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Sectorbet welcome bonus and review

[Updated 25th January 2024] Important Announcement: We regret to inform you that Sectorbet is oficially closed. Here are some suggestions of online casinos that offer great bonuses: 22Bet, Mystake and Goldenbet.

Sectorbet is an online gambling operator that does far more than offering betting opportunities to punters and they found their vocation in the casino and poker niche as well. The company is licensed and regulated in Russia, which is not the best case scenario for those who are seeking a long-term partner that is 100% trustworthy. While there is nothing essentially wrong about them, the fact that they chose not to apply for a license as well might have a deterring effect on prospective customers.

One of the things that new players will notice is that the website is available primarily in Russian and when you translate it to English, the content is no longer of premium quality. It’s a bit surprising that Sectorbet didn’t pay much attention to these details, especially with the bookmaker recently celebrating four years of existence. Since 2011 they had plenty of time to expand and improve their content, so they need to do better than this if they want to project an image of professionalism.

Sectorbet is dedicated mostly to customers from Russia, but doesn’t hesitate to provide coverage for those who reside beyond borders. Football fans will find most of the sports available at other bookmakers, with a plus when it comes to Russian markets, while the casino offer is pretty average. The bookie has the advantage of allowing players to wager larger amounts than what many of its counterparts do, which should make it more attractive to highrollers and savvy players.

They have an educational section, for those who want to learn more about betting and also need a bit of assistance when wagering. Sadly, the content is once again available primarily in Russian and the English version is far from stellar, so the information is not of much use to foreigners. The same problems can be countered by contacting customer support, even though the team of specialist they employee is friendly and professional.

Sports betting at Sectorbet

When betting with a bookmaker that is located in Russia and makes no secret of serving mostly players from within borders, there are a couple of things you should expect. To start with, Sectorbet has all the major and minor divisions fully covered to the same extent as they do when it comes to major European football leagues. This is explainable, yet forgettable for those who don’t have a particular interest in Russian football in general and minor divisions in particular.

The pleasant surprise comes when analyzing the odds, because even though there is no distinction between domestic and European football, the house edge is surprisingly low. On average players can expect a return of 93% which is a great figure in an industry where you usually get around 91% and even less. This should overshadow the relatively shallow collection of sports and those who have nothing against betting on the main markets rather than the special will be more than happy with what’s offered.

In addition to football, Europeans can also bet on major tennis competitions and some of the hockey and basketball leagues. The average number of markets revolves around 30, but it goes up when it comes to European tournaments that involve Russian teams. With this country being famous for its ability to compete at the highest level in sports such as basketball and ice hockey, these events are no rarity.

Despite the inconveniences mentioned above regarding the language and some dubious translation, Sectorbet has a rather friendly user interface. The website is easy to navigate even by amateurs and punters will surely appreciate the drop-down menus. They can be used with great success to find the event of interest among all the sports available, which unfortunately are not as numerous at some savvy punters might hope for.

The main deficiencies can be observed when looking for horse and greyhound racing competitions, as well as rugby and other less popular sports. Sectorbet is only scratching at the surface, with all the sports being available in the list, but when you dig a bit deeper, you quickly hit the bottom of this offer. The lack of genuine opportunities to bet on a daily basis and the fact that punters are supposed to either place ante-post wagers or wait for a long time for flagship competitions to start is troublesome.

Welcome bonuses and free bets at Sectorbet

Sectorbet runs occasional campaigns dedicated to local players and when they offer something for free, players will receive either free bets, or a few Rubles as free bets. Sadly there is no such incentive for new customers and regardless of your location, you shouldn’t expect to be rewarded for showing trust in their lineup of products. Absolutely nothing is offered to new players and it makes no difference if they deposit a lot of money or make the minimum acceptable investment.

It is not like Sectorbet already has so many customers that they couldn’t care less about attracting new players, but they simply don’t seem to realize the importance of incentives. Players are always on their own and need to find for themselves, with no reload bonuses either, so we shouldn’t expect them to go out of their way to recommend players. Referral bonuses might have addressed this issue, but in their absence, the bookmaker will have to rely on organic growth which can take a long time.

Other gambling options at Sectorbet

Sectorbet is one of the few gambling operators that stay true to their name, but for all the wrong reasons. To start with, they focus exclusively on the sports betting niche and they do a decent job without being impressive in any field. They would’ve had the chance to expand their customer base by tempting players with a nice assortment of casino games or poker.

There are plenty of software developers lending their experience and products to bookmakers who are ready to make the transition to a different form of gambling. They would’ve surely helped Sectorbet out, but for some odd reason, the latter didn’t ask upon their assistance and at the time of writing have no casino section. It is only fair to assume that even if one opens anytime soon, it will take a while for a live counterpart to open its doors and a comprehensive selection of games to be offered.

Poker is the second most popular game played over the Internet after sports betting, so it would’ve been nice to have at least this opportunity when opening an account with Sectorbet. An equally fast rising community is the one of bingo players, as more fans of the genre are making the transition to online gambling. They are not going to find a home here and will either have to keep playing their game of choice in brick-and-mortar parlors, or open accounts with other operators.

Pros and Cons for playing at Sectorbet

Sectorbet is a local bookmaker with local ambitions and it seems like all its energy and resources are channeled towards appealing to the Russian customers. They have an international version of the website, but it is a far cry from what other bookmakers offer in terms of both content and presentation.

There are no bonuses whatsoever to attract new customers and when punters lose their motivation they won’t have the alternative open online casino or poker room. Had Sectorbet been founded a few months ago, all these shortcomings would’ve been excusable, but they had plenty of time to grow and didn’t do anything concrete over four years.

Banking and customer support

Sectorbet has added the major credit cards and also allow customers to deposit money over the Internet with Skrill, for faster transfers. On the other hand, most of the transactions are performed using financial instruments appreciated by Russian customers such as cash, osmp, webmoney, woopay, mastercard, visa and bank. They can take anything between three and five banking days and the deposit limits consists of €10, while players can cash out €50 and above.

Sectorbet has the decency of not charging any fees for withdrawals and there are no additional commissions except for the ones charged by the banks and credit card companies. As previously mentioned, the website is available primarily in Russian but can be translated into Turkish, Chinese and English. Customer support is offered in two languages, with local customers enjoying the services of making Russian speakers, while international members will be able to ask for help in English.

They can use the international telephone number for this purpose or write an email on those occasions when they need a more ample response. Obviously, live chat is a universally convenient solution and one guaranteed to lead to the prompt solving of pressing matters. As for social media, Sectorbet only has an account on Facebook, with Twitter and Google + being still on the wish list, as many other things.


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