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Gambling in Israel – Israeli Gambling Sites and Laws

As a Middle Eastern country, Israel has a much-storied history that goes far back into the past. The region has been a part of many empires and its rich cultural tapestry has many influences.

The country’s main financial and technological center is Tel Aviv. Jerusalem is the “self-proclaimed” capital,  although most of the international community does not recognize Israel’s sovereignty over East Jerusalem.

The population here consists of about 8.5 million people and its citizens enjoy a high quality of life. Led by science and technology, energy, and tourism, this country has a strong economy and an excellent educational system.

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Israel’s online gambling sector in 2024

Online gambling in Israel, casinos in Israel, and much more fall into a tricky to decipher grey zone. Fortunately, we’re here to help. Officially, there is no such thing as an online casino in Israel. You can find Israeli New Shekels online casinos, but these tend to be offshore sites, even if they offer mobile online gambling in Israel. Are you permitted to engage in online gambling from Tel Aviv or anywhere else in the country, though?

Online gambling is illegal in Israel, but the government seems content to not interfere with these activities. Online gambling sites are not blocked, and players are not prosecuted. This makes Israeli online gamblers happy, and it also deeply pleases the betting sites that accept bets from Israeli online bettors.

It is worth noting that national lottery games and sports betting are largely permitted. Binary options, specific financial exotic options such as FROs (fixed return options) digital options all-or-nothing options and other stock bets aren’t tolerated, either, on account of past fraud. There is hope, though. If you want to get around the gambling laws, ignore the Supreme Court, and play prohibited games of chance, then you need to head to offshore casinos.

What you need to know about gambling in Israel

As mentioned, lotteries and sports betting are legal in Israel. There is also the scope for foreigners to bet at a couple of land-based casinos. However, the Israeli law on Israel online gambling is quite clear that, for the most part, everything else is illegal. It is, nonetheless, possible to win money.

Online casinos in Israel can be played, provided you head to an offshore site. The penal law doesn’t cover offshore sites, and since the Israeli authorities don’t prohibit gambling in Israel or punish you for doing so, it is possible to win real money at online casinos in this way. As mentioned, though, if you want to wager on sports, we can recommend heading to legal sports betting sites in Israel, as they are perfectly fine if they are operated and run by the state monopoly, ISBB.

Comparing land-based casinos vs. online ones

As touched on briefly, there are a few land-based casinos you can choose to bet at in Israel under specific conditions. So, what do you need to know about those? Let’s find out…

Israel has some confusing gambling laws. Sports betting is overseen by the Commission for Sports Gambling, while lotteries, which are in the domain of Mifal Hapayis, are legal and operated under a state monopoly.

Israeli gambling laws prohibit casino gambling, bingo, and poker, but there are now 4 newly opened casinos operating in the south-western border city of Eilat. These establishments were allowed to be built under special legislation to boost the sagging local economy and tourism.

Horse racing appears to be next on the agenda, but nothing is in place yet. The prohibition on gambling extends to online betting, but the authorities do not appear to penalize those who enter such activities.

This means that while there are no casinos (except in Eilat) or other brick and mortar betting establishments, Israelis are free to engage in these activities online even though it’s technically illegal, just as it is at New Zealand gambling sites.

Discover the best bonuses and Israeli gambling sites

All the types of casinos that Israelis can bet at are based offshore, and many of these sites have immense, tasty bonuses. Not all of them can be claimed in Israeli New Shekels, so you may need to switch over to another fiat (or cryptocurrency) option, such as US dollars, Bitcoins, euros, or others. However, if you want bonuses, they are there for the taking.

As usual, the biggest and most respected brands in the industry have a presence and they are handing out some terrific bonuses to Israeli internet bettors. 5 Dimes will start you off with $50 worth of betting bonuses and claiming $100 in bonuses is a snap at Casino Mate, and Intertops. It’s simply too easy to snap up the €100 bonuses that are waiting for you at OptiBet and Casino Floor and the €1,000 welcome bonuses at Red Kings.

Poker bonuses abound as well which is welcome news to Israeli poker players. Bet1128 and TonyBet will give you a big stack of chips with their €500 in bonuses. 32RedIntertops, and BetOnline deal you a great hand with €1,000 worth of extras while RedBet and Red Kings sweeten the pot with bonuses worth up to €2,500 for Israeli poker players.

