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Virtual Football Betting | Ultimate Guide [2024]

Bookmakers have diversified their portfolio to provide partners with multiple betting options beyond conventional sports like in our virtual betting guide.

One of the fastest rising categories is virtual football betting, a type of wagering inspired by the real sport.

Built on a random number generator, its outcome is determined by software and when played at a reliable bookmaker, it is completely random.

In our virtual football betting guide, we look at the key aspects of this popular form of gambling and review the best virtual football betting tips.

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The definitive 2024 guide for virtual football betting

Our review of virtual football is aimed to be a comprehensive tutorial for those who pick up this type of gambling in 2022. We take a closer look at the best football betting sites UK has to offer and suggest the ideal places to gamble.

We answer common questions such as how does virtual football betting work and suggest bookmakers with statistics useful for beginners. Football fans, as well as recreational punters who have just discovered virtual football teams can benefit from these insights when placing the first bets.

What is virtual football betting?

The name is pretty explicit, but it is still worth explaining what is virtual football betting. Inspired by the real sport, it bears many similarities to classic soccer betting, but with an original twist. It involves two teams that try to score at least one more goal that the opponents to win the match.

Punters bet on the performances of these virtual football teams and if they are correct they are paid based on the odds. Underdog betting is more profitable if you’re correct, but also riskier than backing the favorite.

One team can win or the game can result in a draw, but punters can also bet on special markets. The main difference between virtual football betting and real sport is that the former have the outcome determined by the software. Signing up for an account with the best-fixed odds football betting sites mitigates the odds of being the victim of virtual football betting cheats.

How does virtual football betting work?

Once you understand what is virtual football betting, it is easier to master this form of gambling. Virtual betting sites almost always feature both the real sport and its virtual counterpart. This means that if you know how to bet on football and how to read soccer odds, you will have no problem in placing a bet on the virtuals. The process begins with punters choosing one of the matches from a list of upcoming events.

The beauty of virtual football is that games start round-the-clock, so you don’t have to wait for the next match. There is a clear link between risk and reward, with bigger odds triggering bigger potential profits.

Unlike real football where thorough research is needed to succeed, virtual soccer betting is a much easier affair. If you bet at big odds, you are less likely to win, while lower odds produce winners with a higher frequency. This kind of volatility is the result of a virtual football betting algorithm determining results.

Is it possible to cheat on virtual football?


The first most common question asked by prospective punters is how to win at virtual football betting. Is virtual football betting fixed is the second and one that is just as important when betting real money.

As stated above, virtual football betting software determines the outcome of each bet regardless of match and odds. Legitimate bookies employ prestigious software developers to power their virtual reality football games. Such software is checked by independent auditors who post their conclusions on the website.

As long as you sign up for an account and gamble at a licensed and regulated bookmaker you won’t become the victim of a scam. This also means that there will be no solution to how to hack virtual football betting question.

Just like any other casino game, it carries a certain house edge which ensures that the operator always wins. The key on how to win football bets rests with using the right virtual football betting techniques, rather than trying to hack or influence the software in any way.

What are virtual football betting leagues?

The most common way of virtual football betting is to simply place a wager on the next game to start. This usually involve random teams, frequently inspired by their real counterparts. The outcomes of the games are not connected and you only have to be successful on the current bet to cash in.

The virtual football betting league is a more complex way of betting that involves multiple matches. Instead of betting on individual games, punters wager on a string of games involving teams from the same virtual league. This requires a more complex virtual football betting strategy, but the outcome is still random.

Placing virtual football bets – Step by Step

The road to mastering virtual football betting secrets, begins with a single wager. Beginners who hope to make money betting on football can follow these simple steps to place virtual football bets.

Step 1
Sign up for an account at the bookmaker offering virtual football
Step 2
Enter the section dedicated to virtual sports and select football
Step 3
Choose the next game to start and a mainstream or niche market
Step 4
Place a bet by selecting the desired stakes and odds
Step 5
Wait for the match to end and your bet to be settled

Virtual football betting options

Learning how to make money from virtual football betting can be a long and tedious process. To give yourself the best fighting chance, you need to learn how do bookies set odds and what betting markets are available. In this section of the betting guide, we look at the types of bets available for virtual football.

