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Best NBA Betting Sites | How to Bet Online on the NBA

Basketball is one of the most suitable sports to bet on, and the NBA is the most popular league in this sport. Whether you are a beginner or a professional bettor, it is possible to find hundreds of NBA betting sites for basketball. But when it comes to choosing the best sites for NBA betting, getting help is the right thing to do.

That’s why we’ve prepared this guide: Below we provide you with everything you need to know to bet on the NBA, as well as a list of the best NBA betting sites.

If you need a guide to NBA basketball, you’re in the right place: Keep reading.

You can find dozens of NBA sports betting sites on the internet. Basketball is probably the easiest sport to bet on, and the NBA is a popular league. For this reason, the number of NBA online betting sites is extremely high. But only some can offer quality service, satisfying odds, and excellent customer service.

To assist you, we have compiled a list of the best betting sites for NBA. You can choose any of the following NBA betting sites: we guarantee you will get a satisfying online gambling experience.

Best NBA Betting Sites in 28 May 2024 – Updated List

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A short history of betting on NBA

NBA is short for the National Basketball Association and represents the professional basketball league in North America.

  • It was founded in 1946 and consists of 30 teams (one of which is in Canada).
  • It is one of the four major professional sports leagues in both the United States and Canada.
  • An NBA season runs from October to April, with each team playing 82 games.
  • The NBA playoffs, on the other hand, are held every year like June.

NBA betting sites online started to appear in the late ’90s and for a long time they were limited to European and offshore countries due to US laws. In recent years, with the legalization of sports betting by states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, and New Jersey, US-based NBA betting sites have started to appear.

However, these sites are generally not in a position to compete with international sites in terms of NBA betting markets, bonuses, and NBA odds. In other words, the best NBA betting sites are still owned by offshore/international brands.

Picking the best NBA betting site

As we mentioned above, it is not difficult to find NBA basketball betting sites: The difficult thing is to choose the best ones among them. If you are wondering how we prepared the NBA betting sites 2024 list that we shared above, we explain the criteria we used below.

Legality and safety

The most important thing for us is that you get a safe and legal sports betting experience. Therefore, first of all, we check the license and security of NBA betting websites. We only allow you to play on legit NBA betting sites and make sure that your security and privacy are always protected.

Multiple NBA markets

As we will explain below, NBA betting markets offer many options: You can try your luck for many different markets such as regular season games, NBA playoffs, NBA finals, and NBA championship. When choosing top NBA betting sites, we make sure that all of these markets are supported.

Multiple bet types

Betting lines can be a popular option, but they shouldn’t be your only option. There are countless outcomes that can happen during a match or a season, and each of them presents different odds. Therefore, we make sure that you have as many options as possible in this regard: The online sports betting sites we have selected support multiple betting types for all sports, including NBA games.


We’re not just talking about welcome bonuses and free bets here: we make sure that NBA sportsbook online has special and specific promotions for NBA betting. For example, how about taking advantage of a special bonus for NBA props or the NBA finals? The NBA betting sites we have chosen for you offer this advantage.

Payment methods

And of course, we make sure you have a hassle-free experience when making deposits and withdrawals. Each brand on our list of best NBA betting sites supports dozens of payment methods and completes the cashout process within a maximum of 24 hours. You should test sites with multiple currencies also, such as Colombia betting sites and bookmakers.

How to place your first bet on NBA games

First of all, you need to open a betting account: For this, choose one of the top NBA betting sites we shared above and create a new account. After that:

Step 1
Log in with your user information
Step 2
Select “NBA” from the list of sports on the home page
Step 3
You will see a list of all the matches and events you can bet on. Select one of them
Step 4
In the middle of the screen, the NBA bet options and odds offered for your selection will be displayed. Select one of them. (You can also make multiple selections.)
Step 5
Enter your preferred wager for your selection in the slip on the right of the screen
Step 6
Click the “place bet” button to complete the action: now you can start waiting for the match result!

