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Top Prepaid Cards Bookmakers and Betting Sites

Prepaid cards are one of the best options for making a deposit at a sportsbook. A prepaid card is like a debit card in that it has a fixed spending limit, and as can be guessed, prepaid cards for gambling are available too. In fact, you can even use a sports betting gift card – yes, they exist too and also a virtual betting guide.

Unlike debit cards, prepaid cards for gambling are not linked to a bank account. Think of them like bookmaker gift vouchers: They are preloaded at a certain value.

Betting sites that accept prepaid cards maintain anonymity, speed and security which are the main factors making it worthy. Betting gift card UK are a perfect method of payment as they run on a certain amount of funds away from your bank account which would make it difficult to be traced back to the source account thus securing a transaction.

Revolut bookmakers are also gaining popularity in the UK along with Kluwp Betting sitesWebmoney bookmakers also offer Webmoney cards for easy transactions.

When you purchase betting shop gift cards, you are actually purchasing a “balance”: Check the front of the bookies gift vouchers and you will see a number – that number shows how much money is stored in that card/voucher.

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Betting Gift Vouchers

Bookmaker gift vouchers allow punters to deposit funds in online sportsbooks. These vouchers come with a unique number which has to be entered in order to avail special offers on the betting platform. It is an alternative to cash purchases. Purplepay bookmakers offer a one-time voucher via a Visa card where no pre-registration is needed. Neosurf betting sites also offer vouchers for their punters.

Regular Visa Card Vs Prepaid Visa Gift Card

There are certain differences when a comparison is made between Regular visa cards and Prepaid Visa Gift cards.

  • Fees Structure : Best legal betting sites might charge a certain amount for Depositing with a Visa card or other Credit cards. However, these fees are irrespective of a card being a prepaid one or a traditional card registered under the punter’s name. The main difference lies in the pricing factor. A Visa Prepaid Card costs a few dollars for purchasing.
  • Safety and Security : Prepaid Visa gift cards offer much more protection than Regular Mastercard bookmakers and betting sites . One does not have to enter his personal information while purchasing Gift cards for sports betting and automatically avoids a credit check. They are also less vulnerable to hacking since funds need to be loaded first and then used. Thus, Visa Prepaid cards are much more secure in terms of utility. Paysafecard Bookmakers are also a safe payment option for punters.
  • Convenience Factor : Regular Visa Cards are a tad bit more convenient than betting gift cards since people have had easy access to them for years. However, prepaid Visa Cards are benefiting punters majorly which makes it a must-have.
  • Limits: Regular Visa cards offer better limits. Certain Prepaid Gift cards have a maximum amount that can be loaded into the card which can be quite low and inconvenient. Regular Visa Cards offer much higher transaction limits which is a great factor.
  • Time Of Transfers: Transaction speed is the same. In both cases, if the deposit is accepted, the credit is instant in nature. However, in the case of a Regular Visa card, banks are more responsive in nature. For Betting gift cards, issues might arise since regular cards offer the chance of calling the bank to verify charges and sorting out queries.

Types Of Prepaid Cards

Many punters have the notion that only a single type of prepaid card exists which is not the case. There are plenty of bookmakers’ payment methods that are popular. Prepaid cards come in a variety of options where some involve a fee, some are reloadable and some aren’t. The main types of Prepaid cards include :

Prepaid Gift Cards: Prepaid gift cards come in a physical form and cannot be distinguished from a credit or debit card. Betting sites that accept prepaid cards too have a set of values , expiration date and limits. Huge number of companies are offering this option through online and brick and mortar Casinos. Gift cards can be used on selective platforms and can be purchased anywhere. If the card is under Visa or MasterCard, it can be used wherever cards of these companies are accepted. Usually, prepaid gift cards cannot be reloaded and expire after a while. They might also expire if the entire balance is used up. After 6-12 months of usage, a fee is applicable. This card is different from a regular card since it offers some kind of discount on certain bookies. Make sure to purchase one that can be used up under bookmakers of your choice. 

Reloadable Prepaid Cards: This type of betting gift cards are usually preferred by a regular punter who is consistent on deposits. This would ensure that the same card can be reused instead of getting a new one every time a punter wishes to deposit funds in his casino account . Reloading the card can be done in multiple ways depending on the issuer. Vanilla Visa bookmakers and betting sites are a non reloadable option. At times, one has to visit the store from where the card was bought in order to fund it. Otherwise, one can directly transfer funds from a bank account into the prepaid card. These cards come for free for a limited amount of time after which monthly fees are applicable which are not too high. Not every reloadable card comes with dees but none can be completely free.

