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Bovada vs Betonline – Which is better?

Picking an online gambling site is the first step to making millions from online platforms or online sportsbooks.

There are many dubious sites available on the internet and this has discouraged players over time. Some have poor graphics and low sound quality meaning that they cannot sufficiently meet what the customer is looking.

Bovada and Betonline are some of the popular and most trusted online sportsbooks that most gamblers prefer to play with. The dilemma, therefore, is between Bovada vs Betonline-which is better?

Our article is an in-depth assessment of why the two sites are the best online wagering sites and why the two remain the top rated online betting sites over the years.

How Safe Is The Betonline Site?

Betonline is one of the best sites for sports betting in the world. The site has multiple features that make it a huge attraction for players. There are numerous deposit options available on the platform meaning that it accommodates as many gamblers from all over the world as possible.
Numerous slots offered by the platform are provided by Betsoft. To ascertain the safety of the casino, the site should be licensed and regulated by a credible body. Licenses are the legal channel through which the casino can offer various slots and games by ensuring that games are fair and transparent across the board.
Betonline sportsbook is licensed by Panama. Panama licensing is not widely known compared to its other bodies such as the UK gambling commission and the Malta gaming authorities. If you are not comfortable with playing with sites that do not have the latter licenses, this might be a red flag for you.

However, this does not discredit the site completely. Its proven track record and history over the years are a guarantee. Sports betting online reviews such as Betonline sportsbook reviews that compare Bovada vs Betonline sports betting have good reports of Betonline sports sportsbook.

Safety and Legality of Bovada Online Gambling

Bovada is one of the top sportsbooks online. A quick look at the Bovada bet history and you will be more than convinced as to why the platform is a safe place to place your money. Furthermore, Bovada sportsbook review by gambling experts confirm the legitimacy of Bovada gaming.

The safety of the online site is backed by the casino’s licenses. However, the site does not have a license at the moment. It was initially licensed by Kahnawake gambling commission but did not renew its license in due time and thus the hitch. It is owned by the Morris Mohawk group and was established in 2011.

We can all attest to the fact that many sports betting sites do not last more than three years. It is the top US sportsbook but does not allow players from other countries to gamble on its platform. It is not easy to gain the top 5 online sports betting sites position especially in a country like the US but Bovada gambling site has managed to beat the odds to be top of the list of online sportsbooks.

Why Bovada Is a Good Sportsbook

Sport Bovada is a good sportsbook, the best there is. Sports betting for online reviews confirm and support this. The casino has been in business for close to 10 years now. It was first launched in 2011 when it was separated from Bodog.
Rarely, do illegal and scam sites last beyond a year. Bovada has stood the test of time and has slowly raised its online sportsbook rankings to the best gambling site in the US and all over the world. The casino operator is one of the most experienced in the gambling industry ensuring that the site offers nothing but the best for newbies and experts visiting the site.
Bodog is associated with the operator and the site boasts of about 3.4 million visitors every month. No other sportsbooks site records such numbers in terms of traffic on the internet. If you compare Betonline and Bovada internet traffic, Bovada has 10 times more visitors than its competition- Betonline.

To further prove its legitimacy in the gambling business, all transactions and web activities are secured by SSL- encryption which is denoted by a green padlock icon with the term ‘secure’. Bovada betting app is also available for players who want to access games and slots at their convenience from wherever they are.

The best sportsbook app is compatible with smartphones and tablets and can be downloaded from your phone’s play store or App Store.

Best Sportsbooks for US Players: Which is better Betonline Vs Bovada?

Bovada Vs Betonline- Which Is The Best To Book Bets With?

5 dimes is the closest competitor to Bovada and Betonline. We have compared each of these against each other i.e. Bovada vs 5dimes and 5dimes vs Betonline but the Bovada and Betonline still rank higher.
5dimes sportsbook review indicates that the betting site is fairly okay. However, its interface is not the best if you compare Bovada against 5dimes.

So Which Is Better? Bovada or Betonline?

