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Online VS. Offline Betting: Choose a Better Option for Your Betting [2024]

Online vs. offline betting which is best? This article gives you a detailed comparison between the two types of betting. In today’s world, most punters place bets online, thanks to the accessibility of the internet. Besides, most people have PCs and mobile devices that allow them to place bets quickly.

However, some punters prefer walking into a local bookie to place bets – this is offline sports betting. So, what are some unique considerations? You can find your bookmaker by checking our complete guide with relevant information and betting terms.

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What are online and offline betting modes? The main differences:

Online sports betting has gained momentum in the past decade. Most online punters use their mobile devices to place wagers on their favorite sport. This puts off a massive load from the shoulders of gamblers who like betting on the go. But how is it different from the offline route? Here is the definition of the two.

What is online betting? Is more than a bet, is an entire industry

Online betting or gambling is placing wagers on a betting site or gambling site. It is a gambling site or betting site that facilitates the entire process of online wagering. You can access betting sites via the link offered or by typing the address or name of the betting site into a browser.

Remember, legal betting sites can offer a wide range of betting options or may specialize in just one. All online betting sites have advanced features making it easier to place real money wagers online. In some instances, you may be required to download the software client onto your device for you to use it. However, the client software is usually built into the site in most cases.

Either way, without software, nothing can happen. That makes it the main component of any betting site. Ideally, sports betting software allows you to do many things, the most important one being betting markets, where you choose to place wagers, where to enter your wager amount, and best online casinos.

To use online sports betting sites effectively, you need: 

A computer or any device that can access the internet
Sports betting account.

How to get sports betting account? Is easy, don't worry

How to get a sports betting account

It is easy. First, select a suitable betting site and go through the short signup process, requiring your name, email address, phone number, and government-issued ID. Again, you will be required to confirm your email or phone number to begin using your online sports betting account. 

Placing wagers

When placing wagers, you have two options: betting for fun vs. betting for profit. Therefore, for real money betting, deposit money to the sports betting account using several methods. Most bookies allow you to stop using credit and debit cards, direct bank transfers, eWallets, and prepaid cards. Just navigate to the cashier section of the bookies.

But you will need to set up details of the choice method and the amount of cash you wish to send to your account. Most deposit methods are instant, i.e., you will receive your money into your account instantly.

Use that money to place wagers on your favorite events. Bookmakers with statistics can give insights into the best teams or events. Remember, the currencies of bookmakers matter also; a good example of that is the Polish zloty.

What is offline betting? An entire way of life

Offline betting is the traditional way of placing bets in a gambling shop, customarily called a bookie or bookmaker. The legalization of sports betting made bookmakers a legal occupation unlike before, which was termed illegal. Bookies’ significant roles are setting odds, placing odds for you, and paying out winnings. 

Online betting benefits: First, Money

Online betting is a relatively new concept but has a huge following thanks to the convenience it offers to its bettors. Its popularity is mainly owed to the increase in the use of smartphones and tablets. Mobile devices are pivotal for the growth of online sports betting. Here are the online betting benefits.

No travel hassle

Betting only is very convenient because you can bet from anywhere you are. Typically, you need a device such as a smartphone, tablet, or a PC and an internet connection. This will let you place your bets easily.

Total privacy 

Online betting lets you place your bets in a private setting. This makes it an excellent option, especially if you don’t want to be in a social place. Beyond that, no distractions allow you to focus better on the match analysis process. Also, if you do not want your gambling activities to appear on your bank statement, you can use anonymous payment options such as Bitcoin.

You don’t need a schedule to place bets

Online sports betting sites allow you to place bets 24/7. You don’t have to make a schedule to visit the shop. Even if you wake up in the middle of the night, you can place wagers without any issues because there is always something to bet on.

Wide selection of betting markets 

You have a wide range of betting markets – bettors can get more than 250 betting markets on different types of sports betting events. What’s more, some betting sites allow you to order custom odds via social media.

Better Odds 

Apart from having a chance to be on several online bookies simultaneously, online sportsbooks offer better odds than offline sports betting sites. Furthermore, there is a possibility of getting back and laying on the best odds bookmakers. This gives you a chance to make money. 

Wealth of promotions

Online bookies offer a wide range of bonuses and promotions to their users. This starts you off with a huge bankroll. Some betting offers to include free bets, enhanced odds, multiples bonuses, moneyback and cashback offers, ACCA insurance, and mobile betting sites and bonuses, among others.

Live betting & live streaming

Live betting sites offer you an opportunity to place bets after the game has already started. This is possible because most bookies stream the games live, and you can follow the action and make changes to your bets as you wish. This is a lucrative mode of betting.

