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Bank Transfer Bookmakers and Betting Sites

Simply put, bank wires, also known as bank transfers, are a way of electronically sending money directly from your bank account to a recipient. It is one of the easiest ways to make online financial betting transactions, although they are generally not the fastest method. While credit/debit card, SporoPay, eWallet, and prepaid card sportsbook deposits are usually instant, bank wires and transfer deposits can sometimes take anywhere from 2-10 days to process. Although many are instant, it really depends on the bank and the bookmaker. That means; punters on betting sites that accept bank transfers might not immediately start placing bets. So, it’s advisable to check with your bookmaker to find out the transaction processing times. Keep in mind; for sports bettors, many international betting sites accept bank transfers. In this writeup, you can pick such a betting site from the list of bank transfer bookmakers and betting sites.

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History of bank transfer bookmakers and betting sites

Bank transfers have been in use for close to 150 years. The first payments were via telegram in America. Thereafter, banks started offering money transfer services. The advent of computers transformed the process into purely an electronic transfer process. The internet revolutionized the entire process, thanks to the invention of online banking. Bookies realized the safety, ease of use, and higher limits of transfers that wire transfers offer and incorporated this payment method. Beyond that, wire transfers were an established money transfer method – so, it was natural that bookies would use it. 

Wire transfer is ideal for moving large sums of money meaning it isn’t the best method for low deposit betting. However, initially, almost all sportsbooks accepted wire transfers – primarily for regular, high-value customers. Online banking or mobile betting sites apps (like iPhone betting) made it much easier for bettors to transfer funds. However, to make it much quicker, the Faster Payment Service (FPS) was launched in 2008. This is a system that allows an immediate bank transfer from one account to another. While the online world made transfer easier, most bank transfer betting sites face this method and opt for faster, low-cost methods.  

Bank transfer bookmakers and betting sites laws and regulations

Remember, a bank can refuse to transfer funds on various grounds. For instance, while transferring money, you may be required to give an account number, payment reference, and at times the name and address of the bank or destination of the funds. Failure to provide this, your transaction will be denied – it’s clear, betting terms. Also, legal betting sites. It is essential to see full terms before making transactions.

Banks do not always do automatic reversals. The rules do not guarantee that you’ll receive your money when you make incorrect payments. So, when wiring money to bookmakers that accept bank transfers, such as Propawin, ensure that your details are correct. Domestic transfers take up to a day, unlike eWallets, which are instant. By contrast, international transfers take up to 7 days. Good news; you can create an account on international bookies and use this payment mode. But remember, for effective betting, full t cs apply. Also, significant fees apply to almost all bank wire deposits. These fees aren’t levied by the sportsbooks but by the banks.

These charges vary depending on your bank and deposit amount, but you are prepared to shell out around $25 to make a bank wire deposit. International transactions can be even costlier. Some bookmakers allow a certain number of free withdrawals but charge fees for anything beyond the allowed freebies. Bank wire withdrawals will most likely be subject to bank fees, depending on the bank and the amount withdrawn. Check with your bank and sportsbook to find out exactly what fees you will incur on deposits and withdrawals if you use a bank wire.

How bank transfer bookmakers and betting sites work

Using a bank transfer is easy. Typically you need to have all your details and a bank account with enough money to cover the amount you wish to deposit. However, you must have an online banking account – so, ensure that you register for online banking with your local bank. By now, you know that a bank transfer means moving funds directly with your local bank, and you’ll be using card readers, security pins, etc. Unlike card bookmakers whose transactions are blocked by the bank as ‘unusual activity, on a bank transfer sportsbook, all transactions go through flawlessly because you are authorizing the payment. 

When you make one transfer to the sports betting sites, the system should remember the merchant – so your net deposit might not require additional pins, card readers, etc. Deposits are always instant, making it the best option for fast or instant playing bookmakers. However, most bookies require that you use bank transfers when making large deposits. Similarly, depending on the maximum payout of bookmakers, most sportsbooks ask you to withdraw using this payment method because it’s the most secure method for large sums of money. Also, the transaction fee is the lowest for operators. Nevertheless, check that you do not have direct debits due to come out –  going overdrawn can lead to additional bank charges. 

How to use bank transfer bookmakers and betting sites?

As earlier stipulated, the two most important things are having a bank account with enough money and having a betting account on online gambling sites that accept bank transfersThere are two types of transactions -depositing money and withdrawing money. Let’s look at each one of them. 

Depositing money 

All deposits are instant, and the process is easy and takes just minutes to complete. Here are the steps:

Step 1
Log in to your online bookmaker and click on the "Deposit" option
Step 2
Pick a payment method – in this case, choose "Bank Wire" or "Bank Transfer" as the payment method.
Step 3
Enter your banking details – this is mostly for first-time deposits.
Step 4
Navigate to your banking app and enter these banking details to ensure that you use the reference number displayed on the sportsbook.
Step 5
Enter the amount you wish to transfer and make the online bank transfer to your sports betting account.

The system will automatically remember your details for consequent deposits and will avail them once you start the process. The banking details displayed include the bookmaker’s Name, Beneficiary Bank Address, beneficiary bank name, beneficiary account, bank account number, and Sort Code, alongside your online bookmaker account number. Note that the bookie will redirect you to the bank’s website – here, you are needed to verify the transaction before returning you to the bookies. Note the above details before logging into your internet banking app if you don’t get automatic redirects.

Create new payments using these details from bookmakers and betting sites with bank transfer payment methods. When will the funds be available? It depends on your bank and the bookie you’re betting with. In most cases, the money transfers to your betting account are always the instance; however, it might take up to 2 working days. Bookies always indicate the processing times, so check with your sportsbook to find out the processing times.

Withdrawing from your sports betting account 

Wire transfers are not a prevalent payment mode because they take a bit longer than other methods. That’s why punters may opt for additional payment methods such as eWallets; hence eWallet bookmakers and betting sites. However, the sites offering Bank Wire withdrawing options aim to process the payments faster. The procedure for requesting to withdraw your winnings is pretty straightforward. 

Step 1
Log into your online sports betting account and access the 'My Account section.
Step 2
Select the withdrawal method, i.e., bank transfer, and enter the amount you want to withdraw.
Step 3
Enter the bank details, including the full names of the bank and your personal information, i.e., account holder's name details, your bank account number, plus your Sort Code.
Step 4
Enter the amount you want to withdraw and confirm the transaction

Be sure to keep a printout of the transaction for your records. These withdrawals can take anywhere from a few minutes up to 10 days to complete, so you will likely have to wait a while before the funds are available to you. Please note that you may also need an ABA or SWIFT code.

What are the best betting sites that accept Bank Wire/Bank Transfers?

Because bank wires are popular, especially among bigger players, most of the world’s leading sportsbooks accept this payment method. Pinnacle gladly accepts bank transfers. SportingbetBetVictor, and Bwin are also some industry leaders who take this method, as do Paddy Power and Stan James. Refer to the bookmaker database at to quickly find a recommended bank wire accepting sportsbook. Don’t forget to collect a great bonus while you’re at it.

How to choose the best bank transfer bookmakers and betting sites?

Undoubtedly, there are lots of bank transfer betting sites. This section will show you how to locate the best bank transfer betting sportsbook based on specific criteria.  Ideally, consider the below features:

Transaction limit

It’s true; wire transfer is a method recommended when moving large sums of cash. That’s why bookies that don’t limit transactions often use this method. So, if you are a high roller, always select a betting site that advocates for this payment mode.

Free Bets

Free bets are one of the ways that bookmakers use to entice punters and encourage loyalty. Customers on bookies receive these free bets as either money-back specials or as offers to new customers. If you receive 1-2 free bets from Ladbrokes, they are credited within 24 hours and are valid for 7 days; so you must use them within 7 days. But for you to get this promotion, you must accurately predict full-time scores of three random football matches that a betting site selects. Free bets come in various ways, and some sports betting sites offer the best versions of these promotions. So be on the lookout and read our article about other sports betting benefits.

Live to bet and live streaming

Also called in-play betting, this form of gambling allows you to place wagers after the game has already started. Live streaming betting sites let you watch the game as it proceeds. You can use the available live betting bonuses and stats to place wagers to your advantage. 

Sports market

Beyond looking at your favorite sport, look at other betting sites and arbitrage friendly bookmakers with bank transfer payment options. An admirable betting site is one offering a wide range of sports. Typical sports include football, tennis, golf, Basketball, esports, (read Esports betting USA for more information) etc. 

Competitive Odds and Payout rates 

The odds determine your payout amount in case your wager is successful. Besides, you can use the odds to determine the probability of the outcome. Continuously settle on an online sports betting website that offers competitive odds. Besides, check the odds format; it is better to use the odds format with which you are well versed. Standard formats are decimal, fractional, and Moneyline odds format. 

Payment security

Bank transfers are some of the most secure payment options. However, check if the site has payment security certificates. Besides, all transactions must be encrypted for security. This is particularly important if the betting site supports other trusted payment options like Skrill, PayPal Trustly, Visa, or even MasterCard

Note; PurplePay, Skrill, and PayPal bookmakers and betting sites are secure betting platforms thanks to the providers’ security checks.