Breaking the tie of the top 5 online betting sites is quite hard. We shall first start with the restricted countries. Bovada is available for all US players. Bettors in Canada are also allowed to place bêtes on the sites.
If you are from outside the US and Canada, then Bovada is not a good option for you as all the countries outside these jurisdictions fall under the ‘restricted countries’ category. Betonline, on the other hand, accepts players from all over the world. If you live outside the US and Canada, you can opt to play with Betonline.

Which Has The Best Bonuses, Promotions, And Deals?

Bovada has a long list of bonuses and promotions on their site. Some of the bonuses include:
• 50% deposit welcome bonus which amounts to 250 dollars after the first initial deposit upon signing up.
• An additional welcome bonus of 3000 dollars.
• A 5000 dollars welcome bonus for gamblers using Bitcoin on the site.
• If you refer a friend, you will be rewarded with 200 dollars cash bonus to your bankroll.
Betonline, on the other hand, offers the following bonuses:
• On the initial deposit after registering, bettors receive 50% welcome package which amounts to 2500 dollars and an extra 100% welcome bonus.
• A lifelong guarantee of 25% bonus for loyal visitors.
• 100 dollars of free-play each time you refer a friend.
• 25 dollars free-play cash for live gambling.
• If you play on mobile, you will get a sportsbook mobile bonus of up to 50 dollars.
Bovada and Betonline have incredible bonus packages for their visitors. New bonuses and promotions are updated on the sites frequently so players should always be on the lookout for this.

Casinos and Poker Slots Options

Bovada and Betonline have casino play options for players love gambling online. Betonline casino is the best gambling casino site. The casino offers a live play option where players can play with the dealers in real-time.

A high roller program is also available for gamblers who love spending huge loads of cash in the casinos. Bovada is yet to match up to the standard set by Bovada gaming in this regard. Bovada betting site has multiple options such as slots and games. Some of the popular options include video poker, blackjack, slots, and table games such as poker.

Mobile Compatibility and Software

Bovada and Betonline have incorporated the best software in online gambling to be able to meet the demands of their customers. The two bodies have created mobile and web versions that are compatible with mobile phones and tablets.
To ensure satisfaction on both platforms, the mobile versions are almost similar to the web versions but have the advantage of convenience. Sportsbook mobile and the Bovada betting app allow you to access the games from wherever you are at any time you want to. You can use the mobile version if the web version for Betonline is down.

Gambling Odds

Betonline betting odds are the best between the two giants. Betonline has a dedicated team of bookies that is always on time to ensure that the market odds are available on their sites as early as possible.

Bovada online sportsbook post the odds late which is disadvantageous. Betonline has the highest odds if you want to rake huge winnings from online betting sites. You can opt to play with Betonline as the high odds mean a bigger payout if you win.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Betonline stands out once again due to the seamless deposit and withdrawal process from the sportsbooks site accounts. The transactions are fast and take minimal time. Another key feature is the low transactions fee charged when sending money into the account or when withdrawing the money to your card or the online electronic payment modes.
To add to this, Betonline has more than 10 payment options including:
 Visa or MasterCard
 Bitcoin
 Neteller
 Skrill
 Bank wire ATM cards for withdrawal purposes

Bovada is campaigning for the use of Bitcoin on its platform. Bitcoin transactions are safe, secure and a cheaper means of sending and withdrawing money from the site account.
Some of the payment methods for Bovada include:
 Visa or MasterCard
 Bitcoin
 Gift cards
 Check by courier for withdrawal
 Express deposit
These are the only payment methods available for Bovada.

Which Is The Best Betting Site Between The Two?

Taking time to try out both platforms is the best option. Each sportsbook has its pros and cons which might work for one player and not for another. Betonline has the best odds while Bovada poker is the best on the internet if you compare Bovada vs Betonline poker review. The choice depends on your personal preference.

Bovada Vs Betonline Comparison

Betonline and Bovada are the top tanking casino sites in the US and the world. In this section, we take time to compare the two giants and give them a win or draw score by taking into consideration some of the most important factors that are vital in online gambling.

Appearance, Feel and Presentation

Both sites have a laidback black theme. This is not the usual serving of online betting sites which are full of pomp and color. If you take a look at the homepages of Bovada and Betonline, you could easily mistake the two for each other.

