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Best Online Casino Games: The Ultimate Guide for 2021

Casino online games are entertaining us for years, and lots of new casino games online are released every month.

If you are a veteran gambler, you already know these – but what if you are a complete beginner?

The world of online casino games can be challenging for new players, due to its size and included options.

There are literally dozens of game categories and each one contains hundreds of different options – if you are visiting a casino site for the first time, all of these will seem a little frightening.

Well, do not worry: We prepared this casino online games guide to help you. Below, you can find information about top free online casino games and how do they work.

Once you finish reading, you will start playing like a pro.

What Are Online Casino Games?

We should start by explaining how do online casino games work, because understanding what happens behind the screen will allow you to learn how to beat them. When you visit a “real” casino, you will see that it is full of game tables. And behind every table, a dealer stands: He/she is the manager of games. If you sit on a blackjack table, for example, the dealer will give you the cards, accept the bets, and handle the payouts. And most importantly, you will be playing against the dealer, a real person.

E-games online casino, however, works quite differently. First of all, there is no “manager” to play against: Your rival is a piece of computer code and the things you see on screen are the result of a mathematical calculation. The rules and the winning chances are no different – you are actually still playing the same game. But not against a real person: Your opponent is a program named “RNG” (Random Number Generator). When you press the “spin”, “deal”, or “play” button, an RNG software generates a random number. All possible results in the game have numerical values. And if the result of the RNG software matches with these numerical values, the corresponding symbol/result gets displayed on the screen.

Sounds too complex? Here is a simple example:

  • Let’s say you are playing online free slots casino games. The game of your choice contains three symbols and the most valued one is the “hearts” symbol.
  • The numerical value of the hearts symbol is in between 18.000 and 18.500.
  • When you click the “play” button, the RNG software generates this random number: 18.421.
  • This result is in the range of the hearts symbol. So, it will be displayed on the screen.

All of these happen in mere seconds and this is a very simple example, but you get the idea: Online casino games are actually computer programs and the results are determined according to how lucky you are. Remember this explanation – it will be needed at the section where we will talk about how to beat casino games online.

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Online Casino Games Guide: The Long List Of All Games You Can Find At Casino Sites

Let’s continue with an online casino games list, which includes all of the games you can find at casino sites. That way, you will have a better idea of what to expect.

Slot Machines: Even if you are a beginner, you already know what these are: They are the most popular casino game all over the words from Italy to China. Everybody likes them because they have the easiest rules: Spin the reels, land the same symbols next to each other, hope for being lucky enough to win the jackpot prize. Slot machines are divided into three categories: classic (fruit), video, and jackpot. All of them are the same game, but the payouts (and winning chances) differ. Video slots would be the best choice for beginners: You can enter the exciting world of online casino games with them.

Card Games: There are many games under this category, but the most commonly known ones are blackjack, video poker, and baccarat. Unlike slot machines, these games require expertise: A professional poker player has the same winning chance on slot machines like any other player, but when it comes to playing poker, yes, he has more advantage. Card games award using the correct strategies and it is possible to increase your odds by playing an optimal game. They are “advanced” casino games online but you should still take a look at them: They have the highest RTP rates.

Table Games: Again, many options under this category too, but roulette and craps are the major ones. Table games are like slot machines: You only need luck to score a prize, and using strategies does not affect the probabilities. But they are quite fun to play, especially if you pick the right game. We recommend starting with roulette and picking the European variant, as it is the easiest one to play.

Live Casino Games: This is actually the name of a service. It is possible to play card and table games against real dealers, by joining a live broadcast. Have you ever watched a Twitch stream? It is the same technology, but you can interact with the “streamer” (the dealer). They offer the authentic casino experience: All other games are played against the computer, but live casino games include a real person to play against. Moreover, you can play with other players at the same time and socialize, just like in a real casino. You should definitely try live casino games – they offer a very different experience.

If you are wondering which one is the best online casino game to play, there is no definitive answer. Every player has different needs and expectations. But if you are playing to win money, we recommend going with card games, as they have the lowest house edge. And if you are playing for fun, slot machines would be your best option, even if they don’t have high RTP rates. Speaking of which, what are the RTP and house edge?

RTP Vs House Edge: What Are They?