Payouts are instant 

Bettors get their winnings soon after the match is over. There is no time to waste between sports. In fact, some sportsbooks can even settle the wagers even before the match is over provided they are 100% won – for example, both teams to score, over 2.5 goals, etc.

It’s straightforward, safe, and secure

Modern online bookies are intuitive and beginner-friendly. Their designs allow you to find betting markets as well as place wagers easily. Besides, they will enable you to top up your account quickly, thanks to the wide range of payment methods. Beyond that, they use the latest security measures such as SSL protocols. 

Advantages of offline betting: A huge experience:

Everybody bets for different reasons; thus, they find satisfaction differently, whether on an internet or offline betting site. Though offline betting sites are fast fading in some regions of the world, they still maintain their relevance in some other parts. Typically, the offline betting advantages include:

The social aspect

If you like betting in an energetic atmosphere, then offline establishments might be the right place for you. In betting shops, you will find various categories of people allowing you to meet new people, learn new skills, and have a chat. Above all, the excitement of winning bets is much more in an offline betting mode than while betting online.


When you play at an offline bookmaker, your payout is sure – they hardly ever refuse to pay. That makes it one of the most certain ways to make money with sports betting. Also, you do not have to share your information with anyone while placing your bets offline.

Human customer service

In case of an issue, there is always someone to talk to. That human touch to your problem is more critical in a betting environment than dealing with bots. 

Complimentary drinks and foods 

Since it is a social gathering of bettors, foods and drinks are a significant part of physical betting shops. This further makes the entire process of betting more enjoyable.

Online vs. offline betting: Which one is for you?

More places are now legalizing betting. So, if you are still wondering where is online sports betting legal, it is worth noting that many places in the world allow betting. In the past, betting in an offline location was the only way to bet.

Thus, there was a substantial offline community. But with the rise of the internet, many people are shifting ground to online platforms. Besides, many new bookmakers are being formed to cater to the rising numbers.

Further Information

But really, which one among the two is the best option?

If you know how to place a bet online, you can put it at an offline bookie or offline betting app. Betting at physical betting shops is similar to betting at online bookmakers. However, some significant differences exist. For instance, wagering offline means you will socialize, meet new friends, have drinks and food, and watch live streams. Offline betting drawbacks include low payout and extra expenses. This debate can bring us to another controversial question, the rivalry between NBA vs NFL? Find out by yourself which one is the best.

On the other hand, wagering online allows you to do it in the comfort of your home without some social interaction. That makes wagering in offline bookies more entertaining. However, the innovative technology online betting sites offer tries to compensate for the lack of social aspect.

For example, live streaming betting sites are a fantastic feature that allows bettors to feel like they are in a land-based betting site while interacting with other players via live chat, thanks to the responsive online interface.

Moreover, you do not need to plan to visit an online sportsbook or make it part of your schedule. You can bet anytime you wish, and the range of betting markets and casino games is more massive than brick-and-mortar sports betting shops. Therefore, the online betting platform is more diverse, meaning you will always find something.

Pertaining games, offline betting games are much less compared to online games. So, online vs. offline sportsbook, which one should you take? That really depends on your interest.

PROS and CONS about online vs. offline betting

Online betting – is more comfortable


  • Flexibility
  • Access to promotions
  • Live streaming and betting
  • Immediate payout


  • Little social interaction
  • Technical issues

Offline betting – is more about the atmosphere


  • Social experience
  • Human customer service
  • Fast payout
  • Multiples bonus


  • Extra expenses
  • Live betting is slow
  • Inferior payouts

FAQ about offline vs online bookmakers

That depends on your interest. Opt for the traditional betting shop if you like a good social experience. However, if you want to bet bets anytime from anywhere, opt for the online betting platforms.

That depends on specific country rules. Some countries impose a taxation fee on all winnings, especially on land-based sports betting shops. However, winnings from online betting sites are not taxed in most cases. Always select bookmakers by country or bookmakers by jurisdiction.

Online betting sites have better odds than the brick and mortar betting sites. The odds keep on changing, allowing you to locate the best lines.

The online betting community is currently bigger than the offline community since they can easily access the betting sites.

Provided the bookies are licensed and well-regulated, the winning rate is the same whether you bet on offline or online betting sites.

Offline betting VS online betting: Bet where you are comfortable

Whether you are in an online or offline betting mode, your success depends on your ability to make sound bets. Ideally, punters should know how to get max value when betting on sports, and this begins by finding the best odds margin and reducing the occurrence of common sports betting mistakes. Also, you should be on safe betting sites. You’ll get the betting advice from a well-curated betting guide.

Payment methods recommended for offline and online betting: