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Vanilla VISA Gift Card Online Gambling – Best Vanilla VISA bookmakers and betting sites

If you are a US gambler and cannot use ewallet bookmakers or bank transfer bookmakers due to legal reasons, vanilla VISA bookmakers may be the solution you are looking for.

They accept VISA gift cards, work exactly like debit card bookmakers, and offer several advantages.

In fact, for all practical purposes, gift cards are not different than prepaid or credit cards: You can get the same ease of use and practicality with them.

There are not many guides on the internet about vanilla VISA bookmakers and betting sites but not anymore.

In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know about using a vanilla VISA gift card for online betting.

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What is prepaid vanilla VISA gift card betting?

You all know how prepaid cards bookmakers work: You can purchase them even at stores, load funds in them, and use them for all kinds of online purchases, including online gambling. This is simply called vanilla VISA prepaid card betting and it has several advantages.

VISA gift card betting is very similar to this: You can also purchase these cards from the stores and use them for online purchases. On the other hand, they are a little different: They are still prepaid cards, but they can be used only in the United States and you cannot reload them.

However, vanilla VISA betting sites still accept them and they have their uses, as we will explain below.

Sportsbetting.Ag Welcome Bonus: 50% up to $1000
Sportsbetting.Ag Welcome Bonus: 50% up to $1000

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Things to know before using Vanilla VISA gift card for online betting


  • VISA gift cards are available only in the United States and in Canada, up to an extent. Some forms of it are available in Europe too, but these are not regular VISA gift cards: They are offered through local banks and work differently. As a general rule, you need to use the card in the country where you purchased it. So if you purchased the card in the USA, you need to use it in the USA: It won’t work in other countries.
  • This means the merchant must be located in the USA too. In other words, vanilla VISA bookmakers and betting sites must also be merchants in this country. Since gambling is illegal in the USA, it is quite hard to find a merchant that fits this description. Don’t worry though: We already found them for you.
  • VISA gift cards are “non-reloadable” cards. In this regard, they are different than using a prepaid VISA for online betting. A prepaid card can be reloaded with funds, but this is not possible for gift cards. Once you use their balance, they become useless. If you want to use the same card over and over, you should use prepaid VISA for online gambling. Gift cards are prepaid cards too, but they can be used only once.

Best vanilla VISA bookmakers and betting sites

So, what are the best vanilla VISA bookmakers and betting sites? We picked three websites for you: These vanilla VISA sportsbooks are your best options to gamble with a gift card.

  • Bovada: Using a vanilla VISA gift card for Bovada sports betting is easy and practical: This merchant is located in the USA so it accepts all kinds of gift cards too. It is also one of the best Bitcoin bookmakers you can find.
  • Sportsbetting.Ag: Another USA-based bookmaker that accepts gift cards. You should use it especially for NBA bets: It offers the most competitive odds in the market and it is one of the best NBA betting sites.
  • MyBookie.Ag: We recommend using this site for NHL bets: You can place a bet even for the local leagues with good odds. You may also want to check our NHL betting system.

How to make a deposit at sportsbooks that accept VISA gift cards

Making a deposit at vanilla VISA bookmakers is the same as making a deposit at online gambling sites that take prepaid VISA, or betting sites that accept prepaid cards in general. There are only two things you need to be aware of. Follow the steps below to complete a deposit:

Step 1
First, get your VISA gift card: We explain how below. Make sure that your card does not say ELECTRONIC USE ONLY. This means it can only be used physically (through a POS machine)
Step 2
Find your bookmaker from the list we shared in this guide and become a member. Make sure that is not one of the EURO bookmakers: VISA gift cards are available in USD only
Step 3
Visit the website of that bookmaker and become a member. Log in with your credentials and open your profile page
Step 4
Click “Deposit”. Pick “VISA gift card” from the list of available payment methods
Step 5
Enter your gift card info (number, CVV, etc.) and enter the amount you want to deposit
Step 6
Click “Submit”. The deposit will be completed instantly

Regular VISA vs vanilla VISA bookmakers: What is the difference?

