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Crypto Esports Betting | The Best Bookmakers To Place Your Bets In 2024

Wondering how to go about crypto esports betting and where to find the best betting sites? Choosing the wrong esports crypto betting may result in the worst betting experience. In this e-sports betting guide, we take an in-depth look at online sports crypto betting on mobile devices and PCs.

Besides, we offer a comprehensive list of crypto esports betting sites. So, if you are interested in the best esports betting sites with crypto, read this guide to the end.

Top 10 bookmakers to bet on Esports with crypto💪

Last update: 22 July 2024

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What is crypto betting?🤔

Crypto betting is typically betting at an online casino or online betting site using one of the many digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, or Bitcoin Cash. Digital currencies have become more prevalent in recent years, prompting sportsbooks to incorporate them as a transaction mode. However, it is worth noting that not all bookmakers and betting sites accept cryptocurrencies. Even those that accept them accept only a selected few. 

How does it crypto betting work on esports? 📙

You can buy cryptocurrencies as an investment or just for a specific purpose, like betting on sports or purchasing NFTs. However, crypto betting lets you do much more. You can use crypto to bet on sports or trade crypto itself without transferring it into FIATHowever, using crypto for sports betting is more complex than ordinary currencies. Betting on esports with crypto varies from one betting site to another. Some bookies allow you to place bets directly in crypto using a specified currency. Others allow crypto as other currencies for deposits.

How you use it depends on where you are. The critical thing to note about esports betting with crypto is that the value and price of crypto fluctuate pretty often. Therefore, it won’t return the same value when you bet with Bitcoin. Therefore, the value will fluctuate between the times you place the bet and cash out the winnings to the time you convert the winnings to FIAT currency. 

Generally, here is how top crypto esports betting work:

Crypto Deposits. You can bet with Bitcoin or any other token. Some bookies only take Bitcoin deposits as the only currency. However, they can allow you to bet in fiat, so it is vital to know the currencies of bookmakers beforehand. However, other betting sites only allow you to use the existing tokens. Here, you will deposit your currency like crypto, and the bookmaker will hold it as crypto, bet as cryptos, and payouts will also be in cryptos. 

The last option is using a bookie’s proprietary cryptocurrency. These bookmakers mint their coins, which you buy, and use to place bets. This method takes a complete approach to utilizing the tokens. Sadly, you will be relying on the bookmaker’s exchange rate. 

How to bet with crypto on esports? We have 4 easy👣

Crypto betting on esports takes a somewhat similar approach to ordinary betting with a few variations. Here is precisely how to do it:

Open a Cryptocurrency wallet

Even when it comes to live betting, the initial step is to open a crypto wallet if you do not have one. Remember, there are several digital coin wallets to choose from, and all of them are highly practical. Registering an account is pretty straightforward. Once you register, you will get a digital address tied to your account.

Buy Coins

Once your account is ready, purchase some coins for you in sports betting. So, log into your account and buy the type of digital currency you want to use – it is a guided procedure; so, it should be easy:

  • Select the coin you want
  • Enter the amount you want to buy
  • Confirm the purchase -The coins will be instantly credited to your account.

Select the best crypto esports betting

You need bookies where you will spend your cryptos. We have a curated list of crypto esports betting sites – you can select one. Alternatively, you can check out reviews to locate the best sites. Just ensure you get a website offering what you need.

Deposit the coins into your betting account

This is pretty straightforward. Navigate to the cashier section, see if cryptocurrency is listed as one of the bookmaker’s payment methods and select it. Of course, all betting sites will list their preferred cryptos. Pick the one that you already have in your wallet and follow the steps. 

Start betting/gambling!

⛏️ Pick sports betting markets and start placing bets.

Depositing and withdrawing cryptos at esports gambling site

The general assumption is that buying cryptos is expensive, complicated, or even illegal. That isn’t true – you only need a little guidance, and you’ll be done with it. Everyone has access to cryptos, so buying them is easy. Again, you can find them at an amazingly cheap price. 

How to deposit cryptocurrency? ⤵️

👨‍🏫Before you deposit cryptocurrency into your betting account in order to use it for crypto CSGO betting for example, you must have some cryptos in your digital wallet. So, here we assume you already have cryptos in your coin wallet. 

Choose a bookie that accepts cryptocurrency of your choice. Always buy common crypto to avoid inconveniences. Sign up or create an account.

Head over to the Deposit, Payments, or Cashier section, depending on the bookmaker.

Select the specific cryptocurrency that is in your ewallet, e.g., Bitcoin.

The site will generate a special link with all necessary information. Copy the link, insert it into the crypto wallet, and specify the amount to send to the crypto wallet. 

Confirm the transaction, and the money is instantly transferred to your betting account.

🔔Note that the process might vary from bookie to bookie. 

Top 4 cryptocurrencies used on esports ✌️

Ready to bet esports with crypto?🎬

Here are four popular cryptos you can use:

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin bookmakers remain a top option for esports betting websites an betting exchanges despite not being more user-friendly than other options. Still, esport betting with BTC offers many advantages to gamblers compared to traditional currencies. For instance, simplicity, security, and no-to-free transaction fees. The only limitation of using Bitcoin for gambling is its volatility. Also, your favorite esports betting platform may not offer it.

