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Snooker Betting System | Best Snooker Betting Strategies to Use in 2024

There are lots of sports you can place a bet and snooker is one of them. However, as always, you need to use the right snooker betting system if you want to be successful: You cannot rely only on your luck.

Snooker is a complex sport with lots of rules and it offers many betting opportunities. If you are interested in this exotic sport, this snooker betting strategy guide is for you.

We will talk about the rules of the game, explain which markets you can place a bet on, and explain how to make money betting snooker. We will also give world snooker betting tips so you can make a fast start.

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How to win snooker bets?

Before talking about snooker betting, we should explain the rules briefly: This way, you can understand how snooker matches work and what kind of betting options are available.

🔴 A snooker match is played on a 6’x12′ English billiard table with six pockets. 

🔴 A match consists of 13 frames. You can think of frames as “turns”: They are individual games, and each player tries to get the highest points in a frame (when it is his turn to play). 

🔴 The points are called “breaks” and at the end of all frames, the total break of players gets compared: The player with the highest break wins the match.

As you can guess, these are not all the rules. However, they are enough to get you started on snooker betting. You can check here the WPBSA official rules for snooker and billiards if you want to learn more and find out how the snooker point system works.

There are lots of opportunities in snooker to place a bet: We are listing the most common (and most popular ones) below. 

Match-winner: As can be guessed by the name, this is a straight bet is about who will win a match.

Tournament winner: A bet about who will win a specific tournament.

Frame winner: This bet is about who will get the most breaks in a specific frame. Make sure to use a snooker frame betting system before you use this option: It can be quite tricky.

Total frames: It is esentially an over under bet on whether the total number of frames will be over or under the value set by the bookmaker. The total points achieved in a particular frame can determine who will win the match before the 13 frames end. For example, after the first 11 frames are completed, it can be clear that a certain player will lose the match even if he plays a perfect game: In this case, the match is considered to be completed before 13 frames.

Total centuries: This bet is about the number of century breaks in a match. If a player gets 100 breaks in a single frame, this is called a “century” – this bet is about how many centuries will happen.

Handicap bets: Handicap betting is also possible in snooker and it works the same way: Players get “plus” or “minus” points based on their position (favorite/underdog) and in order to win the bet, the game result must match the handicap limits.

Correct score: This bet is about guessing the correct score of a match – who wins or loses is not important, you just try to predict the exact score.

147 Break: According to the snooker scoring system, 147 is the maximum break that can be achieved in a single frame (*). This bet is about whether this will happen in the match or not. This is harder than you think: Since 1982, only 166 players have managed to do this.

(*) Jamie Burnett is the only player in history who has managed to get 148 points in a single frame in 2004.

How to make a profit betting on snooker?

We can now start talking about snooker betting strategy and systems. In other words, we can give you a couple of snooker betting tips. Remember that common systems and strategies will also apply to snooker, so we recommend reading our best sports betting strategies, sports betting systems, and how to win at sports betting guides in addition to the recommendations below: All of these will teach you how to make money with sports betting

Favorites are not a guarantee

Learn when to back the favourite: Sometimes betting on the underdog will be a much better choice. Sometimes favorites are really exaggerated, and the underdog has more reasons to win that match. In other words, do not always rely on favorites.

Accumulator bets can help you

By using bet combinations or accumulator bets you can increase your chances and win more. These bets are riskier as you have to win every pick, but with the right picks, it is possible to increase your wins several times. 

Try outright betting

Outright betting can be the best option for beginners. With this option, you bet on the outcome of a tournament or event, not on a specific match. You simply try to guess who will win the tournament, and this is generally easier than predicting who will win a match. 

Make your research

As always, you need to research: Be sure to check the player statistics and do not neglect to examine their private lives too. Snooker players are like superstars: It is easy to follow their personal lives thanks to social media, and a certain change (for example, separation from a girlfriend) can be important enough to affect match performance. 

Learn the rules and formats

Snooker rules are generally the same, but almost every tournament has a unique format. Before you bet, visit the websites of the tournaments, review the rule booklets, and make sure to learn the general format.

FAQ about snooker betting strategy

We can say that outright bets are the best ones: Instead of a single match, you bet on the result of a tournament and/or event. It is easier to predict who will win an event.

“Total frames” and “147 breaks” are the riskiest bets in snooker. It is quite tricky to guess the total frame number even if you know everything about a specific player and 147 breaks is basically betting on a world record.

We can say that any tournament organized by WPBSA (Official World Governing Body of Snooker and Billiards) is important. In this regard, it is possible to say that “Triple Crown” and “World Snooker Championship” are the most important and popular ones.

Yes, but only if they know how snooker works. Snooker is one of the best sports to bet on but it is also a complex one: There are lots of rules to learn and even the official rulebook is 88 pages long.

Simply put, it means betting on snooker matches while that match is going on. Basically, it is live betting for snooker: You can place a bet until the match ends and watch the match in real-time.

Play with the best snooker betting strategy today

Now you learned how to win snooker matches. The next step is making some practice: Use our compare bookmakers tool to find the best bookie for your needs and start playing at the biggest bookmakers in the world. We can also suggest to you lots of betting sites with live streaming if you want to try a live betting system in snooker matches, or in other sports like, tennis betting strategies available. With the right snooker betting strategy, we are sure that you will start winning in no time. Good luck out there and make sure to use a snooker betting system before you place your bets!