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Czech Koruna (CZK) Bookmakers and Betting Sites | 2023 updated guide

The Czech koruna (CZK), sometimes referred to as the Czech crown. It is the official currency of the Czech Republic which is a country of over 10 million people in Central Europe. The koruna is accepted throughout the Czech Republic including at the dozens of casinos and other betting establishments.

It is also accepted at many of the world’s top international gambling companies, although it is not often offered as a betting currency at the new bookmakers 2023 sites. In fact, the koruna is only supported as a betting currency at 8 of the 95 sportsbooks that are recommended by

Best Czech Koruna betting sites in 28 September 2023 – Updated List

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What is CZK?

The CZK is the abbreviation for the Czech koruna currency, the Czech republic’s official currency. Koruna means crown and can be abbreviated as Kč. 100 haléřů makes up one koruna. The Czech Republic is part of the European Union, which uses euros. However, euros are rarely accepted in establishments in the Czech. The currency was introduced in 1993 after the Czechoslovakia split. The split separated currencies for Moravia, Bohemia, and Slovakia. Before the split, they were using the Czechoslovak koruna. 

However, the koruna is much older than 1993, dating back to the 1800s when it was first introduced as a modern gold currency in the Austrian-Hungarian empire. Between 1939 and 1945, the Czech Koruna lost its use due to the occupation of the German Reich. During this period, the Czech became dependent on the Reichsmark. 

Czk bookmakers and betting sites laws and regulations

Before 2017,  the law did not allow licensing of online bookmakers. Besides, gambling activities in the Czech were only limited to offering sports betting and lotteries. Even with these forms of gambling, the activities were minimal. When new legislation was passed in 2017, only five online bookies passed the cut. These top Czk bookmakers and betting sites are well designed to offer a decent experience to Czech punters. However, there is a lack of competition in the country so, the odds and bonus may not be competitive as those of foreign online bookmakers. 

Good thing the Czech betting laws do not interfere with international bookies. Therefore, punters can get access to the best Czk bookmakers from foreign countries for best odds bookmakers. Check out the list of Czk bookmakers and betting sites in this guide. While the gambling law opened the market, it came with higher taxes. Sports betting and lottery – 23% tax, while casinos have a tax of as much as 35%. Besides, Czech republic betting sites are subjected to a corporate tax rate of up to 19%. 

Good thing; the currencies of bookmakers are multiple, with CZK being among the top. However, you should be wary of the minimum deposit amount that top sports betting sites Czech republic has may ask for. Mostly, it depends on the payment processor and the online bookmaker. So low deposit betting is possible. Most European betting sites use the euro as the bookmaker’s currency. So, if you are betting on Czech koruna bookmakers and betting sites, you need to know the conversion rate. Currently, one CZK is exchanged at 0.039 euros. And if you the foreign bookies is USD bookmakers and betting sites, i.e., uses American dollar, the exchange rate is 1 Czk is equal to USD 0.047. 

How to deposit at CZK bookmakers and betting sites

Local sportsbook operators allow punters to place bets on Czech Koruna. This is similar to foreign bookies; however, all koruna deposits are must be converted into GBP or EUR at the actual time of placing bets or when you sit at a poker table. The best Czk betting sites allow you to use various deposit methods to fund accounts. Most Czechs use card deposits – the top choice being the local card prepaid card MINT.

To deposit, follow the steps below:

Step 1
Select card payment from Czech bookmakers
Step 2
Enter the necessary information – name, card number, type of card, and CCV code.
Step 3
Select the amount to deposit, and complete the transaction.

The best online bookmakers accept VISA, Mastercard, and Maestro. But the transactions attract a 0.20-1.00% fee per transaction. Besides, the major sports betting sites accept eWallets such as Skrill, Trustly, Click2Pay, and Neteller. Also, prepaid gift cards and bank wire transfers are standard. Most international gambling sites allow withdrawal via credit to your e-wallet, ETFs, and paper checks. 

Who can use czk bookmakers and betting sites?

Since online betting is legal in the Czech, anyone of legal age can place bets on bookmakers and betting sites with czk. This applies to foreign and local players. If you have koruny and your sportsbook supports betting with CZK, use it to gamble. Also, you can fund your account using Koruna credit/debit/prepaid cards, eWallets, and bank accounts. The 2017 legal revisions allowed licensed gambling companies to offers gambling services to Czech citizens. That implies that unlicensed online sports betting operators will be blocked from offering their services. These strict laws, alongside high taxes, caused the exit of many international bookies. The bookies opted to leave the market and only enter once they could comply with the regulations. Therefore, not many international betting sites facilitate betting in CZK, but those who prefer to use koruny for betting still have a few great choices.

VBet, Jetbull, and Cash Point are a few of the recommended bookmakers that allow customers to place bets using CZK. Punters can also place bets using CZK at Noxwin, Bet Adonis, Win Masters, and Exclusive Bet.

