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Best Way to Bet on Tennis and Win | Beginner’s Guide

Once you discover the best way to bet on tennis, the popular sport will suddenly become far more exciting. There are tournaments scheduled throughout the year, therefore multiple winning opportunities for those who know how to tackle the challenges.

In the paragraphs below, you will learn how to make money with sports betting, specifically on tennis, by leveraging the potential of WTA and ATP tournaments. There’s no shortage of tennis betting sites and we’ll help you find the best places to wager, based on their games selection, live offer and security policy.

Bookmakers dedicate ample coverage to tennis tournaments and flagship competitions enjoy their undivided attention. Virtually every betting site from our list of sportsbooks has this sport on the menu and provides punters with pregame and live tennis betting.

Finding a place to wager isn’t difficult at all, so players should only be concerned about identifying the best tennis crypto betting sites. Established bookmakers with a flawless track record, higher than average odds and a comprehensive selection of betting options should be considered.

You should choose tennis betting sites that allows you to bet on in-game events, to take advantage of fleeting opportunities and ideally, bookies that also offer live betting bonuses.

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Why do online punters prefer tennis betting?

Second, only to football in terms of popularity (here you can learn how to make money betting on football), tennis is the most popular and easiest sport to bet on among casual and veteran punters. Tournaments take place on a weekly basis, so it’s easy to find a worthy game to place a bet on any given day.

Because of its sheer simplicity, betting profitably on tennis isn’t that difficult even for beginners who stick to mainstream markets. It doesn’t take long to learn how to bet successfully on tennis and there are plenty of special markets to consider.

Things to keep in mind when looking for the best way to bet on tennis

In your quest of finding the best way to bet on tennis, you should know that there are a couple of things to consider. Research goes a long way and the time spent analyzing the matches will pay dividends in the long run. These are the top three things to keep in mind after you learn how to place a bet at the bookies:

Observe and interpret the world tennis rankings

Everyone knows that players such as Nadal and Djokovic sit at the top of the ATP rankings. What you should be looking at first when betting on tennis is the position of the players in the hierarchy. This is an excellent indicator of quality and consistency, since the world tennis rankings are updated in real-time.

Don’t forget to take into consideration the player motivation and his/ her current physical fitness.

Playing surface of the tennis tournament

Throughout the year tennis is played on clay, hardcourt and grass and players have their favorite surfaces. Knowing where they feel more comfortable is essential when trying to figure out the winner. Bookmakers know this as well and adjust the odds accordingly, but punters can still get an edge if they know how to interpret the facts.

Only bet on competitive odds

The house edge is always there to bog you down but you can decrease it by betting at the highest odds available. Bookmakers have different odds on different sports and even the best odds margins can influence your long term winnings. The odds offered by sports betting sites covering tennis can differ greatly and even betting on slightly higher ones can make a difference.

Take advantage in shifting tennis betting odds

By default, the odds are offered in decimal format, but most bookmakers allow players to switch to American and fractional ones. The value and winning potential is the same so they only differ visually.

Sports betting companies publish the tennis odds in advance, so you can bet on tournaments weeks and sometimes months before they begin. If you place your bets early, you will have the opportunity to lock in on top odds on favorites, and then use an underdog betting strategy to hedge against the risks. You might make nice profits if you bet on the underdog, as some of the biggest sporting upsets happened in tennis.

You can also try live tennis betting where you could benefit from increased odds as with table tennis betting. For example, some players are known to be slow starters and their odds increase immensely if he/she appears to be struggling at the beginning of the match.

Casual punters usually stick to the mainstream betting markets and wager on the outright winners of matches and tournaments. If you want to learn how to win big on tennis bets, you should expand your horizon and try to find the best tennis betting market.

There are a couple of things to consider and these are some of the ways to bet on tennis like a pro while making a good decision every time.

Match winner

This is the most popular way to bet on tennis, as you only need to predict the winner of the match. The advantage resides in its sheer simplicity, but the shortcoming is that the odds on the favorites are almost always low odds. The advantage is that you can apply here a low odds betting strategy. A low odds laying system is also highly recommended – it depends on what your style is as a gambling person.

Set betting

Some players come out firing on all cylinders, while others need a longer time to get in shape. Wagering on the first set is an excellent tennis betting strategy and it has the advantage of delivering winnings sooner. The odds are comparable to those offered on the match winner.

In play betting

Betting sites with live streaming provide you with the chance to watch the games as they unfold and place a bet in real-time. This is perfect for extracting maximum value from matches where the favorite starts the game poorly. This is the best way to bet on tennis if you know the game well and can properly interpret the events happening on the court.

Handicap betting

The best way to bet on tennis matches is to use handicaps to boost the odds on the favorite and mitigate the risks on underdogs. In tennis handicap betting the better player starts with a game or set deficit that he or she needs to cover, for the bets to win. Have a look at our guide on Asian handicap in play to help you maximise your chances of winning.

Over and under betting

One of the ways to bet on tennis that works is on the total number of games for sets. Just like with round betting in boxing, the advantage is that you don’t need to predict the winner, only how many games or sets will be played in the match. On the flipside, there’s a degree of randomness in such bets.

Best way to bet on tennis: Beginners vs Veterans

Tennis is the best sport to bet on for both casual punters and experienced ones, but there is no universal tennis bet winning formula. All types of bets have advantages and shortcomings, so it’s important to find the best strategy to bet on tennis based on your experience and expectations.

Everyone should seek top odds and try to identify the best tennis betting offers and promotions. This will lead to high returns in the long run whether you choose to place your wagers pregame or gamble at live betting sites.

As always the greater the risk the greater the rewards, but whether you are a beginner or an experienced bettor you should always pay attention to your bankroll management.

🥎 Beginners should bet on the winner of the match and boost the odds through handicap and set betting. The best way to bet on tennis for making profit long-term is to wager on events where the potential winnings exceed the risks. This also applies to snooker betting and snooker betting systems.

🥎Veteran punters can afford to get creative and use more complex sports betting strategies such as wagering on the total number of aces, double faults, points and other exotic markets.

Your tennis betting FAQs answered:

The best way to bet on tennis if you are a beginner is to wager on popular betting markets such as match and set winner, or handicaps. Betting on the tournament winners is also a popular choice among punters.

On average, you will find more than a dozen betting markets on tennis and the number increases to up to 100 for major tournaments. Special bets on aces, double faults, serve speed and many more are featured.

The best way to bet on tennis and win is to identify underdogs capable of causing major upsets. This can be a highly profitable way of handling tennis bets because of the high odds offered by bookmakers.

Beginners can be overwhelmed by the high number of markets and the difficulty of correctly estimating the difference between players. The good news is that things only get easier in time and you can find the best tennis betting tips to help you make a good choice.

The best way to learn how to bet on tennis is to watch the games live and bookmakers provide you with this opportunity. Live streams are available to players who open a betting account, make a deposit and accept the terms and conditions.

The best way to bet on tennis and win in a nutshell

Tennis has been for decades one of the most popular sports at online bookmakers and it is here to stay. As long as you can spot value in the odds offered by sportsbooks and know how to leverage the power of special betting markets you can stay profitable.

Take advantage of the promotions and bonuses offered by bookies and cash in on profitable odds during live matches to boost your chances. As a beginner, stick to mainstream tennis arbitrage betting markets but as your experience grows consider the more complex betting options.