Ethereum (ETH) Ξ

Ethereum is well known across the globe and is majorly regarded as the second largest crypto in the market according to market capitalization. That means that millions of people use this digital coin due to their trust in it. Remember that Ethereum is an open-source digital coin that uses intelligent contracts. Currently, many online casinos have incorporated Ethereum as a method of depositing into your sports account. Whether you are betting on Call of Duty, DOTA 2, FIFA, LOL, or CSGO, Ethereum betting is the right option.

Ripple (XRP)

Founded on a shared public database, Ripple is managed by a network of independently validating servers. That means it does not depend on proof of work or energy supply. The validating server network offers player integrity and data protection. And both the transaction participants and the bank can own the servers. Basically, Ripple has a small resource consumption and high safety insurance, features that will make your gaming experience fun and secure. What’s more, it takes very little financial strain to use this coin as it only costs $0.493925.

Dogecoin (DOGE)🐕

Dogecoin betting is popular among online gambling sites, making it an actively discussed crypto. This meme-based crypto was initially created for fun but has emerged among the top crypto coins in the market today. Dogecoin is a coin of choice due to its user-friendliness; thus, Dogecoin betting offers gamblers a straightforward way of transferring funds.

Top 7 esports games to bet with crypto 🎮

Further Information

🐉DOTA 2: this 5v5 game is a powerhouse of magical tacticians, fierce brutes, and cunning rogues. Simply put, the here pool is limitless and massive. You can play this game to unleash exceptional abilities as you scale up to victory. 

⚽️FIFA: Now, at FIFA 22, this series of association games football video games are developed and released annually under the EA Sports label. It is listed in the Guinness World Records as the best-selling sports video game franchise globally.

CSGO: Csgo is one of the latest exciting video games that let you bet on skins. Currently, crypto cs go betting has taken root; however, you need a comprehensive CSGO betting guide to navigating the murky waters of CSGO Bitcoin betting or CSGO live betting. CSGO betting sites UK, low CSGO betting site.

🦸League of Legends: this is a team-based video game featuring over 140 champions. The game is a bit complex; thus, you might need some League of Legends betting tips to get started, and it should cover League of Legends spread betting. Considering its entertaining nature, you can participate in the League of Legends live betting or over/under LOL betting. Hearthstone: this is an entertaining but deceptively simple video card game. It is easy to play yet challenging to master. So, if you have to participate in Hearthstone betting, you will need much research to understand the game dynamics. 

🥽PUBG: This is a player vs. player shooter game that is very rigorous. Up to 100 players in a battle royale up to the last man standing.  

🎖️StarCraft 2: this free-to-play game is a sequel to the real-time StarCraft strategy game. 

▶️You can also try Rocket League betting, crypto horse betting, and the World of Warcraft esports crypto betting.

The main advantages of using crypto in the esports industry

The main advantages are:

Transparency – offers information transparency, which is of great benefit in gaming. You get to see all data transfers and transactions.

Cost-effective payment processing – no third party charges are levied as in the case of credit cards.

Reduced fraudulent activities – the decentralized system ensures that scammer does not access financial transactions.

Offers Anonymity – you remain anonymous when you place wagers, i.e., there is no information to trace back to you.

Tips and tricks about betting with crypto on esports

💡Here are handy tips:


Bet on legal betting sites. Legal sites are licenses to operate; therefore, safe betting sites.

✔️Choose your games carefully. Some games are challenging to master, like Valorant for example, which might result in loses

✔️Follow current events as esports is constantly changing

✔️Research teams and players to know strengths and weaknesses before placing bets

✔️Try different betting such as skin and item, social betting, and real money betting

Betting with crypto on esports by phone 📱

Every esports betting site has designed a betting app. Therefore, you can select Android betting apps if your devices operate on Android OS. However, for iPhone betting, find crypto betting apps designed for iOS. Alternatively, you can use mobile betting sites to access directly on your mobile browser.

PROS and CONS about crypto esports betting ➕/➖


  • Safe and secure
  • Player anonymity
  • Faster transaction speed
  • Inflation protection
  • Easily accessibility


  • Understanding how cryptos work is tedious
  • Extremely volatile

FAQ about crypto esports betting 🧐

Check the list of crypto esports betting sites here. Otherwise, choose a fully licensed site with multiple games, incredible customer support, bonuses, and multiple cryptos available.

Yes. But that requires in-depth research and careful planning. Remember, betting is risky, and you can quickly lose your money.

Cryptocurrencies are a safe option for betting. However, you might lose your money if you are betting on unlicensed betting sites. Therefore, esports cryptocurrency betting sites must be licensed and regulated.

Legal betting sites are those licensed to operate within a particular jurisdiction, and most esport betting sites are fully licensed; thus, legal.

CS:GO, Dota 2, Overwatch, League of Legends, and Fortnite is fast gaining popularity, thanks to their action-packed tournaments. Besides, many bookmakers offer markets in this esports.

At the end: How to make money betting on crypto on the best esports bitcoin betting sites? 💰

Whether using an esports betting site or an esports betting app, betting with cryptocurrency should offer you reasonable rewards. As much as Esports casinos offer a wide range of games, many people still wonder:

➼What is crypto esports betting?

➼How does esports crypto betting work?

The best way to make money with mobile crypto esports betting is to understand what type of sport to bet on. Research every aspect of the game to avoid any surprises, and also learn more about other fields like Esports Betting in the USA. Additionally, you can try to bet live on esports or match betting crypto or just read our article about how to make money betting on crypto.