least “win by 2 points” to win -1 Asian handicap bets, even when betting on mobile. Whereas in this example, the score is “win by 1 point”. So, how did you end up winning this bet?

  • As soon as you placed your Asian handicap in play bet, the score was reset for you, so it became 0-0. The goal scored before the bet was not taken into account.
  • Therefore, for you, the score of this match is not 3 – 2, but 3 – 1: the first goal scored by Team B is not counted.

Since this score meets the “win by 2 points” condition, you win your bet. If you had placed this bet before but not during the match, regardless of the payment method, you would lose. However, thanks to the special rule of Asian handicap in play bets, you were able to change the score for yourself and still win.

Pre-game vs. in play Asian handicap

As we mentioned above, there is no difference between pre-match and in play Asian handicap winning conditions. As long as the score matches the handicap points, you win the bet. However, since the previous goals are not counted in Asian handicap in play bets, it is possible to get more opportunities and increase your chances of winning by making decisions based on the developments in the match. Take a look at the example above: if you had made this bet before the match, you would have lost. But you chose to wait for the match to begin and you thought Team A would still win, even though the other team scored the first goal. This decision enabled you to win a bet that you would normally lose.

This is the key difference between pre-match and in play Asian handicap bets. You can play in play bets even in the last 10 minutes and make much more consistent predictions since you watched the game. A goal scored in the last 10 minutes can make you win the bet, same as in sports betting exchanges. Of course, this is not a guarantee: the score still needs to match the handicap points, and the same goal can cause you to lose the bet. Still, Asian handicap in play bets have two major advantages:

✅ Odds are dynamic and change throughout the match. Likewise, it is possible to get new betting offers and opportunities based on the developments in the match. Overall, Asian handicap in play bets offer more competitive odds.

✅ After watching the match and seeing the actual performance of the athletes, you can make more accurate predictions about who will win, who will lose, and what the score will be. In this context, in play Asian handicap bets offer a higher chance of winning.

Best sports & markets for Asian handicap in play betting

Asian handicap in play bets are mostly used in football. This is because football is one of the most popular sports (perhaps the most popular). The more popular a sport is, the more variety of bets it will offer (this thing being valid in e-sports betting also). However, Asian handicap is a bet that can be used in any sport where the score is calculated by goals or points, and as long as there is an “in play” option, in play Asian handicap bets can be placed on any sport that meets this definition.

In-play Asian handicap market is very rich, especially for global events of popular sports. For FIFA 2023, for example, you can find several in-play Asian lines betting offers in almost every bookmaker. However, the market is limited for lower leagues and events, therefore you cand find little to none offers there, and the in-play option for these matches is only available at the biggest betting companies. This is because small scale operators often do not have the infrastructure to track local matches live and offer dynamic odds. Simply put, you can find in-play handicaps in almost every bookie, regardless the currency you choose to use, if that is a popular sport & global event, but for local events, this option will be available only in a couple of big bookmakers.

In play Asian handicap betting strategy for beginners

The best Asian handicap betting strategy is not to be in a hurry. Don’t get excited after the first goal has been scored and keep watching the match for a while before placing your bet. Choose from these betting sites with live streaming. After the first goal, the teams will show their true performance, which will help you make more consistent predictions.

You can also use general live betting strategy systems for Asian handicap in play bets. So make sure you can watch the match uninterrupted and do your research beforehand. For more information, you can take a look at our other guides on live betting.

Choose Asian bookies that offer exotic options such as 1st half Asian handicap. Once you’ve gained a certain amount of experience, these types of bets can further increase your profit margin. You can find such offers on our recommended bookmakers, and even use a bonus or get live betting bonuses for your first in play Asian handicap bet.

Arbitrage tactics can also be used for Asian handicap in play bets. Compared to pre-match arbitrage, they are more difficult to use, but if you make the right choices, you can guarantee a profit regardless of the outcome of the match. Don’t forget to take a look at the guides we prepared about Asian handicap arbitrage, Betfair Asian handicap, and the best arbitrage opportunities.

Should you try Asian handicap in play bets?


  • Offers higher winning chances
  • Offers higher odds when compared to pre-match handicap bets
  • The special rule of in play Asian handicap bets can save the day


  • In play bets are not available at every bookie
  • Beginners may find it too complex

FAQ about in play Asian handicap bets

No. As soon as you place your bet, the score becomes 0-0 for you: The goals scored beforehand do not count.

The best sports betting exchanges will offer more odds and cover more events: You can find more opportunities for Asian handicap in play bets.

Since you can make more accurate predictions about the score and get higher odds, Asian handicap in play bets are better. However, they are more complex when compared to pre-match handicaps.

No. You can use this type of betting for all sports, as long as the score is calculated by goals/points. However, football is the most popular sport and gets more offers for this reason.

Place your live Asian handicap bet today

Pick one of our recommended Asian handicap bookmakers and place your in play Asian handicap bet today. It is best to start your Asian handicap in play betting journey with a bonus, and our recommended bookies have lots of them. Keep visiting our website to learn more about live Asian handicap bets: We constantly update our content. As always, we wish you good luck out there!