If you want to play online casino games for money with PayPal and other metods, you need to learn what RTP and house edge means. This is because these terms will define how much you will lose in the long run, and what your winning frequency will be. Let’s explain their meaning by giving a simple example.

  • Let’s say that you are playing baccarat online casino games, and the RTP rate of a specific game is 94.20%. (You can see the RTP rates on the paytable of every online casino game).
  • RTP is short for “return to player” and this percentage actually shows how much of your initial investment you can recover. If you invested 100 EUR to that game, you will win (recover) 94.20 EUR of it back, so your losses will be limited to 5.80 EUR. So, RTP shows how much of your money will “return” to you.
  • House edge is the opposite: It shows how much the casino will win from your initial investment. Let’s remember the example above: Your losses will be limited to 5.80 EUR, right? This figure is actually the house edge percentage of that game: 5.80%. The casino operator will win this much money from every 100 EUR you invest.

As can be guessed, your goal should be finding online casino games with the lowest house edge and highest RTP percentages. The RTP rate does not show your winning chances – do not think it like that. But if it is high, your winning frequency will be higher too: So, in a way, casino games online that include high RTP rates offer increased odds too.

To give you an idea, here are the average RTP rates of all popular online casino games:



Slot Machines
Video Poker
Roulette (French)
Roulette (European)
Roulette (American)
Between 40% - 50% (*)

(*) Depends on the game type and additional betting options. In any case, however, bingo offers the worst RTP percentages. 

Remember that this list shows the “classic” versions of these games. For example, blackjack has the highest RTP percentage but this value comes from its classic version only. If you prefer to play a blackjack variant that includes bonus bets (such as blackjack switch), the actual rates will be much lower.

Another thing we need to mention is that these values are the results of optimal gameplay sessions. In other words, they assume that the player always makes the best decisions. If you “hit” instead of “stand” when you have 20 points in total, no RTP rate will be enough to save you.

However, this list will still give you an idea of which online casino games for real money will be a better choice to play.

Further Information

 Mobile Online Casino Games: Everything You Need To Know

Mobile phones (and tablet PCs) are excellent devices to play free online casino games. You can use them for playing online casino games to win money too, of course – depends on how you use them. The first thing you should know that all of the modern online casino games work on mobile platforms nowadays, no matter what your operating system is. There was a time when most of these games worked only on Android, but nowadays, there is no such thing: Thanks to the HTML5 technology, casino games online work on browsers now, not on operating systems. So you can easily find online casino games Android or online casino games for iPad – the options are limitless.

The second thing you should know is that a native app is not mandatory to play mobile casino games online. Yes, we know that the official application stores (Play Store & App Store) are full of these apps but they offer only free casino games online. In other words, more than 90% of these apps do not offer the option to win money online casino games, they are for free-play and casual gambling only. This is mostly because of the local laws: These stores have global users and online gambling is still considered illegal in lots of countries. In short, if you want to play online casino games for cash, these apps are not the best way to do it.

Instead, you can use the mobile versions of online casino sites. The only thing you need is your browser: When you type the address and “touch” the “go” button; the mobile website of that online casino will be loaded. And it will be identical to the desktop site in regards to features and performance: You can play the entire online casino games collection, make deposits, withdraw winnings, and even reach customer support without installing any app. So, you already have access to lots of mobile gambling opportunities, and there is no need to use any native application: Just pick a casino site (preferably one of our recommended ones) and start playing thousands of online mobile casino games from your mobile device, it is that simple.

How To Beat Online Casino Games?

This is a loaded question and there is no simple way to answer it. First of all, you should know that there is no 100% guaranteed way of beating online casino games. Yes, we know that you have seen lots of “systems” on the internet that claim to guarantee winning, but they were scams. A lot of online games are full of rumors if you are asking yourself, is online bingo fixed? you should read our updated guide about it.

There is no “secret” out there, don’t waste your time by searching for it. However, by using some tips & tricks, you can increase your odds or at least, minimize your losses. Let’s answer this question according to casino games online categories.