New gambling markets and the juicy promotions and bonuses are displayed on the site homepages to attract new customers who want to try out something new. Betonline homepage is a squeezed up but incredibly; the navigation through the pages and the markets available is easy. This is the same case for the Bovada site as well. It is hard to make a decision here but both sites take the trophy.

Promotions and Bonuses on the Sites

Bovada and Betonline are betting sites with no minimum deposit. This means that players do not need to have any bankroll to start playing. Bovada minimum deposit reward offers new customers a 50% bonus as a welcome reward which amounts to $250 and can be used as a free bet. Betonline have the same bonus percentage but the bonus amounts to up to $1000. An additional 25% bonus is also included for every deposit made into Betonline betting site.

Another unique promotion common for both sites is the rebate awarded for horse racing events. On Tuesdays, Bovada gives its customers a 5% cashback to bettors while Betonline gives 7% to the players every day. Betonline min deposit feature distinguishes it from its competitor.

Line Pricing for the Sportsbooks

Bovada and Betonline have long lists of sports on their sites that players can choose from. The sites are not your regular betting slots and games. They cover markets in baseball, basketball, and horse racing. Bovada has the biggest markets for horse racing. To meet the needs of bettors, rebates on sports horse racing are offered as well as more markets for the events.

If you compare the two sites, it is very hard to choose which wins as they have put visible efforts on their markets. To stand out, Bovada has included an entertainment area for its players.
To draw more visitors, the sites use very competitive odds. If you look at the Bovada vs Betonline odds, Betonline offers the best odds. However, Bovada beats this by the range of markets it has on its sites.

Fees and Time for Withdrawals and Deposits

All bettors want to play with sites that transact seamlessly and very fast. Sites that offer many payment options are also desirable as they do not restrict bettors from other parts of the world. To place a deposit in Bovada and Betonline, no charges are incurred. Every deposit transaction is free of any charges.
Betonline has the best sportsbook payouts if you weigh Betonline vs Bovada payout. It offers its customers 2 cost-free checks every month. Bovada, on the hand, has only 1 cost-free payout making Betonline the best online sportsbook for payouts in sportsbook payout reviews. Payouts times for Betonline are faster.
Withdrawals are quicker and players can access their wins faster with this site. If you have Bitcoin, you can use the currency on Bovada to be able to access your earnings within a day.

Herein, both sites have the best online sportsbook for withdrawals but the win is inclined to Bovada for gamblers who use Bitcoin.

Who Wins Between The Two Betting Sportsbook?

Bovada and Betonline rank high in terms of customer service and the betting markets available on their sites. It is very hard to decide on which site is the best but Bovada still ranks high on online review sites as being one of the best betting sites.
To be able to make a sane judgment on Bovada vs Betonline comparison at this point 1 year ago, bettors can try both sites and decide on which works best for them. Different gamblers have different preferences that each site offers. Weigh the pros and cons and go with the site that works best for you.

Is Betonline A Good Betting Sportsbook or the Bettors are really bad?

Betonline pros outweigh its cons as per our review and other reviews by sportsbooks reviewers. The site has no major challenges whatsoever. We can conclude that the bettors visiting the site have not taken time master the expertise and skills required to successfully bag wins from the platforms.

There are cases of Betonline rigged poker and table games, Betonline blackjack rigged and Betonline cheating. Bovada cheating especially Bovada Poker cheating has also been reported. The operator deals severely with the bettor in such cases to discourage such practices. An example is the Bovada forfeit bonus.

Frequently Asked Question about Bovada and Betonline Online Sportsbooks

Text ‘stop’ to 238669 for Betonline mobile or visit ‘My Profile’ section on the web version.

Contact the customer cared desk if you want to close your account on Bovada.

It is a gambling platform that offers Poker, casino, and sports betting.

It is placing a winning bet on the home team for the three-way betting channels.

Gamble On Your Favorite Sports Using Betonline Or Bovada!

Online sportsbook sites are the best options for players who want to make money from online betting sites easily. Betonline and Bovada are some of the best platforms that bettors can use. If you are wondering which platform to use, our article helps you answer the question Bovada vs Betonline- which is better and what is the best sportsbook online? We have discussed the key features of both sites including the legality and the safety of using the platforms to make money.