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Dogecoin Betting – How to bet with Dogecoin in 2024 | Ultimate Guide

Dogecoin betting is just the most recent popular type of cryptocurrency gambling, as DOGE has emerged as the latest currencies of bookmakers.

This digital money has been around for nearly a decade, yet punters are just getting familiar with Doge betting.

This guide will offer insight in the world of Dogecoin gambling and help you understand how this digital coin works and why it is one of the best online casino payments.

We’ll take a look at the terms and conditions that apply at bookmakers accepting deposits in the cryptocurrency in 2024 depicting the famous Shiba Inu dog.

Best Dogecoin Betting Sites in 28 May 2024 – Updated List

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Your 2023 Dogecoin Sports Betting Guide

Dogecoin sports betting is a new thing but the cryptocurrency itself was created back in 2013 by two smart individuals. Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer came up with the idea of a new type of digital money inspired by the Internet meme sensation depicting the Shiba Inu dog.

What started as a joke quickly turned into a serious cryptocurrency with a dedicated community behind it. Appreciated by its users for speed, low costs and security, it can now be used at many Bitcoin bookmakers and betting sites. The two cryptocurrencies bear many similarities but also differ in many ways as you can see from this guide.

How to gamble with Doge – Step by Step

Finding a Dogecoin betting site is no longer a problem, as this digital coin has close the gap separating it from its more popular cryptocurrencies. Acquiring it from online market isn’t terribly difficult either and once you set up a dedicated wallet you can use it for Dogecoin gambling.

In this section of our Dogecoin betting guide will teach you how to create the wallet, fund it with digital money and deposit and legal betting sites that accept Doge in 2024.

To create a wallet and start Doge betting you need to complete these four steps:

Step 1
Acquire the last block number in the Dogecoin network
Step 2
Get the data of the entire batch of transactions of the block
Step 3
Acquire a balance of several addresses and an UTXO list
Step 4
Send the information for the signed a generated transaction to the network

Next, you will need to acquire the cryptocurrency from an exchange by trading it for fear money or other digital coins.

Once you do, read a Dogecoin betting review to see how your bookmaker of choice matches up against other sports books and make a deposit. More of it in the paragraph below.

Dogecoin vs other cryptocurrencies at online bookmakers

Bitcoin betting UK is the first choice for cryptocurrency users who prefer gambling in digital money. Some have made the transition to other coins and Ethereum betting has gained a lot of traction long before Dogecoin sports betting became a thing. Bitcoin has the advantage of being used on a wider scale and it is also appreciated for its investment potential.

Since this is a deflationary currency, the value only increases as more coins are mined, whereas Doge has no maximum cap. On the other hand, bookies offering Dogecoin sports offered bigger bonuses than the standard Bitcoin sports welcome bonus.

Deposits and cash outs with Dogecoin

Before you start enjoying the excitement of Dogecoin betting, you need to acquire the cryptocurrency from one of the exchanges or mine it yourself. The latter is a time-consuming process, so it’s better to simply buy-in with fiat money or Bitcoin from trusted Dogecoin exchanges such as Coinbase, Bittrex, Kraken or Bitfinex among others.

Once it gets in your possession, you can store it safely in your software e-wallets and physical hardware wallets. If you’re in an online review, you’ll find out that MultiDoge is preferred for Windows, OSX, and Linux, while the Dogecoin wallet is used on mobile.

To deposit using this cryptocurrency, begin by finding a bookmaker that accepts sports betting Dogecoin and selects this cryptocurrency from the list of accepted payment methods in your crypto betting jurisdiction. This can be done by reading a Dogecoin sports betting review to make sure you pick a bookmaker that is worth your trust.

Enter the amount you want to deposit from your wallet and the funds will reach their destination immediately. There is no commission to be paid and no hidden fees, so you use the entire amount for Dogecoin betting.

When cashing out winnings, you will be instructed to use the same payment method, so you will also transfer your funds out using doge. Once you open the cash out faucet, the amount you want to withdraw will be cashed out faster than if you were to use Bitcoin or fiat currency.

Most bookmakers are mobile-friendly, so you can withdraw straight from the browser or via the Dogecoin crypto betting app. There won’t be any fees eating away at your profits so you enjoy the entire amount made from successful predictions.

Dogecoin betting - tips & tricks


Sports betting Dogecoin is a distinct possibility for digital money enthusiasts and Bitcoin users will enjoy a smooth transition. While it is possible to sign up for an account at a generic crypto currency sports book, it is wiser to choose a dedicated Dogecoin betting site. That’s because they offer bigger bonuses to first time depositors and better terms and conditions for clearing DOGE special offers.

When reading a Dogecoin sports betting review it is recommended to pay attention to other supported forms of gambling. If you fancy casino games, it is preferable to choose a dedicated crypto currency operator, so you get to spin the reels of provably fair slots. Take the time to read more than one review to learn about the best bonuses that Doge sports books offer and always choose licensed bookmakers.

Pros and cons of Dogecoin betting


  • Dogecoin sports betting offers near anonymity thanks to its superior privacy standards
  • Doge-transactions are inexpensive so you end up saving money by not paying fees
  • Money transfers in this currency are faster, with promptness defining deposits and withdrawals
  • Fairness is a key quality of casinos accepting Dogecoin betting thanks to provably fair games


  • There are fewer Dogecoin sports betting options because of the scarcity of bookmakers

Frequently Asked Questions about Dogecoin betting:

Read a Dogecoin betting review before signing up for an account and check out the terms and conditions. Choose a bookie that is licensed and regulated and it will be safe for you to deposit and gamble.

The value of DOGE isn’t spectacular, with a dollar currently buying around 100 currency units. Since there is no hard cap, its investment value is limited, but this doesn’t make Dogecoin betting any less fun.

You can deposit and withdraw funds in this crypto currency as described above in our Dogecoin betting guide. As long as you make the right predictions when betting online, you can transfer the funds back to your wallet almost instantly and without paying any fees.

There are no hidden costs to Dogecoin betting when you fund your account or withdraw your profits. Bookmakers might impose individual fees or charge players commission, but this is something that the sports book decides and should be written in the terms and conditions.

If you choose the right bookmaker, you will enjoy the same exceptional betting offer as if you were to gamble at sports book using Bitcoin or fiat currency. You can also use the Dogecoin betting app to bet on mobile devices or place your bets straight in the browser.

Give cryptocurrency gambling a chance with Dogecoin betting

When Bitcoin came along, online bookies were among the first to accept it and the same has happened with Dogecoin. You can use it to bet online securely and with lower costs per transaction while enjoying higher than average bonuses.

Punters enjoy the same high-security standards and bonuses that are significantly higher than the industry average. Knowing this, why not give Dogecoin betting a chance?