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Betting Exchange Belgium – Best Betting Exchange Sites for Belgium players [2024]

Playing at a betting exchange in Belgium is a wholly different experience than playing at a licensed online sportsbook.

These marketplaces are less commonly available, but can, nonetheless, deliver a truly exhilarating and exciting online betting experience.

What are the top betting exchange sites in Belgium? What can they offer? How do you sign up at them?

In this gambling article, we will unveil everything you need to know about licensed and legal betting sites that offer betting exchange in the small EU country.

To help you get started, though, we need to first look at what betting exchanges are, and why you might consider playing at them in 2024.

Best Belgium Betting Sites in 16 June 2024 – Updated List

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Your guide to Belgian betting exchanges in 2024

Betting exchange sites for Belgian players are few and far between, even in 2024. Previously, we have looked at how to bet online from abroad – UK players, and Belgium has a sizeable number of ex-pats living within its borders.

While betting at offshore betting exchanges is tricky, it is not impossible. However, there are a few licensed and legalised Belgian betting exchanges you can try, too. Let us dive into Belgian betting exchanges to reveal all…

Everything you need to know about Belgium’s betting exchanges

Being as concise yet as brief as we can, betting exchange sites are online marketplaces. They allow punters to bet on the outcome of sporting events, and sometimes political ones.

They offer roughly the same type of betting options as an online sportsbook but, with better odds, as fellow bettors set them. Provided another bettor is willing to match your bet (find out here what are unmatched bets and partially matched bets), there is no cap on how high these bets can go.

There are betting exchange sites that accept Belgian players. Provided these sites are subject to regulation and obtain a Belgian license from the Belgian Gaming Commission, then you are okay to play at them.

Belgium gambling sites and laws which govern them are often quite restrictive, but it is possible to engage in this type of betting.

Belgium’s top betting exchange operators

Officially, there are several betting exchange operators in Belgium. Betfair is unquestionably one of the best sports betting exchanges that is legal in Belgium.

Betfair exchange is more like a stock exchange for bets, where you lay low and back high and you make profits without caring who the winner is. Our Betfair trading strategies guide will help you increase these profits. We have even created a guide to show you how to make a living on Betfair.

However, a few of the other top online betting exchanges you may wish to look at include Unibet, and Ladbrokes (which even has high-street outlets in the country).

A good alternative represents our list of Germany betting sites where you can place Germany bets – no commission charged.

Steps of registering at betting exchanges in Belgium

If you are new to betting exchange sites in Belgium, this is how you can get started today:

Step 1
Find a legal, licensed betting exchange (you can use our page)
Step 2
Hit the sign-up button on that page’s lobby
Step 3
Fill out the e-form which appears
Step 4
Submit the e-form, then confirm your account via the verification e-mail you receive
Step 5
Sign-in and head to the cashier to deposit into your account

Steps of placing bets at Belgian betting exchanges

Placing wagers at betting exchanges is a touch trickier than with conventional bets at Euro bookmakers. The process of placing exchange bets at Belgium betting sites is as follows…

Step 1
Head to your betting exchange and find the market option you want
Step 2
Select either “back” or “lay” and enter your stake
Step 3
If you back something, you are saying that the outcome will occur. If you place a lay bet, you are saying that outcome will not happen
Step 4
You can confirm your bet to see it displayed on your betting slip
Step 5
If you place a high-stake bet, you will need to find someone to match your bet, but in the other direction (back or lay)
Step 6
Await the results of the event. If you are successful, you will be paid out your winnings

Why place bets at a betting exchange in Belgium?

The main reason why you would choose to use a betting exchange in Belgium is that you often get better odds than at bookmakers.

Another perk to using betting exchanges is that some (though, not all) allow you to lock in your profits or reduce your losses as the game develops. This is notably most prevalent during football matches,

Pros and Cons of Belgian betting exchanges

As with any type of betting enterprise, there are pros and cons to betting exchanges. Here are a few of them…


  • You will get more competitive odds than at bookmakers
  • You can often wager high-stake bets if someone else matches you
  • The array of bets can sometimes be more “original” and exciting
  • Exchanges can feature increased odds of up to 1,000:1, while few bookies offer this


  • Exchanges are hardly the most arbitrage-friendly bookmakers
  • Fewer markets are available
  • The exchange will likely charge a commission on your net winnings

Frequently Asked Questions about betting exchanges in Belgium:

If you still have questions about betting exchanges in Belgium, we are happy to help with our FAQ guide.

There are legit betting exchange sites in Belgium and some which are not. Those which are illegal are usually geo-blocked by Belgian internet service providers.

If you back a bet, you are wagering that the event in question happens.

If you choose to place a lay bet, you are saying that the event will not happen.

Some are, and some are not. The biggest betting exchanges in Belgium will ensure that they are mobile-friendly. This may be via an app or through a browser-based, instant play website.

Most betting exchanges in Belgium charge commission. We were unable to find any legal Belgian betting exchanges which offered commission-free bets. Fortunately, as an alternative, there are betting sites where you can place Germany bets - no commission charged.

Play at Belgium’s top betting changes today!

Playing at a betting exchange in Belgium can be an exciting and exhilarating experience for all. If you are interested in doing that, we are here to help. On this page, you will find a selection of the best betting exchange sites in Belgium.

Click on any review which takes your fancy to learn more about the website in question. If you like what you see, you can sign up and get started playing at the top 100 bookmakers today.