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CSGO Betting Guide | 2024 updated

In this csgo betting guide, you’ll learn how to bet on CSGO, csgo betting terms, and some of the most effective cs go bet tips. Counter strike: global offensive is an esport betting option that is gaining traction among punters. And it should be approached with the same skill and a forward-thinking mind. With the right csgo betting strategy, you’ll find it easier to predict the outcome.

That’s why we’ve prepared this in-depth guide to direct you betting on csgo matches. With these practical esports bet tips, you will safeguard your finances and betting interests regardless of your betting experience.

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What is CSGO?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) is a tactical shooter game that emphasizes teamwork, strategy, and gunplay. So, there is much to team winning than anything else. If you must win at cs:go betting, i.e., getting kills, you must recognize and hold angles using your grenades smartly and effectively.  Besides, extensive teamwork alongside personal finance management is needed for you to win matches. Usually, two teams of five players fight against each other. One team plants a bomb (terrorist) while the other stops them from doing so, i.e., counter terrorists. Both teams can play either role. The game can go up to 30 rounds, and a team must win 16 rounds to be declared a winner. So, these teams must have the best betting guide for csgo to win more rounds.

Player equips cosmetic weapon skins to rifles and knife skins, player model skins (called agents), and stickers. You must earn these items, i.e., purchasing keys that unlock weapon skin crates or random drops. You can buy skins at Steam marketplace – rare elite skins are costly. Today, Counter-Strike is the biggest esport worldwide. Playing the games on any csgo betting sites UK offers is very exciting. And if you are putting real money on the line, it even gets more exciting. When you apply csgo gambling tips and the best betting odds, you can win more. csgo pro betting involves the pro players who earn lucrative salaries besides prize winnings.

CSGO Betting History

Counter-Strike was released first in 1999, and it has since gained worldwide fame and is an entertaining esport. However, CS:GO was released in 2012, and its release marked the beginning of competitive esports betting – existing and new bookmakers are in a rush to offer this entertaining game. That means that CSGO is legalized in many countries; thus, attracting a much larger audience. Also, you can select esports bookmakers by country. Mark Cuban invested in Unikrn in 2018, an esports betting website, a show that the game will be widely accepted. There are many esports bookmakers, most of them offering CSGO betting markets and even crypto betting on CSGO.

How to bet on CSGO

Knowing how to gamble on csgo will always lead to lucrative wins. In this section of csgo betting advice, we offer you a stepwise guide on how to place bets on csgo team betting sites.

Step 1
Choose safe betting sites from a list of reputable CSGO betting sites and create an account.
Step 2
Deposit enough money to support your csgo gambling/ esports betting.
Step 3
Claim your potential.
Step 4
Select a match and try out the different bet types to see how other csgo odds work.
Step 5
Place your bets and wait for the match.

If you are new to betting, you might need the best csgo betting guide to take you through the process; otherwise, the process is pretty straightforward for experienced UK players.

The best way to comprehend the game is by playing it and engaging with the community. Besides, practice tips provided by a cs:go betting guide and those you observe can be very helpful. You can get much comfort if you engage in casual play – this can help hone your skills. However, you can only understand the mindset of the best csgo player when you know the game’s maps, mechanics, and the conventions of such Ranked Play.

A skilled csgo player can enter tournaments for a chance to win cash prizes. Teams competing against each other may be composed of veteran players.

Note that:

Tip 1:
A game has a "best of 1 map" (BO1), BO3, or a BO5 format.
Tip 2:
Each map has 30 rounds – a team that reaches 16 rounds wins.
Tip 3:
Teams switch sides after 15 rounds - terrorist and counter-terrorists.
Tip 4:
The terrorist team plants a bomb at one of two locations, while the counter-terrorists defend the locations and prevent the terrorists from planting the bomb.
Tip 5:
A round is won in three ways – bomb detonated by terrorists, all team members dead, or when the counter terrorist successfully diffuses the bombs.

Top 3 bets available for CSGO

Any csgo match betting guide tells you about regular bets, i.e., bets placed before the match begins – pre-match betting. These are the most popular bets, and they cover:

Match Winner

The matchwinner bets let you predict the overall winner of a match. This is pretty straightforward as you pick who you think will reach 16 rounds first. 

