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Virtual betting guide | How to bet like a pro (2024)

If you are complaining that there are no matches or races to bet on, we recommend that you try virtual betting. To get started, simply open a virtual betting account on any of our recommended bookmakers: You can then start betting on popular sports 24/7 after our betting guide.

The matches and races are all virtual, but they are just as exciting as the real thing and can pay the same amounts. If you want to learn about online virtual betting, you are in the right place: below, we explain everything you need to know.

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This is a screenshot of virtual tennis betting strategies. To the left, you see the list of upcoming matches. At the bottom, you see a list of available bet offers and their odds.

This is a screenshot of virtual horse racing betting. The setup is the same: On the left, you can see a list of the upcoming matches and how many horses are running in them. At the bottom, horses and all available betting options are listed. Make sure to check our virtual horse racing tips before placing your bet.

Lastly, here is a screenshot of virtual football betting. This time, the list of upcoming matches is on top but the main concept is the same: Betting options are listed below, and the matches keep running constantly – you can watch them in real time. As can be guessed, virtual football betting is quite popular, and you can even place a bet on a virtual football league. Read our make money betting on football guide before you start.

Bet types in virtual betting online

We have stated above that there is no difference between betting virtual and betting real in terms of winning conditions. This also applies to types of bets. You can find almost every type of bet you see and use in real sports betting in virtual betting too. The only exception to this is the exotic bets: In general, it can be said that there are more basic types of bets in online virtual betting. For example:

  • You can bet on the total number of goals in virtual football, but bets that the total number will be above or below a certain score are generally not available.
  • There are tricast bets on virtual horse racing but there are no bet types like Super Heinz, Round Robin bets, or Goliath bets where you can choose from dozens of races at once.

In short, there will be no difference between virtual betting types and real betting types, unless you are interested in very exotic types of bets.

The most popular virtual betting games

As a general rule, virtual betting is possible for almost any sport. After all, this is a computer simulation and so there are no restrictions: You can create a virtual environment for every sport that exists and offer betting opportunities. However, it is possible to say that three sports are more popular than others:

  • Virtual football: We can say that it is the most popular online virtual betting option. In general, you bet on football matches, but there are even virtual football leagues.
  • Virtual horse racing: It is the most popular virtual betting option after football. Usually jump, flat, and spring races are used.
  • Virtual tennis: It is possible to bet on individual matches or tournaments, just like football.

The easiest sport for betting virtual

Which sport will offer an easier virtual betting experience is a personal choice and you need to decide according to your expectations. But if you have trouble choosing, virtual football betting will be a good option: The rules and the betting options offered are simple. Moreover, there are many different options: You can bet on an individual match or a league. We think virtual football betting will be the best choice for beginners.

Watching virtual sports after betting on them

You can start watching any virtual sports you bet on the bookmaker’s site immediately. Unlike traditional sports betting, virtual betting works like this:

  • Races and matches run for 24 hours. After a race/match is over, there is usually a 10-15 second waiting time until a new one starts.
  • During this time, you can place your bet. The match/race will start in a few seconds and will end in 30 seconds – 1 minute as mentioned above. In other words, virtual races or matches do not last for hours.

Most bookmakers offer the option to watch virtual races and matches without placing a bet: We recommend doing this for a while until you get an idea of how everything works. You can even use a virtual betting app to watch the event.

Virtual betting odds and markets

We talked about virtual betting markets above: The most popular sports are football, horse racing, and tennis. All basic betting options are available for these sports. In terms of odds, you should not keep your expectations too high: With a few exceptions, virtual betting odds never go as high as real bets. The reason for this is simple: With real bets, odds keep changing because bettors keep buying favorites and underdogs.

The bookmaker dynamically changes odds according to the bettors’ movements. There is no such thing in virtual betting – matches or races are already noticeably short, and odds are determined automatically by the computer program. Unless there is a very absurd outcome, we can say that virtual betting odds will be in the range of 1.90 – 3.00.

Tips, tricks, and virtual betting strategy for beginners

Let’s continue with a couple of virtual betting tips for beginners:

  • You are not watching a real match/race. This is a game of chance and you cannot research anything: The best virtual football strategy, for example, will be betting on the favorite.
  • We recommend picking bookies that offer low deposit betting opportunities. Do not bet big amounts for virtual betting: Use them just like you play slots.
  • In this regard, since you will also be interested in real betting at some point, try to pick bookmakers with statistics and betting sites with live streaming.
  • Also, make sure to use daily betting offers, money back betting offers, and money back bets on virtual betting too: There are lots of promotions for betting virtual.
  • For increased security, use a virtual card for betting: You can deposit with a virtual credit/debit card too.
  • As always, make sure you don’t have a virtual betting addiction: If you think that this is the case, seek professional help.

What to expect from putting money on virtual sports


  • 24/7 betting is possible
  • You can still use bonuses
  • There is a match/race to bet on every 30 seconds or so
  • Suitable for beginners


  • Odds won’t be that big
  • You won’t find exotic betting options

FAQ about online virtual betting

These are digital games just like other online casino games: They are certified for fairness and regularly checked by independent auditors. They are not fixed and there are no virtual betting hacks to use.

No. You cannot cheat on slots, card games, and table games at online casinos. The same thing applies to virtual betting too: There are no cheats.

Yes, but it won’t be a big profit. As we mentioned above, online virtual betting odds are typically low, and the payouts are not that big.

Betting and online betting are legal in the United Kingdom, as long as the operator is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. In this regard, virtual betting is also legal.

Just like your other winnings. Open your profile page, click on the withdraw button, choose a payment method, and complete the transaction.

Start playing with the best virtual betting offers

You are now ready to start your virtual betting adventure: Pick one of our recommended bookmakers so you can take advantage of several bonuses. We also recommend taking a look at our live betting system and live betting strategy guides as online virtual betting is similar to live betting. As always, we wish you good luck out there!