How To Beat Slot Machines: Requires Luck

Remember the section where we explained how online casino games work? Well, that explanation should also tell you that there is no system for slot machines and it is impossible to develop a strategy for them. The results of the RNG software is truly random, and there is no way to predict what the outcome will be. Nobody, even the programmer of that slot game, can “cheat” and guarantee a winning. In short, slot machines require only being lucky and there is no strategy to beat them. However, you can still increase your losses by following these tips:

  • Classic slots are the better option. In terms of winning chances, video slots are the best: They have many pay lines, which means they offer more possibilities for a winning combination to appear. However, they are also “pricey” games: Spinning the reels can cost quite high, even if your winning chances are higher. If you are on a budget, classic slots are the better option. They have fewer pay lines, which means the cost per spin will be lower too. Let’s say you have a 100 EUR budget: You can spin the reels of a video slot game 10 times or the reels of a classic slot game 30 times. Which one should you prefer? Classic slots will give you the best bang for your buck, and the more you can spin, the more chances you get.
  • Progressive jackpot slots are the worst. Yes, we know that they offer millions of Euros to win and this is an attractive feature. However, that prize is big because thousands of players already lost. Contrary to popular belief, the prize of progressive jackpots come from losses of other players: Every lost bet will feed the prize pool. So if a progressive jackpot game is offering millions of Euros, this means thousands of players tried their luck and lost. Are you sure that you are the person who will win the prize? Or, will you just keep feeding the pool? The RTP rates of progressive jackpot slots are very low, and their costs per spin are quite high. Most of the time, you will just be burning your budget without winning any real prize.

How To Beat Card Games: Requires Strategy

Card games are the only category of online casino games which offer you the chance of increasing the odds by using specific strategies. So, yes, it is really possible to beat the card games – as long as you know what you are doing and pick the correct game to play. Blackjack, in this regard, is the best option. Theoretically, the RTP rate of blackjack is 100% with optimal gameplay, and it is the only online casino game with this feature. If you manage to count all the cards, you can win each and every blackjack game you play. However, in practice, this is not an easy thing to do: To prevent card counting, casinos use at least eight decks and to count all the cards, you need to be a mathematical genius. However, you can still increase your odds by doing two simple things:

  • Prefer single deck games. Blackjack has lots of variants and one of them is called the “single deck”. And yes, as the name implies, this variant is played with a single deck. This means you can actually count all the cards in the deck: Memorizing 52 cards is not that hard. With a little practice, you can easily increase the RTP rate to 99% and above.
  • Use a smart card counting method. You may not be able to count all the cards in eight decks, but you can sure count the picture cards (Jack, Queen, King) and 10s. These are all worth 10 points and eliminating them from the deck will give you a better idea on what the chances of winning a specific round. It is not as effective as full card counting, but it will still give you an edge over the dealer.

The card counting method works on all card games, including poker and baccarat. Blackjack is the best game for this tactic due to its ruleset, and you may need to use additional tactics on other games (such as bluffing on poker) but counting the cards will always give you an advantage, it is as simple as that. And this is the only way of effectively increasing your winning odds.

How To Beat Table Games: Requires Luck

Just like the slot machines, it is impossible to develop a working strategy for table games too. This is because of the same reason: There are too many variables and it is impossible to predict an outcome before it happens. This is true especially for roulette – we are sure that you have read dozens of “working” roulette strategies so far, such as the Martingale, James Bond, Fibonacci betting strategy, etc.

The thing is, all of these strategies are actually progressive betting systems, and they are not related to winning chances. All of them are based on the assumption of “you will win sooner or later”. This is true up to an extent, but we cannot say that these strategies increase your odds. On the contrary, they also “hope” for you being lucky too. In short, you cannot beat table games but there are still some suggestions we can give to you.

  • Prefer outside bets. The best bets for the online casino games roulette are the “outside” ones. These are red/black, odd/even, and low/high bets: They all offer a winning chance higher than 48%. Inside bets, on the other hand, offer higher payouts but very low odds – the chance of winning inside bets change between 2% and 16%. In short, always prefer outside bets while playing roulette – this will give you an advantage in the long run. If you prefer betting on low odds, we recommend checking our best staking plan for low odds.
  • Avoid American roulette. American roulette has the highest house edge and the lowest RTP rate, as can be seen in the table above. This is due to its additional betting options and double zeros on the wheel. European roulette is a much better option. Speaking of which, French roulette is the best variant of this game you can play. It is nearly as good as video poker games, and your odds will be much higher.
  • Don’t Pass Line is the best bet. This advice is for craps players: The best bet in craps is the “Don’t Pass Line” outcome. Its house edge is as low as 0.27% and this figure is even lower than blackjack. If you are a beginner and looking for the best option to place your money, Don’t Pass Line bet should be your default choice.