Map Wins

At any given time, there are seven maps in the map pool. You can bet several ways on map winners – Moneyline (pick a winner in a game), over/under on maps and rounds played, and live betting. 

Pistol Round Winners

Here, you pick a team that you think will win the most pistol rounds alongside the resulting anti-Ecos rounds. A team can win 4 – 6 rounds per match if they win both pistol rounds. 

Also, live betting and csgo bomb betting is a standard feature on csgo betting sites. Other bets are  Map csgo Score, Rounds and Match Handicap, Player Kills, and Tournament Winner. 

The most common odds format available for CSGO betting

A top csgo betting guide will always lead to the best odds bookmakers. But it is not enough – you need to understand the various odds formats considering that CSGO betting odds are very competitive. For instance, esports betting UK gambling sites offer use fractional odds. By contrast, esports betting USA primarily uses the Moneyline/ American odds. That said, what is the most common odds format?

  • American/Moneyline odds: these are popular odds in the USA csgo gambling sites. Favorites have a negative sign, which shows an amount to stake to win $100. In contrast, underdogs have a positive sign, i.e., the amount won for every $100 staked—the implied probability, i.e., probability of winning, lies in the difference between the underdog and the favorite. 
  • Decimal odds/European odds are standard in Europe, Canada, and Australia and are represented by decimals. The decimal value means the amount you win for each $1 wagered.
  • Fractional odds/UK odds are popular on Irish and UK bookies, using a forward-facing slash. It’s the ratio of the amount won to the bet amount. 

How to bet on skins on CSGO

It’s worth noting that skin doesn’t have an impact on the gameplays – it’s just a decorative element that allows players to customize the in-game visual experience, making it unique. You can buy these skins via cases and use them on any weapon. Note that some skins are more valuable than others, with some having prices over tens of thousands of dollars. Of course, these are rare versions. 

Skins have different colors:

Type 1:
Light blue - industrial grade.
Type 2:
Darker blue - mil-spec.
Type 3:
White - consumer grade.
Type 4:
Pinkish purple – classified.
Type 5:
Red – covert.
Type 6:
Purple - restricted.
Type 7:
Exceedingly rare – gold.

The exterior quality also determines the value of the skin, and they are – battle-scarred, field-tested, well-worn, minimal wear, or factory new. CS:GO skins are within weapon cases, and these cases usually drop at the end of a match. However, you can also buy them within the game. However, you’ll need a key to open them – this costs money. Remember, the weapon cases and keys differ – to open a particular key, you need a specific key, which costs about $2.70.

You can trade your skin or use them as a currency – so check the currency of bookmakers to be safe. However, for more valuable skins, you’ll need the services of a third party to convert them to cash. When you send them to your steam account, you can sell them at the cost of between $1800 and $2000 per item. But you must know where to bet on csgo matches!

The main events to bet on CSGO

Any guide to csgo betting points to major events, each featuring the best CSGO players. However, for any csgo bet, real money betting has a higher risk, and focusing on major events can improve your skills regardless of csgo betting lines

The major events are:

  • ESL Pro League – this is a biannual event organized by ESL – it is held in Spring and Fall. It features  24 
  • BLAST Premier – also a biannual event held in spring and fall. The portions are divided into a Group Stage, Showdown, and Season Finals. At the end of the season is a penultimate World Final. The BLAST Premier season is typically a seven-event circuit offering plenty of markets to bet on CSGO.
  • Flashpoint – this first franchised CSGO league features eight permanent partner teams. The teams compete in two seasons each year. The league accommodates the RMR rankings for CSGO due to the ongoing pandemic.
  • You can also play ESL One Cologne and IEM Katowice LAN tournaments, which feature the global elite. The competitions are held in February and July.

The essential part of any csgo extensive betting guide is whether it tells you the type of payment methods a CSGO betting site offers. It determines whether or not csgo betting on matches will be successful for you. 