Types of NBA betting

So, what bets can you place? There are many options available for NBA wagers, and you can find them all at our recommended NBA betting sites. In the list below, we list the most common options:

Live NBA betting sites

You can also find the live betting option on NBA betting websites. This option, which was not very common in the past, is offered in almost all basketball betting sites today. Live bets are not much different from traditional bets when it comes to bey types, but they have one important feature: They can only be placed during the match. You can place a classic bet, for example, months before the NBA championship starts. However, live betting is only possible after the match starts and until it ends.

Another difference is that it is possible to get much more dynamic odds. Depending on the course of the match, the odds offered for a particular outcome may change, or the option to bet on a completely new outcome may be offered. When used correctly, live betting can increase your profit rate on an NBA bet online.

However, they can be a bit complex and intimidating for beginners: it is recommended that you try live betting after you have a certain experience. For this type of bet, betting sites with live streaming will be the right choice, because you must be able to watch the match from beginning to end without interruption. will be the right choice, because you must be able to watch the match from beginning to end without interruption.

NBA betting tips

You learned what to expect from online NBA betting sites and where to bet on NBA games with the best possible NBA odds. It is now time to give you some tips & tricks to use on NBA betting websites.


👉 If you are truly a beginner, start with the basics: Check our how to bet on basketball guide for example. Basketball is not the hardest sport to bet on, but you still need some help in the beginning. 

👉 Play only at safe betting sites. If you are playing in the US, check our list of USA betting sites to start. If you are in Europe or any other part of the country, our list of the biggest bookmakers in the world will help you to choose. 

👉 If possible, prefer new bookmakers: They tend to offer bigger & more advantageous bonuses (i.e., risk free bet) for online gambling

👉 Finding sports betting sites that offer NBA wagers is not a hard job: Basketball is a popular sport and NBA is one of the most famous leagues in the world. So, focus on features that can help you while picking an NBA sportsbooks online. For example, make sure it offers statistics so you can make more consistent predictions. (You can check our list of bookmakers with statistics to start.) 

👉 If you are planning to try your luck in the point spread bets or buying points in sports betting, make sure to learn key numbers in sports betting too. For example, the key numbers (*) for spread bets are 7, 5, 6, 8, 3, 4, 9, 2, 10, and 11. You can use an NBA all time scoring list to find these numbers. 

👉 Keep track of the whole NBA season and learn everything you can about your favorite NBA team. Make sure to follow NBA betting trends too: They can guide you if you cannot make a decision. 

👉 Look for radical line changes. If you see a radical change in a point line (1.5 points or more), this usually means a professional bettor made a big investment. Go with their decision: They are usually right.  

(*) Key numbers represent the most common margin of victory and they can be found in every type of sport out there.

Pros & cons of online NBA betting


  • One of the easiest sports to bet on
  • Very popular and available in almost every bookmaker
  • Lots of different markets are available
  • Suitable for beginners


  • Good payouts require complex bets
  • The number of legal NBA betting sites in the USA is very low

NBA betting sites FAQ

For beginners, this is the moneyline bet: It does not go any simpler than placing a bet on which team will win the match. For professional bettors, this is a personal choice.

There is no single online sportsbook that is best at everything: That’s why we picked multiple NBA basketball betting sites for you. Visit them all and find the best one for you.

This bet is about whether the score of the game will match the points set before the match. For example, if this point is +1, that team starts the match with one more point, so the other team must score more than that.

This depends on which state you live in. Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and many other states already legalized sports betting. If you are living in one of these states, NBA online betting will be legal too.

Yes, NBA betting is very popular. In fact, in most countries, we can say that it is the most popular option after football betting. This is because basketball is a global sport and NBA is its most famous league.

Place your bet at the top NBA betting sites

Since we already picked the best NBA betting sites for you, there is no reason to wait: Pick one of our recommended NBA betting sites and place your first bet today! You can use a bonus with your first bet and gain an advantage too. We will keep picking new online sports betting sites for you so make sure to visit us often and find out which one is the best NBA vs NFL?: There are many other NBA betting sites online we can recommend. As always, we wish you good luck!