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Colossusbets welcome bonuses and review

[Updated 29th January 2024] Important Announcement: We do NOT recommend playing at Colossusbets anymore, based on our player reviews. The following three operators are proven to be highly safe & trusted: 22Bet, Mystake and Goldenbet.

As online gambling operators go, Colossus Bet is truly special because it doesn’t use the same pattern or betting system preferred by most of its counterparts. Instead, they are ready to offer a unique solution by focusing on betting pool games that cover all major European football games and beyond. It is only fair to say that soccer represents the focal point of attention here and those who open an account should accept the fact that all the other sports pale in comparison.

Having said this, the selection of games is not undersized and players who want to diversify their gambling routine can do it without getting bored. The system is also similar to the one used by those who bet frequently on horse and Greyhound racing events, which explains the popularity of Colossus Bet within the borders of United Kingdom. Making the transition from those events to the ones offered here is going to be silky smooth, although regular punters might encounter some difficulties.

Accumulators are the cornerstone of the system and they have the advantage of better odds, since the winning combinations are more numerous and the odds of hitting a winner significantly better. Colossus Bet also appears to those who play lottery games, because at least in theory the only distinction between the two games is that in this case you pick matches instead of balls.

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Sports betting at Colossus Bet

Colossus Bet is not going to walk in the footsteps of other bookmakers and maintain the seemingly indissoluble link between the size of investment and the return. Under normal circumstances, players can only hope to win a few times the amount they wager, with the size of the odds deciding the potential profits. When betting here, players have the chance of winning a staggering amount of £10,000,000 if they correctly predict the results of seven sports games.

Colossus Bet is the one that chooses these games and players have no choice but to focus on these events while trying their best to predict the outcome. This is the guaranteed prize pool and it will be split among the most successful players, assuming several succeed at indicating the correct scores. Obviously, the odds of being that accurate are stacked against participants, but the prospect of becoming a millionaire overnight without actually taking big chances is tempting nonetheless.

The online bookmaker is going to guarantee half of that amount to winners, in the unlikely event that more than two players hit the bull’s-eye in any given week. Colossus Bet makes quite a tempting proposition to punters and even those who are not familiar with this type of wagering are likely to give into temptation. Furthermore, there is also a bonus leg that will make players eligible for an additional 5 million great British pounds so this is truly a life-changing competition.

The similarities to lottery games don’t stop here and not surprisingly, in exchange of competing for these jackpots, players need to accept the low winning chances. Colossus Bet knows that it can be extremely difficult for players to predict the seven results and that’s why it will enforce the same system that is used by lotteries all over the world. Assuming nobody succeeds at winning the jackpot one week, the bonus amount is rolled over and seven days later players will be competing for twice that amount.

At least in theory, it is only a matter of time until someone finally strikes it rich, but it can take a while for this to happen. Knowing this, prospective customers should know that variance is the biggest problem when wagering here, compared to conventional bookmakers. That’s why, it is important to have a decent bankroll and not set unreasonably high expectations, because the first prize might evade you forever.

Meanwhile, Colossus Bet has a consolation pool for those who only predict the results of a few of those games. For their achievement, they will receive lower amounts, with the number of correct selections deciding the size of the final paycheck. Once again, the similarities to traditional lotteries are self evident and the size of these consolation prizes depends on the number of participants.

Colossus Bet offers more original cash out opportunities and players even have the option of locking in on existing profits before the final games are decided. This is a relatively new feature introduced by the leading bookmakers and it is refreshing to find it here as well. In this case, it is particularly useful because it can help players alleviate the consequences of variance and lock in on certain profits.

The online gambling operator is offering the same option to all those who bet on European competitions and even allows them to cash out a partial amount. Once players fully understand how this cash out opportunity works, they can tinker with the sliders and effectively hedge against the risks. In addition to the flagship competitions that can make you a millionaire, Colossus Bet also runs a game that is very similar to the immensely popular Pick 6 lottery game. This only has a guaranteed prize pool of £2million, yet players can emerge victorious by simply predicting the outcome of six matches.

Welcome bonuses and free bets at Colossus Bet

Colossus Bet has so many innovative features to offer, that even those who are not convinced yet by the system are probably going to give it a try. They could’ve wrap things up and greatly expand their customer base by offering even a tiny welcome bonus, but sadly they chose not to give out anything for free. Persevere and players who start on the wrong foot and need to make another deposit are not going to be rewarded either and there are very few promotions running live on the website.

It is possible to wager and participate in any of these competitions using mobile devices, but those who make the transition to mobile devices are not going to cash in on bonuses either. There is a fledgling loyalty scheme and a bonus awarded to those who spread the news and convince their peers to open an account. While this is a far cry from the offers that established bookmakers can brag about it is still better than nothing and members can only hope that a VIP pyramid will also be introduced.

Other gambling options at Colossus Bet

Colossus Bet offers a betting system that is so similar to lottery games that one would expect bingo and casino games to be available as well. For some odd reason, other forms of gambling have been totally excluded and members will have to settle for the aforesaid sports betting competitions. While they offer high potential profits and can truly change the lives of winners, they are played by variance and likely to turn into boring endeavors. Online poker is not offered either, so many of those who would otherwise enjoy playing this game are going to look elsewhere for a way of satisfying this need.

Pros and Cons for playing at Colossus Bet

Colossus Bet is one of the few bookmakers that can make you rich with a minimal investment, which makes it a great choice for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on betting. The competition runs on a weekly basis, so the risk of addiction is mitigated and players don’t have to worry about becoming completely hooked to gambling.

This bookmaker also takes only 30% on bets, which is much better than what other gambling operators running pool games claim. Even the national lottery claims 50% of the profits, so those who are lucky enough as to hit a winning combination are going to receive the vast majority of their gainings.

Colossus Bet enjoys an excellent reputation and is known for paying out profits on time and in full, while being always helpful within 24/7 customer support. Among the disadvantages it is worth mentioning the fact that those who enjoy traditional sports betting won’t have the chance to do it here.

There are no welcome bonuses and no incentives for players who spend a lot of time and money gambling over the Internet. The fact that no casino and poker games are offered will also have a deterring effect on those who were hoping for an all around gaming experience.

Contact methods

The website is translated in Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish in addition to English, yet customer support is only offered in the latter. Players from the United Kingdom have their toll-free numbers, while other players will get to choose between regular phone support and email.

There is no live chat feature yet available and the bookmaker only has an account on Twitter and Google + but no Facebook presence.

Live chat: No

English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese


Colossusbets promotions and offers

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Withdrawal and deposit options

Colossus Bet allows customers to deposit and cash out funds using mastercard, maestro, fast bank transfer, visa and skrill. Players can wager in US dollars, Euros and British Sterling pounds without paying any commission for deposits or withdrawals, while the latter are performed in less than three business days. Punters are only instructed to use the same payment methods when possible for funding their account and cashing out, to avoid sensitive issues such as money laundering and fraud.



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Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Bank Transfer, Skrill (Moneybookers)

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