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Best Betting Sites with Rapid Transfer Instant Payments

If you want to use your bank account to make online gambling payments but cannot do that directly, Rapid Transfer bookmakers will offer this option to you. You can find this payment option at all Skrill betting sites, as it is owned and operated by the Paysafe Group. Rapid Transfer betting sites allow you to make instant deposits with your bank account and offer several other advantages.

We will talk about these advantages in detail below and also give you a list of legal betting sites that support payments with this method. After reading our guide, you will learn everything you need to know about online betting sites that are accepting Rapid Transfer transactions.

Best Rapid Transfer Betting Sites in 22 July 2024 – Updated List

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An overview of Rapid Transfer betting sites

If we create a list of bookmakers’ payment methods, bank transfer betting sites will be in the top 3.

  • However, using bank transfers for online betting is not an easy job: First of all, there are lots of fees, especially if you are making an international transfer.
  • Second of all, it takes time: Bank transfers are not instant and can take several days to complete.
  • And, most importantly, you cannot use them for gambling-related payments at all, if you live in a country where gambling is considered illegal.

To find the best rapid transfer bookmakers and betting sites, one has to go through the ratings, reviews, and filter options of the best live betting sites to narrow the choices down. Is rapid transfer safe? One can find a ‘Recommended’ section on top of the search engine which would offer the finest Rapid transfer casinos. Overall, even your £1 deposit will be safe with Rapid Transfer, as long as your operator is legit. Another tab ‘Newly Opened’ is also available which offers the recently launched casino websites offer rapid transfers.

Rapid transfer online betting sites solve all these problems.

This payment method is offered by Skrill and powered by the Paysafe Group.

  • It can be used in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Simply put, it is available in almost all European betting sites.
  • It also supports the following currencies: GBP, EUR, SEK, NOK, PLN, HUF, DKK, and BGN, so you can safely use it at Euro bookmakers.

So, what does it do? Rapid Transfer is an electronic payment method that allows you to use your bank account for all kinds of online purchases, deposits at Rapid Transfer bookmakers included.

  • It works similarly to an e-wallet service: You create an account and add your bank account as the funding source
  • Use your Rapid Transfer username & password to complete online money transactions.
  • Any payment you make will be completed using your bank account.
  • However, it will be instant and almost free of charge: That’s the beauty of Rapid Transfer.

Mobile betting and rapid transfer betting sites offer a convenient and fast way to place bets. With various currencies supported, it’s easier than ever to engage in online betting from anywhere in the world. However, you have to keep in mind that you should aways choose a reputable site that meets your needs and offers the best options for payment and currency use.

History Around Rapid Transfer Bookmakers And Betting Sites

Many online rapid transfer sports betting websites are aware of the Paysafe Group which launched Skrill, one of the most popular e-wallets in the gaming Industry. Through Rapid Transfer casino payment service, punters can generate instant bank transfers at ease. Not all e-wallets require a lengthy registration process and top rapid transfer casinos are connected to over 3000 banks around the globe. These wallets support multiple currencies which makes them a must-have for punters. Rapid transfer banks are a secure and safe best online casino payments method for gamblers that can be used to fund casino accounts. This method of payment is easy to get started with. An account has to be made in a chosen online casino that accepts rapid transfers. Steps for successfully transferring money via rapid transfer:

  • Select Rapid transfer from the available list of payment methods at a casino
  • Choose the bank from the available list of financial institutions which support rapid transfer payments and have rapid transfer fees. 
  • Log in to the online banking account, confirm the transaction abiding by the standard security features that the bank incorporates
  • The amount will be instantly transferred to the casino account and will be available for usage

The obvious advantage of Rapid Transfer bookmakers, especially when it comes to e-sports betting sites, is that they allow you to use your bank account even in countries that restrict the use of the banking system for gambling-related payments. For example, you can pay with your bank account at Germany betting sites with rapid transfer sign up without a problem because gambling is legal in this country. However, you cannot do the same thing at Norway betting sites because gambling is still considered illegal. With Rapid Transfer app betting sites, however, you can still use your bank account as per Monaco gambling sites and law without a problem paying for online gambling.