Virtual Prepaid Card: Plenty of authorized vendors offer these cards. These are not physical cards which ensures a higher level of security which cannot be lost or stolen. These were specifically created for online payments which makes it easier to access online Sportsbooks. One has to create an online account with an online banking company offering this option. At times, one has to input a fair amount of personal details for authentication which takes a while. However, these cards are a great option at online Casinos as they come with low fees and higher transaction limits. EcoPayz betting sites are also available where one can use this in-house account for making deposits.

Voucher Prepaid Card: Voucher card comes on a slip of paper and the punter gets a receipt containing all the information needed for making a payment. This form of prepaid card is highly anonymous and not linked to any personal data. Some companies allow transfer of funds from an old prepaid card to a new one allowing control of finances.

Pros And Cons


  • Instant Deposits: Prepaid cards instantly fund a gambling account and one does not have to wait for hours for funds to arrive. These cards are ideal for making gambling deposits instantly at platforms in absence of a debit or credit card where one might have trouble using them due to bad credit.
  • Deposit Bonuses: Online bookmakers and sites offer special bonuses for prepaid cards. For punters who have already exhausted bonuses and free bets, prepaid card bonuses help in earning more free money.
  • Money Management : One does not have to worry about paying gambling deposits back like in the case of credit cards. Overdraft fees can be avoided when one exceeds his account funds with a debit card. Prepaid cards only lets a punter spend the amount loaded in the card which is a comforting aspect for balancing his expenses and funds.
  • Accepted At Plenty Gambling Sites : Not all bookmakers and casinos accept prepaid cards. However, a majority do offer this deposit option. Many prepaid cards are branded under Visa or MasterCard. Thus, gambling platforms consider these as trustworthy banking methods.
  • Security Level: Prepaid cards offer one of the most secure methods of banking in all of online gambling. Misplacing a prepaid card would only result in losing the money and not disclose any personal data of a person. However, accessing the money would also require the card’s PIN number.
  • Anonymity Factor: Prepaid Card issuers do not store any personal data. One can gamble online using a prepaid card without giving out his name, mobile number, email id etc. It offers anonymity unlike credit and debit cards which require personal details to the issuing bank.
  • Easy Usage : After loading money in a Prepaid card, one does not have trouble using it to fund his gambling account. It is an easy process where one has to just enter the card PIN and desired funding amount for completion of a deposit.
  • No Deposits Are Rejected: Prepaid betting cards do not scrutinise the nature of the transactions and are not concerned about a deposit made at an online sportsbook. This eliminates a concern that exists with a debit or credit card since the issuing bank might reject such deposits. There are many other forms of payments accepted at sportsbooks among which Royalpay bookmakers exist too.


  • Inconvenience In Loading : One might find loading a prepaid card again and again inconvenient. Some issues would require you to get a new card whenever a deposit has to be made. Debit cards like maestro bookmakers and betting sites and credit cards are advantageous in this aspect since one can either use credit or funds from the bank account to make gambling deposits.
  • Fees: Many prepaid cards ask for extra fees while making a deposit. Issuers offer deals where one does not have to pay withdrawal fees during the first month of usage but the fees do kick in later. Thus, going through the terms and conditions on the prepaid card is important.
  • No Refunds: For stolen cards, the issuing company does not offer refunds. Credit and debit card issuers arrange for a method to receive the stolen funds back.
  • Low Deposit Range: Prepaid cards often have low maximum deposit limits unlike bank wires. Best e-wallet bookmakers are now offering a much higher transaction limit for its punters. Payvision bookmakers have also expanded their range.


The non reloadable Prepaid Gift Card usually has a maximum loading amount which is usually up to $15,000 on Visa cards. For a reloadable payment card, one can continue to add balance to his account if the current balance replenishes.

Prepaid Gift Cards are eligible for Cash Back from a merchant. However, it differs from one merchant to another in terms of what they offer.

With most Prepaid Gift Cards, one has to bear some fees for using it. The amount varies depending on the card type and usage. Figuring out how to use the card and comparing the fees on multiple cards is important before coming to a conclusion.

Yes, multiple translations can be made using one prepaid card. However, due to the maximum limit range, one has to load the card again and again for the same.

Transfer limits differ from one card to another. The limits are usually moderate to low in nature and are not ideal for making large transactions.


Prepaid cards for gambling come in many denominations, even in the Philippine gambling industry and some bookmaker gift vouchers even allow users to add funds to the prepaid card. Many bookmakers accept prepaid cards for deposits. Unfortunately, bookmakers’ gift vouchers and casino prepaid cards can only be used for making a deposit: You cannot withdraw money from them.