Of course, Czech punters may deposit using CZK at bookmakers such as Sports BetSBObet, and Dafabet. They will have to place their bets in another currency, such as euros or American dollars.

Are there any bonuses for CZK bookmakers and betting sites?

Since the gambling environment in Czech isn’t so much competitive, local online casinos Czech has do not have the most lucrative bonuses. That means that even the best online betting sites Czech republic has will have an average rate bonus. If you want a site offering koruny, only Win Masters offer a bonus in CZK. Though there are several of these bonuses, they are as mouthwatering as those on foreign-owned bookies. Keep in mind; bookmakers with czk available offer the promotions in euros, but CZK sportsbook deposits at these sites will be credited in currency equivalent.

18Bet will give you up to the currency equivalent of €50 on CZK sportsbook deposits, while JetbullNoxwin, and Bet Adonis offer up to the equivalent of €75 on deposits using koruny. If you deposit with koruny at Cash Point or Exclusive Bet, you can earn the Czech equivalent of €100. Be sure to check for the latest bonuses and promotions for CZK sportsbook deposits.

How to choose the best czk bookmakers and betting sites?


For the best betting experience, choose the best betting sites with czk available, whether they are new bookmakers or existing ones. Here are some of the things to consider:

Currency and conversion rate 

The principal currencies of bookmakers are CZK koruna – this applies to legal and offshore gambling operators. Gamblers with Czech IPs can settle bets in koruna if they use an online bookie whose primary currency is Czech Koruna. However, when you decide to use a foreign currency such as EUR, GBP, or USD, find out the currency conversion and the transaction fees. For instance, euro bookmakers and betting sites have a specific exchange rate. 

Range of gambling activities

Most local online bookies offer sports betting activities and lotteries. Their range of casino games is, however, minimal. If you are a casino game lover, you may opt for foreign bookies and choose bookmakers by country

Payment methods

The top casino site Czech republic, has allowed a variety of payment methods. Of course, some ways are more prominent than others due to their ease of use. Most czk bookmakers and betting sites offer PaySafeCard, PayU, Credit and Debit Card, and eWallets. So, you can register on Skrill, Trustly betting sites if you like eWallets. Also, an exemplary method should allow bookmakers by payment methods. 


This is a trick, but the bottom line is, foreign bookies offer far more competitive promotions than local bookies. But that doesn’t mean Czech koruna online bookmakers don’t have tempting offers. Shop around, and you’ll find something unique. 

The latest features

Modern betting sites have features that support live betting, live streaming, and cash-out features. Live to stream and in-play betting lets place bets while the game is underway, while the cash-out feature lets settle a bet before the final league of the match -lets you cut loses or achieve wins.

Security and licensing

Ensure that the betting site has the proper licenses. If the site doesn’t comply with Czech rules, it’s blocked from operating in Czech. Before registering, ensure it complies with all rules to avoid surprises. Besides, it should have the latest security certificate.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Czk Bookmakers and Betting Sites

Each betting site comes with its pros and cons. However, the general gambling environment determines the player’s experiences. The tightness of the betting environment within Czech ensures that only compliant online casinos operate. This minimizes the chances of fraud. However, it limits the number of operators. Here is a complete list of pros and cons.


  • Secure gambling environment
  • All bookmakers offer popular deposit methods and currencies
  • Each currency comes with a specific bonus
  • Multiple-land based gambling houses
  • Winnings are tax-free


  • Online bookies are subjected to high taxes 35% tax on casino games and 23% on sports betting & lottery games
  • Only five full licenses

CZK bookmakers and betting sites FAQ

All licensed bookmakers are safe. Note that the government blocks non-licensed bookies. However, non-licensed bookmakers operate via minor sites, which still are safe.

To avoid currency conversion fees in the Czech Republic, gamble using the Czech Koruna. That would mean betting on Czech Koruna betting sites. However, the accepted currencies are UR and GBP.

Yes. If you are in a foreign country and you are paid in Czech koruna, you can use it to place bets on czk bookmakers and betting sites.

Online czk bookies are majorly available in the Czech republic. If you must use them, you must visit a physical location to register. That means you can't register on Czc bookmakers and betting sites while abroad.

If you are using the local currency, you'll receive all your winnings. However, for foreign currency, the currency conversion fee will reduce your winnings.

Football, Ice Hockey, Winter Sports, and Basketball are the most common sports you'll encounter on any on czk bookmakers and betting sites.

Czech Koruna (CZK) Bookmakers and Betting Sites: Worth it or Not?

New betting sites Czech republic claim to have are very few, courtesy of the strict regulations. Many online operators exit the scene due to the extraordinarily high taxes. The few still operating offers some decent gambling options but not as appealing. However, some betting sites go the extra mile to ensure bettors are happy. Always shop around for the best deals and some other currencies like the Mexican peso if you want to bet in exotic countries.