Security of transactions at Rapid Transfer online betting sites

Your deposits at Rapid Transfer betting sites are safe and secure, because:

👉 All of the transactions are secured by SSL.

👉 You also get to use the security measures of your bank. For example, if you need to verify a transfer via SMS, this feature is still active: You can still benefit from your bank’s security features.

There is also a bonus: Your transactions at Rapid Transfer bookmakers will award Loyalty Points (LP). These points are for the Skrill loyalty program and they can be exchanged for rewards, cash vouchers, and, most importantly, big bonuses at bookmakers that accept Rapid Transfer.

How to make a deposit at Rapid Transfer betting sites?

Making a deposit at Euro or dollar betting sites is easy enough. Follow the steps listed below:

Step 1
First, visit the official Rapid Transfer website and create an account.
Step 2
Add your bank account as the “funding source” to this account. Rapid Transfer supports 170 different banks throughout Europe, and the banks you can use will vary according to the country you live in.
Step 3
Pick one of our recommended Rapid Transfer online betting sites and create an account.
Step 4
Log in, open your profile page, and click “deposit”. You will see a list of all available payment methods. Pick “Rapid Transfer”.
Step 5
Enter the amount you want to deposit and click “Next”.
Step 6
The official Rapid Transfer website will launch in a new window or tab. First, enter your Rapid Transfer username and password.
Step 7
Pick the bank account you want to use for this transfer.
Step 8
Complete the security measure of your bank: This will be different at each bank. For example, if you receive a code by SMS, enter this code to the Rapid Transfer website.
Step 9
Click “Submit”. If your bank account has enough funds in it, the deposit will complete instantly.

Tips & Tricks About Rapid Transfer Casinos

Rapid transfers in football transfer betting (like Netellar betting sites) are a lucrative payment method at casinos. However, while that brings convenience, there is always a chance of losing money due to e-wallet fraud. To avoid such scenarios, certain things must be kept in mind: 

Report Frauds Immediately: Customers usually have no fraud liability if the issue is reported within 72 hours. However, this does not include fraudulence due to the negligence of the punters. Sharing sensitive details with any third party even in the best online sportsbook for payouts should be entirely avoided. If a punter suspects fraud while making a transaction, he must immediately report it to the customer service of that particular rapid transfer wallet. 

Be 100% Sure About The Details You Reveal: Sensitive data like PIN, OTPs, passwords of a rapid transfer wallet must only be provided when there is a secure gateway within the payments solution app involved. Casinos do not need access to the personal data of a punter. 

Avoid Auto Saving Of Cards: E-wallets (such as Amazon Pay bookmakers) often have the option of auto-saving debit/credit cards so that punters can easily use these by entering the CVV details and OTP. This method is convenient but also leaves the slightest chances of fraud in cases of security breaches. Thus, it is better to avoid saving cards for casino transactions. 

Never Use Public Wi-fi: If you are sitting in a public place or a restaurant and gamble online using public wifi, it is risky to make casino deposits or withdrawals using Rapid transfer methods. Wifi networks might not be secure, giving access to confidential data to fraudsters. 

Check Wallet Statements: Always make sure to check wallet history like one does with credit card bills. Thus, if there is any fraudulent transaction, it can be spotted. Also, SMS notifications pop up for any transactions made which helps in identifying the source. 

To sum up, fraudulence regarding rapid transfer payments is slim, but it is better to take these precautions beforehand. 

How to make a withdrawal at betting sites accepting Rapid Transfer?

Making a withdrawal at Rapid Transfer bookmakers is also an easy job. In fact, we can even say that it is easier than the deposit process. Follow the steps below:

Step 1
Once again, make sure to have a Rapid Transfer account with a bank account in it.
Step 2
Log in to the bookmaker’s website and open your profile. This time, click the “Withdrawal” button.
Step 3
Select “Rapid Transfer” among the list of available options.
Step 4
Enter the amount you want to withdraw. (Make sure to check the bookmaker withdrawal limits first.)
Step 5
Enter your Rapid Transfer username and click “Submit”.
Step 6
That’s all: The money will arrive at your bank account associated with your Rapid Transfer account.