FAQ About Casino Games Online

You should start by finding an online casino that offers you the games of top-tier providers and fair gambling service. Prefer sites that give you the option to play free online casino games real money no deposit – this is a specific bonus and it means that you can play all the games at the casino website without depositing anything, with a complimentary budget. (Refer to the online casino game bonuses question for more information.) If you are having trouble finding such a casino site, remember that we have lots of recommendations for you: You can pick any one of them today and start playing. After picking the online casino, become a member and make your first deposit. The rest is up to you: There are hundreds of casino online games to choose from and all you need to do is clicking on the “play” button. If you are looking for rules ıf specific online casino games, check out our other guides – we have a “how to play” article about each and every one of them.

This is a very common question, along with the “are online casino games safe”. The answer is it all depends on where you are playing. There are some quite shady online casinos out there which operates without a license. If you play at one of these casinos, yes, there is always a risk of safety and foul play. However, if you prefer licensed, safe, and audited casino sites, there will be no risk: Such websites are audited for fairness by multiple agencies. Basically, if you pick the right online casinos, none of the casino online games you play will be rigged or unfair. Remember that we recommend only legit, safe, and secure casino sites to our visitors.

This depends on whether the online casino is legit or not. Legal online casino games can only be found at licensed casino sites, so the first thing you need to do is checking and verifying the license status. This information can be found at the bottom of the main page. If you are seeing the logo of the licensor (Malta Gaming Authority, The United Kingdom Gambling Commission, etc.) in this section, both the website and all the games on it are legit.

There is no such thing. Online casino games do not accept any money transfers, online casinos do. The correct question should be “which online casinos accept PayPal as a payment method?”. Because if the casino site supports it, you can play all the casino online games by making a deposit with your PayPal account. However, the answer may disappoint you: PayPal is not a very popular payment method in the iGaming industry. E-wallets are popular but the industry is nearly monopolized by Neteller and Skrill. That being said, there are still online casinos (and reputable ones) out there which accept PayPal – take a look at our online casino reviews section to find them.

By becoming a member of one of our recommended online casino sites. Each and every online casino site offers the chance to play its game collection for free: Other than online casino live games, you can play slots, card and table games free of charge and with a virtual balance. So, in a way, every casino site is a free online casino. And finding online casino table games is not hard: They are pretty popular so you can be sure that every casino site will offer them. The challenge will be finding the best online casino games and websites: To do that, you can select one of our recommended casino websites. We personally verified each and every one of them offer the best possible online gambling experience.

No, because there is no need. About 10 years ago, the developers were using the Flash platform for online casino games, which does not work on macOS and iOS. This question is meaningless nowadays, because nobody uses Flash anymore. Instead, HTML5 technology is being used, which gives the option to run online casino games on browsers. At the moment, no matter what your operating system is, you can play any casino online game you like – all you need is a modern browser. So, there are no specific casino games for Mac because these games can run on multiple platforms nowadays.

Free online casino games win real money no deposit bonus offers are always a good option. As the name suggests, you don’t need to make any deposit to activate these promotions: becoming a member is enough and will give you free spins or a little cash prize. By using those, you can take a look at the game collection of the casino site and give it a go, without taking any financial risks. Welcome bonuses are also good but you need to check the wagering rate. Ideally, it should not be higher than 40x. Otherwise, you may never complete the wagering requirement. And always take advantage of online casino games free spins promotions: Spinning the reels for free but keeping the payout is always an advantage.

Play Casino Games Online For Money Or For Free: The Choice Is Yours

So, you have learned everything you need to know about online casino games – what to do know? Well, our recommendation is finding the best online casino games that work for you. Join one of our recommended online casino sites, like online casino Croatia, take advantage of the online casino games with no deposit bonus offers, and try all the game categories one by one.

And once you find the casino online game that appeals to your needs, start playing with real money! Remember that we have an online casino reviews section too, and you can use it to find tips and tricks about a specific online casino game. See you at the tables and good luck!