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Hearthstone Betting – Best Guide for Hearthstone Punters

We look at e-sports betting Hearthstone and the bookmakers that accept bets on it in details in our article below. This guide will shed light on the popular betting strategy that players can venture into.

As for the e-sports betting newbies, we also cover how the game emerged and the basic that they should know before playing so as to successfully place the right stakes having a background on what it entails.

Our team of experts looks at what is hearthstone e-sports betting and how it compares to other types of betting such as Call of Duty and FIFA betting. Read on to find out more about this in our betting guide hearthstone.

Best Bookmakers for eSports Betting in 20 July 2024 – Updated List

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What Is Hearthstone Betting?

Blizzard Entertainment, one of the popular developers of e-sports betting providers, has once again created a masterpiece – a card game referred to as Hearthstone. The game was launched in the year 2014 in March as a free-to-play card game and is available on top Hearthstone betting sites. The collectible inspired card game borrows its theme from the characters as well as the symbols from World of Warcraft and there a lot of punters worldwide that enjoy live betting on this game.

Basically, there are four different kinds of cards in the game and they include the weapon, the spell, the minion and the hero card. These cards are the main tools of play allowing the player to make different moves in the game.

Whether you bet from a desktop or use a mobile betting site you should know that Hearthstone bet money tournaments entail 2 gamers playing against each other. The two opponents shall then use the Warcraft classes as well as the cards in the game to release spells or even call upon the minions. The goal is to lower the opponents’ (in the game) health or wellbeing to zero so that they can win. To add some spice to the game, the punter is required to use the cards in the game to his/her advantage.

The cards are not automatically awarded at the start of the game but can be won by completing levels, quests, adventures or even fighting off the bosses. Players can collect up to 1324 cards in the various quests in the games. Some cards are restricted to specific events in the game, such as the boss encounters, but players cannot use them during game-play.

The cards fall into four different categories including:

  • Minion Cards

Minions are characters in the game that are always waging war on the battle ground so as to make sure their hero wins. At different times, they can be called upon to ensure that there is enough protection for the hero or as attack agents that fight off the opponent. The minions are the most prevalent cards through the entire game. They are also the main causes of the damage during game-play.

  • Spell Cards

They are used for releasing different types of spells in the game. Some of the spells that players will encounter include the Feral Spirit of the Cobra Shot.

  • Hero Cards

Hero cards are used to substitute the precious hero’s abilities or powers. The powers released are specific for that hero and are only a replacement option as the hero as their own powers at the start. The punter, on the other hand, will receive armor but his health does not deteriorate.

  • Weapon Cards

Heroes in the game are allowed to use a single weapon card at one time. Some of the weapon cards include the Curse Blade.

Top Hearthstone Betting Strategies That Gamblers Should Know

As with any other betting strategy, such as CSGO betting guide or virtual football betting strategy, one of the main focus of the Hearthstone betting is to help the punter win. Despite this, players should always have fun as they enjoy their favorite Hearthstone global games betting.

So as to win, a players needs to follow certain systems that will ensure that you win consistently even at the toughest moments of the betting experience. The strategy, if well deployed, will help the player place focus on the analytical part of the game rather than worrying about if they will win if lose.

As such a player will need to have ample knowledge so as to beat the competitors who are also on the run for the money. Knowing how the game goes is important but it is also vital to know the different gaming styles that your opponents are using.

First of all, just like in other popular sports, the player will need to have hands-on data on the game-play techniques. Newbies should take time to understand how the game is played before placing any money or rather placing any stakes. For example, knowing which cards to toss in to play during a specific session of the game is key.

Unlike other regular or crypto e-sports betting sites where players can win by luck, Hearthstone tournament betting requires that players have a strategy in place so as to win. Taking time to play the game also helps the player master the in-depth details of this infamous sport. How is this helpful?

Regularly playing the game will help a player make better decision on how the opponent behaves during the game i.e. what is likely to happen when the punter makes a certain decision. Knowing these moves is an easy way to walk away with a win every time they play.

Different Bet Types in Hearthstone Betting

  1. Match Winner

With this type of bet, which is also used in Rocket League, players can either choose to bet on the favorite (most likely winner of the match) or the underdog (less likely to win) during the tournament. It is up to a player to make the decision based on the odds of the game as well as background information on the two opponents that will take part in the game.

  1. Live Betting

Live betting are Hearthstone global games betting platforms that allow players to bet on live events i.e. real-time betting as the game proceeds. There are different types of bets that players can place in such instances including parlays. Check the different bets that you can place on the live sporting event of your choice.

  1. Hedge Bets

Hedge bets, which are also common in crypto CSGO betting, are used by players so as to guarantee them a win regardless of the outcome of the event. Players have an opportunity to place bets on as many outcomes as possible of the game ensuring that no losses are incurred at the end.

  1. Overall Winner or Future Bets

These are bets that are placed for events that take a long time before the final or the overall winner is announced. Future bets do not pay out instantly and may take up to a year before the winner of a certain tournament is announced.

