A prepaid card is like a debit card in that it has a fixed spending limit. Unlike debit cards, prepaid cards are not linked to a bank account. They are preloaded at a certain value. These cards can be used to make payments and land-based or internet businesses. If you, for example, purchase a $100 prepaid card then you could make up to $100 worth of payments.

It can be a single payment or multiple payments as long as the combined total doesn’t exceed $100. These cards come in many denominations and some cards even allow users to add funds to the prepaid card. Many bookmakers accept prepaid cards for deposits.


How and why should you use a Prepaid Card for Sports Betting?

One of the best things about using prepaid cards for betting is that deposits are almost always instantly credited to your betting account. These cards also provide a bit of privacy in that no sensitive personal or financial data needs to be sent over the internet. Users do not need a bank account or credit card and prepaid cards can be easily purchased at a variety of locations.

Making a sportsbook deposit is quite easy but you should know that some brands are more widely accepted than others. For instance, prepaid cards that bear the Visa or Mastercard logo are accepted at more places than most other brands. EntroPay is also quite popular.

If you have a bookmaker that accepts this form of payment then you simply log into your betting account and go to the “Banking” section. Click on “Deposit” and follow the instructions. You will need to provide a bit of information such as the deposit amount and any promo codes if they apply. Select your prepaid card when you are prompted to choose a payment method. You will need to enter the card number and CVV among other things. Once you have completed the process you should see that your betting account has been credited and you are ready to roll.

Making withdrawals using a prepaid card can be a little more difficult. In fact, many bookmakers do not allow this to be done which means prepaid card users may need to find an alternative withdrawals method. It should be said that EntroPay users are usually able to make withdrawals.

To make a prepaid card withdrawal you need to log into your betting site and go to the banking section. Enter the requested information and choose your prepaid card when prompted for a withdrawal method. When you have completed the process, you will need to wait anywhere from a few minutes to a few days depending on the selected provider and bookmaker.

Is it Safe to use Prepaid Cards for Sports Betting?

Using a prepaid card for betting is very safe. There is no need to send any sensitive personal or financial information over the internet and most of these cards use the same security features as major credit cards. Just remember to keep the details private and never perform a financial transaction over an unsecured internet connection.

Are there any Prepaid Card Fees for Deposits and Withdrawals at Sportsbooks?

There are several different types of prepaid cards and each one has different fees attached to them. Transaction fees, activation fees, and monthly maintenance fees are just a few. Most prepaid card bookmakers will not charge you for these types of deposits but your prepaid card provider may. The same can be said about sportsbook withdrawals done this way.

Be sure to check with your card provider to see what fees apply to your deposits.

What are the Best Betting Sites that Accept Prepaid Cards?

You need to keep in mind that there are many different kinds of such cards. Generally speaking, most sportsbooks accept prepaid cards but which cards are accepted varies. Visa and Mastercard brands are most widely accepted while EntroPay, which is a virtual card, is also accepted at many bookmakers.

Unibet  and Marathon Bet are among the top prepaid card sportsbooks while Expekt, Bwin, and Vernons are also very respected sportsbooks that accept deposits made this way. Check Gamblingjudge.com’s bookmaker database to find out which betting sites accept prepaid cards.

Are Prepaid Cards Good for Bonuses? What are the Best Prepaid Card Bonuses?

There are plenty of prepaid card betting bonuses available. If you deposit in this manner at Bet Victor or Titan Bet you can claim up to €25 in betting bonuses. Up to €100 in bonuses can be yours at William Hill and over £200 bonuses are still available at some bookies.

Make sure to go to Gamblingjudge.com to find the latest prepaid card bonuses.

Are Some Countries Banned from Using Prepaid Cards?

Unfortunately, several countries prohibit the use of such cards. In fact, there are at least 35 countries that don’t allow prepaid cards to be used. All attempted such transactions in these countries will be declined.

Can Prepaid Cards be used in the UK?

Prepaid cards can be used in the UK and several betting sites allow such payments from UK punters.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Prepaid Cards for Betting?

Betting with prepaid cards is fast and easy. Deposits are usually instant and there is no need to send private information over the internet. You do not need a credit card or bank account to use this payment method and the cards can be purchased at a large variety of places.

One of the drawbacks is that very few cards can be used to make withdrawals and the list of countries in which prepaid card use is banned is quite extensive. Nobody likes to pay fees and most users face their share although they are relatively small and are easily offset by the sheer convenience.


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