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Bitcoin cricket betting | (2024 updated guide)

Bitcoin cricket betting is gaining momentum as many trusted betting sites are accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method. Whether is local or international competitions, many betting sites list bitcoin wallet as a payment option.

Cricket is a popular sport in Australasian countries, the West Indies, India, England, Pakistan and African. But anyone across the globe can place cricket bets on bitcoin betting sites. Since many people are embracing bitcoin, bitcoin cricket betting has become a huge part of gambling. This virtual currency is known for anonymity and instant transfers. This article looks at websites where bitcoin betting is possible. Besides, it states and elaborates the different events to bet your bitcoin on.

Best Cricket Betting Sites that Accept Bitcoin in 20 June 2024 – Updated List

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What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin (BTC) is a type of cryptocurrency, defined as a digital or virtual currency that uses peer to peer technology. Created in 2009, bitcoin promises lower transaction fees than other online payment mechanisms. Besides, a decentralized authority operates bitcoin, unlike government-issued currencies.

BTC is not physical – rather, all bitcoin transactions are recorded on a public ledger, called blockchain, that every user can access. No bank or government issue or back bitcoin. Each BTC is simply a computer file stored within a digital wallet on a computer or a crypto mobile app. People can send part of bitcoin or bitcoins to your digital wallet, and you can do the same. Since transactions are in a public list, it is easier to trace the history of Bitcoin. This is important in preventing fraudulent activities such as undoing bitcoin transactions or making copies.

How to acquire bitcoin

People get bitcoin in there e main ways:

Step 1
Buying bitcoin using real money
Step 2
Selling goods and services and let people pay you via bitcoin
Step 3
Creating bitcoin using computer sophisticated computers and software

Bitcoin is the most valuable cryptocurrency because many people want to trade their goods and services using it, but for more you can read our guide about the crypto betting industry, or about the match crypto betting one.

How to gamble online using Bitcoin

Bitcoin bookmakers and betting sites are increasing in number daily. This shows how many bettors are willing to use this digital currency to trade. However, using Bitcoin comes with its fair share of risks. Before gambling with BTC, here are important points:

Further Information

Choose your wallet

All major operators have access to free bitcoin wallets – desktop and mobile wallets. So you can choose to either install an app on a smartphone/tablet or have a wallet on your computer for online payments which is also available on mobile betting sites.

After downloading an app on your smartphone, insert your personal information, usually your ID number, official names, email address, and/or mobile phone number. The process is rigorous, and you’ll be required to undergo a real-time facial recognition process.

A bitcoin wallet s no different from an e-wallet like Skrill, Neteller or PayPal, and it holds your virtual money, i.e., bitcoin.

Get your Bitcoin

You accept bitcoin as a payment option, or you can buy it. Currently, the BTC price is $48,550.85; since its volatile, it keeps fluctuating. You can buy bitcoin directly from peers at the exchange rate given. Or, if you have another form of cryptocurrency or currency, you can exchange it for bitcoin.

Spend Bitcoin

There are various ways to spend your bitcoin. Growing numbers of merchants and services are accepting it, including gambling sites. Bitcoin sporting bets can be placed across all types of sports as long as a betting site allows you to bet with bitcoin.

Common cricket competitions you bet on with Bitcoin

Both domestic Indian and international cricket events exist. Besides, betting with bitcoin on individual exhibition games, i.e., test matches, is possible. Note; tests can last even five days – that should offer different ways of placing Bitcoin bets on cricket betting UK sites. When betting in a cricket, the following are the most popular competitions to bet your Bitcoins on.

Big Bash League

Also called the KFC Big Bash League is an Australian professional Twenty20 cricket league established in 2011. The Big Bash League replaced the KFC Twenty20 Big Bash, mainly to include city teams. So the league has eight city-based franchises rather than six state teams.

The top two teams at the end of the season qualify for the Champions League of cricket. All the Big Bash League matches are played in Australia during the summer. Since the start of this league in 2011, many teams have won the title, among them the Perth Scorchers, the Brisbane Heat and Sydney Sixers.

Champions League T20

Champions League T20 (ICCCLT20) started in 2008 and ended in 2015; however, its members plan to revive it again. This was one of the largest cricket competitions in the world, lasting from 14 to 21 days. Participants in this cricket competition were from the Indian Premier League, Australian Big Cash League, Pakistan’s Faysal Bank Super Eight T20 Cup, Caribbean Premier League, South African Ram Slam T20 Challenge league, New Zealand’s Georgie Pie Super Smash, and the Sri Lankan Premier League. England stopped participating due to conflicting fixtures between the competition and their domestic league season.

Indian Premier League (IPL)

The IPL is the topmost division for cricket in India, and many places it among the most lucrative domestic cricket competitions in the world -in fact, it’s the top. So, if you like betting on Cricket with Bitcoins, this might be the right league for you.

The Indian premier league runs from April to June, and 8 teams participate. The participating teams are Indian cities and franchises. The popularity of the IPL makes it offered by BTC betting sites and bookies that don’t limit you to a particular payment method.

Getting started on Cricket Bitcoin sportsbook

You can make cricket bets at many legal betting sites. When well done, cricket betting is a form of sports betting that can be lucrative. Find a betting site that accepts bitcoin and then create an account. Also, ensure that your bitcoin account is loaded with enough of this currency. If not, deposit bitcoins. CloudBet, BetMaster, 20Bet,, and Fun88 sports betting sites you can do bitcoin betting. There are lucrative bitcoin sports welcome bonuses alongside a plethora of games on these Bitcoin sports betting websites even for the CSGO Bitcoin Betting Industry.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitcoin as a betting currency

Bitcoin is the latest form of ‘currency’ acceptable by many people. Its demand is high, ad popular betting sites are accepting it. However, before using bitcoin to gamble at sports betting website, know its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Safe and secure as they are peer to peer
  • Minimal to no transaction fee
  • Instant transfers globally
  • Easy to open a bitcoin account
  • An alternative deposit method in areas with restrictions


  • Highly volatile - your digital currency can lose value unexpectedly

Is Bitcoin Cricket Betting worth it?

Bitcoin is a relatively newer transaction method; so, only a few betting websites accept it. The deposit method comes with lots of advantages. For instance, BTC is a nice alternative in areas where you cant gamble legally. In such areas using credit/debit cards or bank wire transfers to deposit cash on an online betting website is impossible. Bitcoin is illegal; therefore offers a perfect alternative.

Also, getting bitcoin is easy. Just open an account, fill in your details and buy bitcoin. Ideally, acquiring BTC is much more similar to acquiring conventional currency. Since all transactions are fast and free, being on a bitcoin sportsbook should be an advantage.