  1. Parlay Bets

Parlays are used by players who love winning big at the end of an event. Since they combine different odds so as to maximize the payout at the end of the game, these bets are also used in PUBG. It is a risky type of betting but it is worth every dime if the player wins.

  1. Over or Under

These bets are placed against what the bookie predicts as the outcome for a certain event. Mostly used for football betting, players can either place over or under bets depending on their prediction of the game, which is the same situation as in over-under League of Legends betting guide.

  1. First Match Bets

Used very much when it comes to betting on  League of Legends, these types of bets predict which of the two teams is mostly likely to win the first leg of the game.  If the game has two sessions, the player will place the bet on who will likely win in the first round.

  1. First Blood Bets

The bets are placed on the teams or the players that are the first to cause damage or to finish off the opponent.

  1. Round Winner Bets

The stakes are placed on the team or the player that will likely win a particular round. These types of bets, used on games such as Valorant, are very popular for live betting events where the punters can easily predict the end result of the game.

  1. Totals Bets

These bets are placed on a total sum of a specific outcome of the sport for example, the number of rounds that may take place before the winner is announced.

  1. Odd Or Even Bets

Players can place bets on the number of kills or even points accumulated in the event.

  1. Handicap Betting

Handicap bets, commonly used in Overwatch and other e-sports, are placed as a prediction of when the bookie you are playing with will likely even out the playing field by using the odds of that event.

Picking the Right Betting Sites

Hearthstone tournament betting sites as well as low CSGO betting sites with no minimum deposit should offer the best deals in the online betting platforms. Before you settle for which site to play with, it is important to cross-check for the following factors are sufficiently met before you place any bet.

  • Reasonable Betting Bonuses

There are different types of offers and bonuses that betting platforms offer their players. They include welcome bonuses or initial deposit bonuses that are awarded to players who sign up with the sites. Different sites claim to offer various bonuses so it is important to ensure that the bonuses received are the best deals. Shop for the best bonuses first before settling for the platform to play with.

  • Minimum Odds

Odds are the likely outcomes of each event that is offered by the site, even when it comes to CSGO Bitcoin betting. Choose a platform that has the best odds Playing with a site that has really good odds will help the punter to make more from the website as higher odds mean higher payouts for the players.

  • Maximum Winnings

What are the maximum winning limits for the site you have chosen to play with? Checking the terms and conditions of a specific game is a good place to start so as to ensure there are no limits that have been put in place by the site and thus reducing the payouts from a certain event. Read the terms and conditions of the platform beforehand.

  • Payment Options

These entail the withdraw or the deposit options into the site. Every bookmaker has different payment methods that players can look out for such a s bank transfers, e-payment platforms or online banking methods. Choose a site that has the payment platform of our choice for ease of transactions into and out of the site.

  • Variety of Betting Options

What betting options does the site offer you? Make sure to see if the site has multiple staking options that you can chose from allowing you to win from the site through different gambling options.

  • Extensive Tournament Coverage

If you prefer live betting, it is vital that the site you are playing with allows or provides a means through which the tournament can be covered. You can also follow the proceeds of the game from wherever you are allowing you to adjust your stakes accordingly if the site allows.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hearthstone Betting:

Yes. It is legal to bet on hearthstone tournaments. However, there are some countries and regions that are restricted from accessing gambling platforms due to issues of fraud o misconduct on the sites. Check if the site allows you to access it or has restricted the region you are playing from. You should also be above 18 years of age although some sites have higher age limits.

No. Some betting sites are illegal and often scam players off their wins. Always play with licensed sites so as to avoid safety and security issues.

Yes. This is possible especially if the site you are playing with offers comprehensive hearthstone tournament coverage.

Absolutely. If the site you are playing with has a mobile compatible version, you can access the games from your phone.

Hearthstone is a game of strategy. Using winning tips will help you beat the opponent easily. Use gambling tips from credible sites.

Bonuses are laid out on the platform you are playing with. Shopping around for the best options is a step closer to getting the best bonus deals. Don’t settle for the first site that you will come across.

Yes. You can place bets on hearthstone tournaments and events.

Employ the Right Strategies to Win In Hearthstone Betting Sites

Hearthstone betting has quickly risen to become a popular game-play across the globe and you cand even find it on USA e-sports betting sites. It not only offers its visitors some of the best Hearthstone decks but is also an adventure and fun-filled event that allows punters to enjoy staking beyond the obvious games of chance and luck.

Our team of experts decodes the mystery behind the free-to-play collectible cards game and how players can actually win by placing real money stakes on the tournaments.

If you are a newbie, this guide will shed light on all you need to know before you place your money on any Hearthstone betting site. We have also covered key features that will help you decide on which site to play with once you are confident of your skills. But wait, this is not all, on our site you will find some other valuable tips and tricks about other esports like League of Legends special bets, so stay tuned!