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LPL Betting – Bet on the Chinese League of Legends and Win Today

League of Legends fans know that the Chinese championship is the most exciting for placing a wager. LPL betting has many advantages, such as a high game frequency, a multitude of matches, and betting markets.

In this guide we take a closer look at what LOL esports LPL betting is all about and which are the best ways to do it.

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What is League of Legends LPL?

The acronym stands for League of Legends Pro League, which can sound a little funny.

Having said this, LPL is the most popular competition to bet on if you are a fan of the multiplayer online battle arena game. There are many online betting sites that offer the option of LPL betting and players should know that LPL League matches are scheduled throughout the year, starting in January and concluding in late summer.

This means that you have more chances to place a bet than if you were focusing on FIFA, Rocket League or Overwatch betting. Essentially, this is the Chinese domestic championship, so League of Legends LPL will feature exclusively teams from this country.

LPL LoL Past results and the Future

LPL betting wasn’t always this popular and that’s because teams from this country were not that successful internationally. Looking back a decade ago, at the time when South Korean teams were dominant, LCK betting was the main attraction. Over the years, the Chinese competition close the gap with LCS betting and LEC betting and overcame both. It is hard to say whether the LCK is better than league LPL, but it is certain that the Chinese championship is gaining more fans every year.

Just like it is in other sports, the competition begins with the regular season and the best teams advance to the playoffs. Over the years, the most championships were won by EDward Gaming, who have six titles. They frequently rank high in the LOL LPL standings and are always among the favorites at top bookmakers such as Esports Cbet.

This team also performs well internationally and it is the reigning world champion. Those who placed a bet on their victory in 2021 at eSports betting at Betworld enjoyed an excellent return. Many crypto betting sites dedicate ample coverage to this league and almost all of them offer League of Legends Bitcoin betting.

Those who follow the LPL closely know that Clearlove is the record owner with five championships, followed by Meiko and Xiaohu. These two have only four trophies to their name but they are still active, so they have more opportunities. LPL betting odds reflect the current form and strength of teams but are also based on their past performance.

As mentioned above, EDward Gaming is the most successful team in LPL history, but in recent years championships were won by RNG, FunPlusPhoenix, and Top Esports. In most cases, the team that prevailed in the regular season also won the playoffs but this is not the rule.

LPL LoL Format and Structure

The beauty of LPL betting is that you can wager on a multitude of games and you can even do it by using mobile betting sites from all over the world. That’s because the Spring Split starts in January and there are 17 teams competing for 10 playoff spots. This means that there are many matches and chances to cash in on LPL odds at the best League of Legends betting sites. All the games are played in a best-of-three format during the regular season and this also applies to the Summer Split.

Things get even better in the playoffs when punters get bigger LOL LPL betting odds and more chances to bet. Differences between teams are smaller and decisive matches are played in a best-of-five format. This means that you can harvest the strength of League of Legends handicap betting and extract value from lopsided series. In the postseason, games are played in a King of the Hill format over several weeks.

The winner of the Spring Split qualifies for the Mid-Season Invitational and earns points for the Worlds. The Summer split is even more important because the winner goes straight to the world championship. This is where punters can take advantage of the best League of Legends betting bonuses at top bookies. In addition to the winners, the top teams go through regional qualifiers to book a seat at Worlds.

LoL Esports LPL – The Hottest LoL Region

Today it is easier to find LOL bet predictions for both regular-season games and the playoffs. That’s because the popularity of the championship grew exponentially over the last few years. The Chinese premier division sent many teams to the World Championship and two of them returned with the trophy. It is remarkable that they were able to win two of the last three competitions and confirm their favorite status. Quite often bookies offer the lowest LOL LPL odds to one of the top-performing Chinese teams.

Important information

The fact that 17 teams compete in the regular season and then go to the playoffs means that there are many games played. Conversely, players have a lot of LPL betting tips they can use to make the correct choice when live betting. For the competition, a high number of games mean more practice and better synergy between players. This is self-evident when we look at the performance of the teams with the best LPL scores in international competitions. In most cases, they absolutely crush their opponents.

LPL betting odds and markets

Due to the growing popularity of the tournament, it is easy to find an abundance of mainstream and special LPL betting markets. Depending on your skill and experience, you can stick to the standard offer or tinker with League of Legends special bets. We advise beginners and recreational punters to bet on outright winners, the teams that prevailed in single games until they master the art of LPL betting. It can also be a bit challenging to try LPL live betting, as the odds often don’t reflect the balance of forces.

Further Information

League of Legends spread betting is a surefire way to boost the odds and extract maximum value. You can trust the underdog to win a match against offensive-minded teams that are clearly superior. It is also a good idea to trust the favorites to sweep their opponents, if they are methodical and play it safe. Over under League of Legends betting is also a fun way to bet on each game. It is particularly satisfying to bet on more kills to be scored because you can already be a winner before the match has ended.

There are three other types of special betting markets that LPL betting fans should consider:

  1. The first thing to happen – you can bet on the team to score first blood, kill the first Baron or Dragon, as well as the team to destroy the first tower or inhibitor.

2. Under and over special bets – in addition to kills you can also bet on the total number of dragons, towers, Barons, and inhibitors destroyed to make the games more exciting.

3. Individual or team spreads – bet on the margin of victory or the number of kills scored by players. This focuses mainly on the kills but you can also wager on the assistant some bookmakers.

What makes LPL betting so appealing?

There’s a reason why LPL betting is so popular nowadays and why punters overwhelmingly favor this championship. League of Legends live betting tends to be far more exciting in the Chinese tournament compared to South Korea. Teams play more aggressively, are more inclined to go for risky places and the game is played at a faster pace. Strategy is used but individual skill tends to be more important, especially when evenly matched teams lock horns.

Further Information

The fact that there are so many games scheduled throughout the year, means that there’s a lot of data available. This leads to an abundance of useful League of Legends betting tips that punters can use to gamble successfully. This includes sites where relevant details are listed for players to compare and LPL predictions.

Games are scheduled on a daily basis, so throughout the week, you have the chance to bet on the LPL. The best teams always make deep runs at Worlds so this information can be put to good use.

LPL Pros and Cons


  • One of the strongest and most exciting leagues
  • Aggressive teams and talented players
  • Games scheduled from Monday to Sunday
  • Good coverage for mainstream and special markets


  • Weaker teams tend to cause more upsets in the LPL

Frequently asked questions about LPL

There were a total of 17 teams in 2022 and 10 of them qualify to the playoffs.

Three teams qualify directly and one goes through the play in stage.

LPL matches are played at venues across China with each team having home pitch advantage.

All the important esports books dedicate ample coverage to the Chinese LPL championship.

You can watch all the exciting LPL matches on YouTube and Twitch including during the playoffs.

Make each day exciting with LPL betting

The Chinese top League of Legends division has the uncanny advantage of offering daily matches. It can take a while to master the art of LPL betting but once you, do you will be lavishly rewarded. All the major bookies that cover this competition in great detail also offer the possibility of LCK betting. The odds for ante-post markets are also available and because of healthy competition value is very high. Use betting tips and predictions to increase the odds of winning and start making a profit with LPL matches.