  • Match result – this is the easiest type of virtual football betting, as you simply bet on which team wins the match. It is also possible to bet on a draw, which usually has high odds.
  • Number of goals – this is a classic over/under type of football betting, where you try to predict the total number of goals. Punters usually bet on more or fewer than 2.5 goals, but the line can differ
  • Margin of victory – a popular type of value football betting, the margin of victory is essentially a handicap market. You bet on the favorite or the underdog to cover a certain spread. Each sport has its main margins of victory also called key numbers in sports betting.
  • First team to score – the name is self-explanatory as punters bet on the first scoring team. Some bookmakers also allow you to bet on the first goalscorer, but such options are less numerous.

Enjoy the best virtual football betting odds

Any game whose outcome is determined by pure chance and randomness makes it difficult for players to improve. Veteran players have the same chances as beginners to pick winners, so the path to improvement involves other aspects.

The wise thing to do is to find bookmakers that offer bigger odds and a greater variety of betting markets. The higher the odds, the better the returns when you make the right prediction. Virtual football strategies and tips can also help in the long run in mitigating the effects of the house edge.

Virtual football betting tips and strategies

Being successful at any type of wagering requires some degree of strategy. How to cheat virtual football betting algorithms is a question without an answer. Instead, if you want to be successful, you should come up with a virtual football betting system and stick to it. In conjunction to proper bankroll management and the right attitude towards gambling, this will keep virtual football betting safe and fun.

Since this is a game of chance, one of the best virtual football betting tips and tricks for beginners is to take it slow. Bet small sums initially and then increase the stakes as you become comfortable with virtual football. The degree of randomness is higher than in real life and you can’t use research to boost the odds.

Betting on the favorite is a surefire way of increasing the frequency of winning and this applies to both football and virtual horse racing. The profits will be smaller, but the volatility will also decrease, so you will have a better chance of winning. This applies not only to mainstream markets, but also special in-game events which makes this one of the most useful football and virtual horse racing tips. If you would also like to bet on actual real-life horse races, check here our horse racing sites, as well as our horse racing betting guide.

Virtual vs real football betting differences

The similarities between virtual and real football are obvious, but the differences are also important. Since virtual football betting is determined by software, the algorithms decide the outcome. You don’t have to undertake any research, so beginners have an easier time predicting winners. The favorites win more often any bet that has lower odds is more likely to turn into a winner.

In real football, the rules are applied and enforced by referees, leagues, and match officials. When you understand what is virtual football betting, you realize that the algorithms decide its outcome. To avoid unnecessary risks, it is wise to bet at bookies whose software is certified by independent auditors.

Real football has more betting markets than virtual football, therefore a greater variety of betting options. They accommodate those who prefer to add multiple selections on the betting slip. Virtual sports usually lack this, so if you want to learn how to win football accumulators you should focus on the real sport.

Virtual football betting has the advantage of games being scheduled round-the-clock, so there is no waiting time whatsoever. Major football competitions are scheduled at certain hours and you’d have to wait for kickoff. On the bright side, it is more likely to find live betting options for real football than virtual. Furthermore, live betting bonuses are offered with a higher frequency on real football matches. Check our guide on live betting strategies to make sure you get the best odds.

Pros and cons of virtual football betting


  • Games start every few minutes
  • No research is needed to pick winners
  • Matches are settled in a few minutes
  • Available at most bookmakers


  • Fewer betting markets and less competitive odds

Frequently Asked Questions about virtual football betting:

The outcome is decided by algorithms, so legitimate software will keep the outcome truly random.

You can bet on a few other virtual sports besides football, with horse racing being the most popular.

Virtual football is available to US players in states where other types of casino games are legal.

Virtual football betting is possible at most bookmakers in United Kingdom.

Winning at virtual football requires luck, just like any other casino game based on chance.

The odds of predicting the correct score are stacked against the player, but correct score betting offers bigger winnings.

Most bookies offering this type of gambling don’t allow players to go for betting accumulators, only single bets. Check here what is a single bet.

Gammastack, Slotegrator and Goldenrace are some of the respected suppliers of virtual football software.

Make virtual football betting profitable

If you love casino games and football just as much, the virtual game is the perfect combination. This hybrid between the real sport and games whose outcome is governed by software has many advantages.

Once you master virtual football betting, you can have fun round-the-clock as matches start every few minutes. With the right bankroll management (check here our sports betting money management guide), a sound strategy, and control over your gambling habits, virtual football can be a pleasant pastime and a potentially profitable one. You can certainly make money betting on football – be it virtual or real football.