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Best Neosurf Bookmakers and Betting Sites

Of all the different types of bookies that you can find online, Neosurf betting sites are some of those which are becoming the most popular of late. Why? The biggest betting companies are making the jump to Neosurf, as this payment method is accepted in many parts of the world, offers top-notch security and a multi-platform service to punters.

What is Neosurf, though, and why should you visit Neosurf online bookmakers, or use the payment method to deposit and transfer funds over other, more widely known options? It is time to dive into Neosurf betting sites to learn a bit more.

Neosurf offers a different way to deposit

Have you ever asked, what is Neosurf? Well, we are here to answer that question. Neosurf is most famously known for being a prepaid voucher. Launched in 2004, this popular payment method allows you to purchase vouchers in various denominations ($20 up to $500), and then use those vouchers to deposit online. 

Available in over 30 different currencies and accepted in all EU countries such as France and Belgium gamblig sites, as well as Canada gambling sites, Australia and beyond, Neosurf is a popular payment method at new bookmakers in Europe and top, experienced Canada betting sites alike.

In recent years, Neosurf has expanded its operations to now include a prepaid MasterCard (NeoCash Card) as well an e-wallet type service (MyNeosurf). You can find many of these payment options at top Neosurf sports betting sites today.

Most of the top 100 bookmakers by currency accept this payment method. If you want to find the best bookmakers accepting Neosurf, and other top Neosurf betting sites, check out our list of recommendations:

Top Neosurf Bookmakers in 20 July 2024 – Updated List

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Main Advantages of using Neosurf at online betting sites

There are advantages to playing at Neosurf online betting sites and using the payment method online. Here are some of the more notable ones…

Security: Neosurf uses a voucher system. This, coupled with a 128-bit security system (encryption), means that you do not have to disclose any bank details, and have a fair degree of anonymity when depositing, too.

✅ Better budget control: By using vouchers, it is easy for you to manage your money. As you must purchase cash vouchers before depositing, you will be far more aware of your financial predicament, which will help you avoid overspending.

✅ Easy and effective: Neosurf is one of the safest, easy ways to pay. This payment method is sometimes (with vouchers) free to use at websites. Just make sure you read the essential terms and conditions of the MyNeosurf and NeoCash Card options before you use those, as these take a bit more effort on your part.

✅ Speedy deposit times: Neosurf provides super-fast transaction times. Using Neosurf at bookies as your chosen payment option will see you able to deposit instantly. Neosurf withdrawals (where they are permitted) are quick, too.

Get started with Neosurf vouchers today

You can use Neosurf vouchers at all sorts of gambling domains, same as for paysafecard vouchers – from French betting sites to Canadian casinos, British sportsbooks and beyond.

  • To deposit using classic Neosurf, you need to purchase a voucher. The Neosurf website has a store locator which will tell you where the nearest retail outlet is. Once you have your voucher, you can deposit at all betting sites that accept Neosurf deposits.
  • Alternatively, you can purchase Neosurf vouchers online. However, to do this, you will need to sign up for a Neosurf account – known as MyNeosurf.
  • Vouchers can be bought in denominations which range from $20 up to $500. These may vary between different currencies, but they are usually along the same lines.
  • You can even combine the funds on vouchers (using the MyNeosurf website) to make things easier.
  • Just make sure that you do not leave vouchers on the side idly, or you could end up being charged inactivity fees.

How to use Neosurf’s added services

Neosurf offers services which extend beyond vouchers. If you are gambling at Neosurf sportsbooks, you may wish to select one of these other options. They include:

NeoCash MasterCard

This is a prepaid MasterCard which is tied to the balance on your MyNeosurf account.
It can be used as an ordinary and basic credit or debit card, although you must have funds on your account to use it.


MyNeosurf is essentially a Neosurf e-wallet. You can upload funds using vouchers to your account, and then use those vouchers to deposit at bookmakers.
Having a MyNeosurf account also allows you to buy vouchers online.

Neosurf App

The Neosurf app allows you to make payments on the go in seconds. This is handy if you are away from your computer or want quick action.
However, the disadvantage is that the app is not widely available in many countries.