Bank transfer bookmakers and betting sites safe and security

Bank transfers are safe and secure, assuming that you take specific common-sense steps to protect yourself, such as keeping your information private and not using open internet connections to perform transactions. Any reputable bank or online bookie will have a secure website. Every punter should research the security of a bookmaker, nevertheless. This way, they can bet with confidence. Naturally, punters like a site with many payment options – it’s OK; however, embracing the latest online security measures is very important

To increase security, you can use Trusted betting sites with your online bank transfer. Trusted betting sites are among the safest internet betting domains you can choose to go with. This can be verified by looking at the URL in the address bar. Secure site addresses will begin with HTTPS:// instead of HTTP://. Also, banks and trusted bookies will use the latest security technology such as Secure Socket Layer, data encryption, and the latest firewalls to protect your information. Still, it is not a recommended payment method to use at Russian betting sites, as the government confiscates any transactions related to gambling.

How do Bank Transfers compare to other alternatives?

Bank transfers are safe to both send and receive money, and if you want to trace your money, you can use a tracking ID. The most significant advantage perhaps is the ability to transfer vast sums of money without hindrances. That makes wire transfers a secure and comfortable way of sending and receiving cash. A bank transfer comes with risks, too – scammers (check betting scams) may attempt to ‘sell’ you certain products, and if these products don’t have a money-back guarantee, you may end up losing money. While you can reverse other money transfer methods, it’s impossible to reverse a bank transfer once affected. That makes it very risky. Besides, the transaction fees are choking. For the methods mentioned below, you can cancel a transfer or ask for a refund. 

So, what are wire transfer alternatives?

PayPal: this is a popular digital wallet. It is safe, convenient, and is widely accepted by a large number of online stores. You can trace your money, too, via a tracking ID, and it supports numerous currencies including the Swiss Franc(CHF). For more information read our PayPal betting sites UK article.

Skrill: this is a fast money transfer multi-currency account. You can use your Skrill account to send money to friends and family, as a Prepaid debit Mastercard, standard for eurozone countries, as a payment gateway, forex trading, and online betting. No wonder there is a plethora of Skrill bookmakers and betting sites. Like wire transfer, it is safe. 

PurplePay: the creation of multiple PurplePay bookmakers and betting sites shows that purple pay is also a reliable payment method. It’s a safe and secure method, but this payment mode is instant – both deposits and withdrawals, unlike wire transfers. 

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of using Bank Wires/Bank Transfers?


So many internet bookies accept this form of payment, meaning that punters have a wide selection of bookies. Besides, they are easy to process and are safe and secure. If you have a large amount to deposit into your sports betting account and want to place large bets including dime bets, this is the method for you.

Nevertheless, it comes with hefty transaction fees imposed by banks, whereas most alternative modes of payment do have such huge fees. An excellent alternative to bank transfers would be Rapid Transfer by Skrill. At Rapid Transfer betting sites, this payment option uses your bank account to complete the transfer but uses its network, so it is faster.


  • Secure
  • Extremely higher limits
  • Available worldwide
  • A quick way to transfer money
  • Ease of use


  • Higher processing fee
  • Unable to return/cancel transaction
  • Easy to be fooled by scammers

Bank transfer bookmakers and betting sites FAQ

Bank wires are eligible for valuable bonuses at most bank wire accepting sportsbooks. Depositing with bank wires can get you up to £30 in bonuses at Betfred, while William Hill will give you up to €100 when you deposit using a bank wire.

Generally speaking, most countries allow bank transfers but not all banks allow transfers to all countries. Individual countries have their banking laws and some limit which countries can send and receive bank wires. You need to check with your bank to find out what countries you can send or receive bank transfers from.

Because bank wires are popular, especially among bigger players, most of the world's leading sportsbooks accept this payment method. Pinnacle gladly accepts bank transfers. Sportingbet, BetVictor, and Bwin are also some industry leaders who accept this method, as do Paddy Power and Stan James.

Bank wires can be used in the UK, and a lot of the best UK-based online bookmakers accept bank wires as a payment method for both deposits and withdrawals. Find out which recommended sportsbooks accept bank wires by referring to the sortable sportsbook database at

Yes, a bank transfer is just one of the many ways of funding your bookie's accounts, and most esport betting sites accept this mode of payment. It's a popular method considering it was invented in 1875; so, all banks and esports online sports betting sites support this type of payment mode.

The amount to deposit in a bookie account varies from a bookie to another. Some betting sites do not impose a deposit limit, making it a better option for punters who bet huge sums of money. However, there is always a ceiling, which may not be mentioned. Other bookies might have a specified limit.

Deposits may be instantly deposited into your books account. However, in some bookies, it might take up to 2 working days. Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of bank transfers is that withdrawals take a longer time to be processed.

Bank Transfer Bookmakers and Betting Sites: Verdict

Bank transfer betting sites aren’t fast or instant playing bookmakers. While deposits may reflect immediately, your withdrawal will take quite a while.  So if you are in a hurry to place bets or get your winnings, you better look for another payment method.

Other than that, these are one of the most secure betting sites. Since bank transfer has been a method of choice for over a century, it’s popular – anyone anywhere can use it easily. If you want to register on bank transfer betting sites, check the curated list of bank transfer bookmakers and betting sites in this writeup.