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PUBG Betting Guide – Best PUBG Betting Sites in 2024

If you’re big into multiplayer online gaming and e-sports betting, then you will likely already be familiar with concepts such as Rocket League and, perhaps, PUBG. If not, our guide is the perfect introduction for you. Throughout this guide, we will look at Players Unknown Battlegrounds Online (hereafter, referred to as PUBG). We will also dive into the world of PUBG betting.

In this guide we’ll discuss the game briefly, which are the best online bookmakers to use and the ins and outs of wagering on it. If you have an interest in PUBG and fancy slapping down a bet or two on the game, this guide is for you.

What Is PUBG?

You already know what PUBG stands for, but what is the game itself? In short, it is an online multiplayer battle royale game. Like many MPOGs (multiplayer online games), PUBG is played as a deathmatch, where heroes fight one another, with the last remaining players or team standing deemed the winners.

The game can, therefore, be played as a solo match, in pairs, or with a group of up to four people. These are some of the options you can wager on at a typical PUBG betting site, or, if you feel a little adventurous, you can even try a crypto CSGO betting site.

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The Basics Behind Playing PUBG

Before we dive into PUBG e-sports betting, which has become more and more popular on crypto betting sites, we need to cover the basics of the game. PUBG is a shoot ‘em up. Players are parachuted onto one of four vast maps, which can range up to 8×8 kilometres in size. Players start with no gear and must scavenge supplies from buildings and other areas.

High-risk zones typically yield the best equipment, which can include weapons, vehicles, armour and more. Players can opt for first and third-person perspective.

As the game goes on, the map shrinks, gradually forcing players closer together. Any player caught outside the contracting blue wall takes significant damage. Random bombing, planes dropping goodies and other random events spice up gameplay. Players can win in-game currency based on their achievements, and these can be used to buy items for their characters or to customize weapons. Some of the goodies in the game include:

  • Skins: Most commonly represented as clothing. These can be acquired, accumulated and traded just like with Overwatch betting. They can also be wagered as stakes in a deathmatch with other players (they will have something that you want, ordinarily) at a typical PUBG skin betting site.
  • Items: Weapon customisations and other cosmetic items can also be traded and wagered. These can be purchased with the in-game currency, or acquired by buying from other players. They can also be sold to fellow players if you wish via a PUBG exchange.
  • Cases/Crates: Cases or crates can be purchased. Inside are random goodies. Since players don’t know what is inside a crate, this concept is often referred to as PUBG crate betting. Loot crates have become a focal point of anti-gamblers and anti-gamers of late.

PUBG: The Big Tournaments

Aside from one vs one deathmatches and team campaigns, there are also big competitions held. Like FIFA betting or even Starcraft II betting, PUBG betting on tournaments is huge. There are often gigantic cash prizes for the winners (both team and single players) to be had from these competitions, and they represent excellent opportunities to bet real money on PUBG.

PUBG PGI betting and PUBG PGC betting are two major tournaments that offer great betting options. In 2017, a 20-team, 80-player tournament was held by Intel in California, where the prize pool reached $200,000. Naturally, it generated a lot of interest from the e-sports betting community.

Where to Place PUBG Bets Online

There are a few different types of sites where you can engage in PUBG betting. These are similar to Low CSGO betting sites with no deposit or with some crypto, like CSGO Bitcoin Betting so if you’ve tried that, you will be familiar with them, but for more read our main article about crypto esports betting updated in 2024. They include:

  • Trading Sites: The PUBG free betting sites allow players to buy, sell and trade skins, items and other goodies with other players. There is no real gambling involved here.
  • PUGB Betting Sites: PUBG betting sites allow you to engage in PUBG betting on your match. Also known as PUBG item betting, players wager items and skins against one another, with the result determined by a deathmatch. Again, no real currency is used at these sites, but this definitely constitutes a form of gambling as stakes consist of your cosmetic items.
  • Sportsbooks and Bookies: PUBG cash betting sites are where the real action is to be had. PUBG bets, which can be placed also on mobile betting sites, are commonly offered (alongside those from other e-sports) at online sportsbooks and bookies. Only the biggest matches and tournaments can be bet on at these sites.