Depositing and withdrawing with at Neosurf betting sites

You can deposit at most top Neosurf betting sites. However, while depositing is a piece of cake, not all bookies permit cashouts with Neosurf, and some have strict bookmaker withdrawal limits in place. In this case, you need to take into consideration bookmakers that accept visa wihtdrawals or bookmakers with credit card withdrawals.

Depositing at Neosurf bookies only requires you to select the payment method and enter your voucher code (and the total amount you wish to deposit) to see the transaction land instantly in your account. 

When you can withdraw via Neosurf, you will receive a voucher which you can upload to your account. However, not all bookies permit this. If they do not, you may be able to withdraw to your NeoCash card, by using it as you would any typical credit or debit card.

Fees, Limits and Transaction Times

In most casinos, online bookmakers that accept Neosurf will not charge you fees for using this option. However, this does not mean that Neosurf is always free. Here are the fees, limits and transaction time details you need to know about.

Neosurf fees

👉 Neosurf deposits are free.

👉 However, if you deposit using a currency different from the voucher, you can face a 2% currency conversion fee, rising to 3% when Polish zloty is used.

👉 You can also be charged a $2 inactivity fee if your voucher was bought a year ago or hasn’t been used for six months.

👉 Finally, a 1.5% fee is in place if you wish to withdraw Neosurf funds to your bank account.

Neosurf limits

Neosurf limits vary depending on whether it is a NeoCash Card, MyNeosurf account or a voucher. Check the Neosurf webpage for more information about these. At online bookmakers, those limits often range from $20 up to $500 for both deposits and withdrawals. It is not usually a method chosen by players who prefer high stakes betting sites.

Transaction times

👉 Depositing into your Neosurf account takes seconds.

👉 Withdrawals to your bank can take a few days.

👉 While depositing via Neosurf at a bookmaker takes seconds, withdrawal times can vary from bookie to bookie. Moreover, some online betting sites do not permit Neosurf withdrawals at all.

Alternative payment methods for online betting sites

Neosurf shares many traits with Paysafecard, and both can often be used at betting sites that accept prepaid cards. At the same time, the NeoCash MasterCard works in the same way as any traditional credit or debit card.

As for MyNeosurf? This account works like typical e-wallets. Between these three Neosurf options, you should be able to play at all e-wallet bookmakers. If you need an alternative to Neosurf, then PayPal, Skrill, Paysafecard or Neteller are suitable bookmakers payment methods to go with.

The perks and pitfalls of using Neosurf online

There are pros to cons to all payment methods, and Neosurf is no different. Here are a few things you need to know…


  • Neosurf is found at many legal betting sites
  • It offers free, fast, and totally secure deposit options
  • Neosurf is easy to use and available for players in many countries


  • The limits tend to be low, making Neosurf unsuitable for players at high stakes betting sites.
  • Not all bookmakers and betting sites permit Neosurf withdrawals

FAQs: Your questions about Neosurf betting sites answered

Before you start betting, check out our brief FAQ guide to answer any lingering questions you may have…

Yes. Whether you play in Canada or Europe, play at the biggest bookmakers in the UK, or even as far afield as Australian betting sites; Neosurf has a worldwide presence and should be available almost everywhere.

Yes. Neosurf has been approved by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulation 2011 Act.

No. Not at this moment in time. However, that might change in the future as the US online betting market gradually becomes more open.

That depends on the betting site. Some bonuses are restricted if you deposit with Neosurf. However, some sites go the opposite way and have a special offer if you choose to deposit using Neosurf.

You can check your Neosurf voucher balances by entering the code into the Neosurf website, or by signing into your MyNeosurf account.

Play at top Neosurf betting sites today

That is about all we can teach you about Neosurf. All that remains now is for you to find popular Neosurf betting sites to play at, which you can choose from our list of promotions. Fortunately, you will not have to spend hours trying to compare bookmakers to find somewhere ideal to play. Just take a quick look at our full list of Neosurf betting sites to find a safe, regulated, licensed and secure place to deposit and bet with Neosurf today.