Transaction fees at Rapid Transfer sports betting sites

The sender pays all the fees and the amount is fixed: 1% of the transaction. The receiver never pays any fees:

👉For withdrawals at Rapid Transfer bookmakers, you don’t pay a fee.

👉 For deposits at Rapid Transfer bookmakers, you pay a 1% fee.

Alternative payment methods at betting sites with Rapid Transfer

There are a couple of alternative payment methods you can use at Rapid Transfer bookmakers and betting sites. Some of them are very similar to this method, such as Pay N Play betting sites. Pay N Play is a service provided by Trustly and it also uses your bank account for online purchases and deposits. It has a very important advantage against Rapid Transfer: you don’t have to register at betting sites that use this system. You just click the “join” button and enter your Pay N Play username and all other information is automatically sent to the site by Trustly. Rapid Transfer does not have this feature.

On the other hand, Trustly (and its Pay n Play system) is available only on a couple of online betting sites. Paypal, Royal Pay and Interac are also available on many other betting sites. Rapid Transfer supports more countries, more currencies, and more websites.

Other Payment Methods

Skrill operates in more than 120 countries offering digital wallets in 40 currencies. Punters can upload money on Skrill wallets using multiple payment options like credit/debit cards, bank transfers. The funds can then be generated to pay at casinos offering rapid transfers. With Skrill rapid transfer as a payment method at a casino, one can enjoy multiple bonus offers, promotions, package deals, free spins, etc. These benefits can be leveraged if punters choose to fund gambling accounts using this in Rapid Transfer countries.

Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto and is the world’s most expensive cryptocurrency. Millions of people around the globe use this payment method at casinos or on sports betting exchanges platforms, while others use it as an investment and trading tool. It is basically a peer-to-peer currency that punters can send to casino accounts for funding without a third-party authority. In bitcoin casinos, cryptocurrencies can be used to fund games on casino platforms. It provides 100% anonymity and control and is one of the safest forms of gambling. Many platforms offer similar terms and conditions, for bitcoin bookmakers and betting sites bank transfer betting sites rules to punters and allow cryptocurrency person to person betting in the form of Bitcoins, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc. 

Zimpler payment solution was founded in 2012 and is a Swedish payment system. It serves as an e-wallet and offers punters to make easy pay-ins and payouts. Customers have full control over the funds and combine best practices related to online banking. This payment method is offered at the fastest payout sportsbook and is most customer-oriented and keeps a track of all spendings from bets, tips, purchases, etc. The best thing about Zimpler bookmakers and betting sites is that it allows punters to maintain a monthly budget which helps customers to remain within limits while gambling.

Giropay is a German online payment system that allows users to make secure, real-time bank transfers directly from their bank accounts. Due to its many advantages, such as bank-based payments, real-time transactions, high security and no additional fees for consumers, it is widely used in Germany and Austria for online shopping and other types of electronic transactions.  Also, this payment method is particularly favored by users who prefer to manage their online purchases directly through their bank accounts.

Advantages and disadvantages of Rapid Transfer at online betting sites


  • Allows gambling bank transfers to be made from any country
  • Only the sender pays fees (1%)
  • Supports 170 different banks
  • Can be used in almost every country in Europe


  • There is still a fee (1%)
  • Not available outside of Europe

FAQ about Rapid Transfer online betting sites

In a way, yes. Rapid Transfer uses your bank account to complete the transfer but uses its own network so it is faster.

Yes. There are two native apps for iOS and Android. You can download them from the App Store and Play Store.

No. This payment method is available only in Europe and only supports European banks.

No. Rapid Transfer betting sites never see your banking details.

No. Rapid Transfer is provided by Skrill but it has its own account: You can use it even without a Skrill account.

Play at the best Rapid Transfer bookmakers right now

Rapid Transfer bookmakers, like many PayPal betting sites, give you the chance to pay and withdraw with your bank account even if you can’t use that account for gambling. This is a huge advantage, especially for certain countries. Even if there is no such problem, you can take advantage of instant transfers and lower fees at Rapid Transfer betting sites. In short, you need to start playing at Rapid Transfer online betting sites today. Pick one of our recommendations and create your account right away!