Here are common payment options:

  • Cryptocurrencies: they include bitcoin, bitcoin cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Besides being anonymous, they are highly secure, and all transactions are instant. 
  • Debit and Credit Cards: this is a traditional payment option facilitated by MasterCard, Visa, and American express. It offers secure and instant transfers. 
  • EWallets: CS:GO betting with PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, and Trustily are some prominent eWallets accepted by the betting sites. Others include EcoPayz, WebMoney, and Yandex Money. Transfers are also instant and secure.
  • Prepaid cards: you can use PaySafeCard, EntroPay or Qiwi. They are also safe and instant.

Tips and Tricks about CSGO betting

If you are just getting started, cs go betting can be a little intimidating. That’s why csgo skin betting guide is vital to help you navigate the complicated scene. However, your experience level notwithstanding, the following tips are very helpful.


  • Know how to read the betting odds. Odds represent your likelihood of winning when you place counter-strike bets. Good odds are always on the best bookmakers – go for them.
  • Select a perfect bookmaker – do thorough research before settling on a bookmaker. Bookmaker with statistics or csgo betting sites with no minimum deposit is the best place to start. To minimize risks, go for low csgo betting sites. 
  • What are the critical parts of play you’ll be betting on? The important thing is to understand the various betting terms by looking at betting advice to avoid betting scams. Besides, you can bet on rounds, Moneyline bets, and over/under betting.
  • Watch before betting. This will help understand the game’s mechanics; hence better place bets, especially in csgo live betting.
  • Play the game: any csgo betting tipster will tell you playing the game is the only way to know how it works. So, start with the free play option to get familiar. This csgo betting tip is ideal for beginners.

It is important to understand the following before betting: 

Further Information

  • Csgo weapons: there is a full range of weapons you can use – guns, pistols, short guns, melee, rifles, etc. Also, you can use knives. 
  • Maps: There are seven existing maps in the active duty map pool. These different maps are the keys to making money in csgo betting. So, know their impact on a match to win better. 
  • Equipment: grenades, explosives, defusal kits, rescue kits, and tactical shields. Depending on your teams role, choose the right equipment. 

The law isn’t clear about esports betting yet 

Esport betting is a pretty new concept. As such, many punters, bookies, and regulators are still trying to understand it. However, esports, including csgo, FIFA, and Dota 2, is legal in regions where gambling and sports betting are legal. 

However, you must play on a regulated bookmaker. Remember, game content and gameplay are the developers’ intellectual property, and bookies must get developers’ licenses. 

Are there any taxes on csgo bets?

If you use the Steam market community, the tax is 15% on each in-game item. Otherwise, the taxation rules of where you are, apply on csgo bets. 

Is live betting available for CSGO?

Live betting on CSGO is possible, and it is an extraordinary way to have some incredible fun and make money. This is just a new thing, and not all csgo betting sites offer this form of betting. But they offer lucrative bonuses and promotions to help bet better. 

PROS and CONS about CSGO Betting Guide


  • Comparatively good odds
  • Multiple betting markets are available
  • There is no limit to the amount of betting
  • Csgo is entertaining
  • Improves decision making and teamwork skills
  • Chance to win prize money


  • It's a big challenge to pick the right team
  • Gray legal area

FAQ about CSGO betting:

Yes. Most esport bookies have a dedicated app for esport betting. Still, you can use a mobile browser. Just ensure the site is stable.

That depends on a betting site. But generally, you might receive free bets, free coins, no deposit bonus, and welcome bonuses.

That depends on your betting experience. But you must know the different bet types and when to place the bets.

Sure. Csgo betting exposes to winning chances. You can win skins which later you can sell for real money via your steam account.

This is a relatively new concept, and many betting sites are picking it up. So, you'll find it in the most established gambling sites mostly.

Betting Guide For Csgo: Closing Betting Advice

No betting guide can give you all you need. It all boils down to your hard work and determination. Remember, there are different versions of csgo. These variations call for different tips. So, if you are playing csgo lounge, find a comprehensive csgo lounge betting guide, but if you want, you can learn how to bet on other Esports, like Rocket League. Similarly, if you like duels and dice, check out the latest csgo betting dice strategy