Israeli casino bonuses aren’t just limited to welcome bonuses, either. Reload offers, casino free spins, special sports betting options, loyalty rewards, and monthly specials can all be found depending on where you choose to play. There are a lot more bonuses and incentives where these came from. Israeli online bettors will find the latest generous bonuses at

Israel’s online gambling industry explained

If you still don’t feel as though you have a good grasp of the situation surrounding online gambling in Israel, we are happy to paraphrase and summarise it all for you. Here is what you need to know before you sign up at gambling sites in Israel:

  • Legality: Israeli gambling laws declare that all forms of gambling, except for sports betting and lotteries, are forbidden, and even then, only when run by specific operators. However, the government does not penalize those who gamble online at offshore casinos. There were four casinos opened recently, and the government is still trying to figure out a regulatory framework for these. If you are wondering how old you have to be to bet online in Israel, the legal age to place a bet here is 18. If you do wish to bet at legal gambling sites online, we’d recommend heading to international casinos, as Israeli law doesn’t cover these.
  • Regulation: The sports betting sector and the lottery sector are both tightly regulated state monopolies, just like Morocco gambling sites. Except for the four state-run casinos in Eilat, no other legal gambling platforms are available, which means that no regulations are necessary. There were recently four casinos put into operation, which were allowed under special legislation. That legislation has not yet passed, so nobody knows the legal status of these venues. It seems to be an experiment where anything goes. A technicality, if you will, under Israeli law. As of now, online gambling in Israel remains officially banned, but the government turns a blind eye to both players and offshore
  • Gambling Taxes: Israelis who are lucky enough to win money when gambling must pay taxes on those winnings. The rate varies for winnings between ILS 50,000 and 100,000, and prizes above ILS 100,000 are subject to a 30% tax that is deducted at the source. This is true whether you win at legal betting sites in Israel, or the so-called offshore casinos, sports betting, or lottery sites. Either way, this is going to be costly.

Depositing and withdrawing at Israeli betting sites

The official currency of Israel is the Israeli New Shekel (ILS), and it is accepted throughout the country. Most betting sites that exclusively cater to the Israeli market will try and support the shekel. However, this isn’t always going to be possible. The good news is that Israelis seldom have trouble getting their hands on US green, and US dollars are the most accepted fiat currency in the online gambling world. On top of that, those who feel tech-savvy can wager with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin at many sites.

Those looking to do financial transactions with online gambling sites can generally use credit cards, prepaid cards, and e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill. You can find a top selection of Neteller bookmakers and betting sites, not to mention Skrill bookmakers and betting sites, on our page right here. Israeli online players are strongly urged to check with their preferred gambling site to see what methods are available before signing up.

The general rule is this: e-wallets and cryptocurrencies can be used to obtain your winning quicker than credit cards and bank transfers. Israel doesn’t limit the payment methods you can use, so you’ll have dozens of options. When depositing with ILS into a casino that doesn’t accept it, you may be subject to conversion fees. Finally, there should be no withdrawal fees at casinos that are designed to cater to players in Israel.

Frequently asked questions about gambling in Israel

Before you dive headfirst into betting at Israeli (offshore) casinos, be sure to take a quick look at this brief FAQ guide.

The four brick-and-mortar casinos that do exist are based in Eilat. No online Israeli betting sites and bookmakers are based in the country, save for sports sites run by ISBB and the national lottery betting sites. If the Israeli authorities get their act together, you could see more land-based venues appear across Israel.

Technically, no. However, here’s the good news – Israel doesn’t have any laws to govern offshore casinos and sportsbooks, and so can’t stop you from joining them.

None. Which Israel has consistently said that gambling (again, apart from official exemptions) is illegal, they do not punish anyone for engaging in gambling, whenever and wherever they choose to wager.

There is no official answer to this. In theory, you are allowed to bet between friends, and Israeli law makes for an allowance here. However, the law also states that betting between friends should be “for fun”. It doesn’t imply that stakes may be used but doesn’t specifically say they can’t, either.

Israel taxes its residents when they win gambling. It doesn’t matter whether it is online, offshore, casino, sports, lottery gambling or anything else. Scroll up to see what kinds of taxes we’re talking about here.

Join top Israel friendly betting sites today

Gambling in Israel is commonplace, and for the most part, and nationally acceptable pastime. However, not all sites accept players in Israel or the ILS currency. What countries are allowed at Betclic, for example? If you want to know whether you can play at a site or not, head over to our Israeli reviews and check out gambling sites by country today.

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