The Many Ways to Bet on PUBG

Like with League of Legends betting, there are several different ways you bet on PUBG. These include:

  • Outrights: The basic PUB game betting options. Essentially, this is a bet on which player or team will win a tournament or deathmatch.
  • Most Kills: Competitive PUBG betting options include the Most Kills bet. This, like Call of Duty betting, involves naming the player who will kill the most enemies in a match.
  • Map Winner: Another straightforward bet, this time on who will be victorious in a deathmatch. By contrast, a First Map wager is a bet on the winner of the first in a series of deathmatches, here is the same situation as in over-under League of Legends betting on maps.
  • Jackpot: Players build up a PUBG betting jackpot by wagering their loot. The value of the goodies in the pot determines the jackpot. A betting site then decides the winner with a random spin.
  • Coin Flip: Used even in live betting, this is a one on one bet involving items and skins. The winner of a coin toss wins the lot.
  • Roulette: PUBG roulette betting is much the same as online roulette. Only this time, players are wagering their items and skins, with the wheel offering different types of payouts to a typical roulette wheel.
  • Crash: Players wager their loot and must “cash out” before the game starts “crashing”. The value of the prizes goes up over time in what is essentially a game of chicken.

Choosing the Right PUBG Betting Site

Before you can sit down and start betting at PUBG betting sites, you need to know where to play. Not all PUBG betting sites are worth your time. As with Hearthstone betting or any e-sport betting options, the top PUBG betting sites will have the following criteria checked off:

  • Safety and Security: First and foremost, just like betting on sports, your site needs to have top-notch security, and should be licensed by a gambling authority if you’re betting with real money.
  • Reliability and Functionality: Reliability and functionality are also important. The site should serve up the types of bets you want (so trading, item/skin betting or real money wagers) and also offer PUBG mobile betting or PUBG live betting options, and other events for other Esports like CSGO Live betting experience if that is what you’re after. It should be available around the clock.
  • Suitable Payment Methods: If you’re wagering real money, you will want to play at a site which has a decent array of payment methods. Currencies and payment options which are suitable for your country are ideal.
  • Bonuses and Promos: You will often only find promos at e-sports and sportsbook betting sites. Welcome bonuses can often be used to bet on PUBG, while PUBG invitational betting is not uncommon. PUBG sites may offer a no deposit bonus, and there are PUBG betting sites which offer free coins to buy upgrades, too.

PUBG: The Pros and Cons

As with all e-sports betting, there are pros and cons to wagering on PUBG. Here are some of them…


  • Regular tournaments are played for you to bet on
  • There is no off-season, unlike in real sports
  • Stats and resource sites provide information on top teams
  • There are lots of different types of bets to wager on
  • The game is just as popular as other e-sports at online bookies


  • It can be challenging to predict a winner
  • Betting strategies are effectively useless when wagering on PUBG

Frequently Asked Questions About PUBG Betting

Before you look at our best PUBG betting sites and begin PUBG betting, just have a quick glance at our FAQ, in case there is something you’ve missed.

Of course, some teams are stronger than others. Good stats sites provide the history behind teams, and the odds will tell you the favorites. Predicting PUBG successfully is notoriously tricky, though.

The main PUBG website is open around the clock for you to join if you fancy playing the game yourself.

Anybody who has ever been caught cheating has been expelled and banned. The fear of being banned ensures that everybody plays fairly.

You can bet on PUBG at any time. Whenever a major match or tournament is played, there will be bets available at online bookies. PUBG betting sites are open around the clock, too, catering to a global audience.

Essentially, they are the same as sports betting odds. There will be a favourite and an underdog. Your winnings are based on the amount you stake and the outcome of the game, in relation to those odds.

Not really. There are strategies, but given the battle royale nature of PUBG, it is incredibly difficult to predict a winner at the best of times. Any strategy you find will allow you to make an educated guess at best, but nothing more.

It is always legal to play, trade and gamble skins and items on PUBG sites. The legality of wagering real money depends on where you reside, your country’s gambling laws, and whether or not your PUBG betting site is licensed.

Start Betting on PUBG with Our Recommended Sites Today!

The last step of the journey requires you to find PUBG betting sites which are worth their salt. Our page has plenty of these which we can heartily recommend to you.

These include new PUBG betting sites, as well as leading domains which have earned their stripes as the best places to trade and wager items and skins, as well as bet real money on matches and tournaments. Any of our top PUBG betting sites should work a treat for you, or other e-sports like Valorant or Dota 2.