To be honest, there is no actual difference that affects the end-user, aka you. Vanilla VISA bookmakers work exactly like VISA bookmakers, MasterCard bookmakers, and Maestro bookmakers. In other words, like all other credit card bookmakers (including Revolut bookmakers and betting sites):

You have a card, it has numbers on it, you enter those numbers to complete a deposit – that’s all. There are only two significant differences between vanilla VISA betting sites and regular VISA betting sites:

  • VISA gift cards can only be used in the United States (or online merchants in the United States). Credit cards, on the other hand, can be used worldwide, as you know.
  • You cannot use VISA gift cards for withdrawals. Credit cards, however, can be used for this purpose.

Using vanilla VISA gift card for online betting is a suitable option for US players who cannot use their regular credit cards and/or bank accounts for online gambling due to local laws. In this regard, they offer a limited but important service.

Benefits of vanilla VISA gift card sports betting


  • You can control your bankroll easily. Gift cards offer you a fixed bankroll and you cannot refill it: This gives you more control over your budget, especially if you are an impulse buyer. Credit cards, bank transfers, and even e-wallet services (Webmoney bookmakers, Skrill bookmakers, Neteller bookmakers, PayPal bookmakers, etc.) cannot offer you this advantage. Gift cards are the best method for those who cannot control themselves when it comes to spending.
  • They are very easy to use. Paysafecard bookmakers will ask you to purchase a voucher and use a code. Instadebit bookmakers require having a bank account. Cheque bookmakers are rare and it is almost impossible to make an instant deposit on them. Vanilla VISA bookmakers, on the other hand, offer the same practicality you get with credit cards: Enter the number, complete the transaction instantly.
  • You can still use the leftovers. VISA gift cards can be used more than once if they still have a balance. If your card has 100 USD and you make a deposit for 50 USD; you still have 50 USD in the card: You can use it again.
  • You can still take advantage of bonuses. Dollar betting sites offer several bonuses for making a deposit and using a vanilla VISA gift card for online betting is another way of getting those bonuses.
  • You can make very low deposits. You are only limited to the minimum deposit limit of the vanilla VISA betting sites. Your gift card has no minimum limits: You can even transfer a single cent if the bookmaker allows it. In other words, they are one of the best options for no minimum deposit betting.

Getting a gift card to use at vanilla VISA bookmakers

There are two ways to get a VISA gift card: You can get one from a bank or at a retail store. Commerce Bank in the USA and Scotiabank in Canada sells them. You don’t need a bank account: Anyone can purchase a gift card from these banks.

You can also buy them from a retail store or online. In the USA, you can use the official VanillaGift website. In Canada, you can buy them from Canada Post and Blackhawk Network.

Pros and cons of Vanilla VISA betting sites


  • Fast and secure deposits
  • Gives you more control over your bankroll
  • As easy as using a credit card
  • Perfect for depositing low amounts – no fees


  • No withdrawals
  • Can be used only in the USA

Frequently Asked Questions about Vanilla VISA bookmakers and betting sites:

Sure you can. VISA gift cards can be used at all online merchants that accept prepaid VISA cards. However, remember the country limitations we mentioned above.

The transaction itself is made using the VISA network, so it is as safe as using a credit card. You can also replace your gift card if it is lost or stolen.

No. Gift cards are for making deposits only. They are not “accounts” so you cannot use them for withdrawals.

No. Gift cards can only be used at physical or online merchants.

No. All deposits made with gift cards are free of charge.

No. Once you use all the balance, you can discard the card: It will become useless.

Purchasing the card takes a couple of seconds and transactions are instant. If the card needs to be activated (some do) you also need to call a number, which does not take anymore than 5 minutes.

We can find the best bookmakers that accept vanilla VISA for you

Vanilla VISA bookmakers can be the best option for US gamblers: Make sure to try it. Take a look at our list of vanilla VISA bookmakers and betting sites, pick one, and start playing – it is that easy.

Remember that you can list our bookmakers by payment methods too, so we can offer you lots of alternatives such as RoyalPay bookmakers and Purplepay bookmakers. In any case, we are sure that you will like vanilla VISA sportsbooks and this alternative payment method. Good luck out there!