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LCS betting: Latest and Complete 2024 Guide

Esports betting fans understand how entertaining LCS betting can be.Due to the highly competitive nature of the series, LCS betting options are limitless.

We have created this LCS betting guide to answer all your questions including what is LCS betting, special bets, how to find the best LCS betting bonuses, and more. Let’s dive in.

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LCS Championship

The League of Championship Series is an elite competition for die-hard Legend fans in North America. Presently, interests from other parts of the world, especially in Europe with an expanding gaming industry morphed into larger participation.

The grand competition is powered by Riot Games featuring ten teams.

How it all began

LOL esports gained widespread adoption in early 2010, although it was launched by Riot Games in October 2009. People turned their attention to the game because it was fresh and exciting. Initially, it featured tournaments from Intel Extreme Masters and Major League Gaming, both third-party franchises. The widespread adoption of LOL culminated into LCS esports, spearheaded by Riot Games.


Prize Pool



Summer 2021
Prize Pool
Team Liquid
Spring 2021
Prize Pool
Team Liquid
Summer 2020
Prize Pool
Spring 2020
Prize Pool

How to bet on LCS in 5 easy steps

The League of Legend LCS betting registration process is straightforward, requiring only a few minutes. There are a couple of things to do before placing a bet on LCS online, some of them include:

Step 1

📡 Select an online broker or sportsbook 🌏

Your needs will determine the sportsbook to choose from out of the numerous options out there.
Step 2

🎁 Look out for bonuses 💰

Before picking a sportsbook, select the best out of the alternatives with a wide range of lucrative bonuses including risk-free bets, free bets, and deposit bonus.
Step 3

🔢 Get the best odds 🎲

The LCS betting odds are unique to each sportsbook. To get the best LCS LOL odds, simply play at bookmakers with the best LCS betting lines.
Step 4

🏧 Deposit funds into your account 💳

It is quite convenient to add funds to your betting account, especially online with a credit card. You can explore cryptocurrency deposits, especially League of Legends Bitcoin betting when you are looking at depositing funds into your LEC betting account.
Step 5

🤞 Place your bets 🍀

Once you have picked a great sportsbook with a great bargain for your money, it is now time to finalize the betting process.

What to look out for before choosing betting sites for LCS?

If you are looking for the best LCS betting sites, here are the most important factors to consider:

Customer service: Numerous betting sites remain unlicensed and attempt to evade paying out potential winnings. Other than attempting to connect with the concerned website and team, bettors have very few legal alternatives. So, it is recommended to check out the licensing and certification of the bookmaker before placing bets.

Website Quality: The factors that determine whether users will use a betting site are website responsiveness, user interface, and web page layout. Nowadays, bettors prioritize easy navigation, quick load speeds, and website intuitiveness.

Mobile-friendliness: Another criteria you want to carefully evaluate is the mobile feature of the betting site before going ahead with the bookie. If there is one League of Legends betting tip that you should care about, it is selecting mobile-pleasant websites as opposed to desktop-based betting programs.

Low rate of return: The fact is that many do not know what determines the rate of return. This is true for existing users and new ones alike. Basically, the lower the rate of return the higher the LEC ratio spikes. Margins are the reductions bookies remove from every bet.

Esports betting bonuses: This is another deciding factor that you should look out for since the majority of the popular bookies tempt new users with exciting offers. They not only incentivize new users, but they also regularly reward existing ones with freebies. However, before claiming any betting bonus, make sure to read the fine print first.

Best tips and tricks for LCS betting in 2024

Proven LCS betting strategy include:


🧾 Register on licensed and recognized betting sites in the UK or the United States.

🛑 Do not exceed your playing budget.

📈 Maximize the live streaming features at the best League of Legends betting sites.

The Championship format for LCS

Further Information

The Spring and Summer phases of the LCS will include an eight-week double round, with five games played during the weekend – Saturday and Sunday.

After that, the Championship series stretches for another two weeks, called the Super Weeks across each division.

On Fridays, certain teams play five matches more. The new competition shake-up means no seasonal recordings from Spring to Summer, which fans do not want to hear.

The available schedule for LCS

Lock-In Tournament: The regular season kicks off with the Lock-In competition. Ten teams will participate in two groups beginning January 15th. All group stage matches are best of one, with the top four teams from each group advancing to the knockout stage.

Spring Season: Unlike the Play-In, which is classified as a competition, the Spring LCS Season is classified as a league. From February 2nd through March 14th, ten teams will compete in a Round Robin style. Bear in mind that all matches will be played in a best-of-one style. On March 14th, the top six teams qualify for the Mid-Season Showdown.

Midseason Showdown: Rather than contending in the Spring LCS Playoffs, teams will square off in the Mid-Season Showdown. The champion of the LCS Mid-Season Showdown will represent the region at the Mid-Season Invitationals.

Summer Season: Between June 6 and August 1, ten teams slugged it out for an invitation to the Championship. A Triple Round Robin system will be applied at this stage to screen top teams so that the best eight teams qualify for the Championship.

Championship: The best eight teams that qualified from the LCS Summer season featured in the Championship. The teams battle it out to earn bragging rights to the LOL Worlds Championship, one of the biggest LOL events that take place between August 7 and August 29.

Odds for LCS betting

Odds are critical in maximizing the value of your bet amount. By consistently placing bets with competitive odds, you are one step closer to being a successful punter. However, you may occasionally find yourself tangled up in other forms of odds. Below are justifications and instances of these odds.

American Odds: Two things to consider especially esports betting USA for American odds are Favorites and Underdogs. While Favorites are represented by a minus sign, underdogs are represented by a positive number.

The number next to the (–) indicates the minimum wager required to win $100 on this team. On the other hand, a number preceded by a plus sign indicates the amount of money that may be won when a $100 wager is placed.

Decimal Odds: This is a simple odd to place an LCS bet for beginners and existing users. If you are looking for a favorite, focus on teams with low numbers. To determine your profit, simply multiply your bet by the decimal number.

Fractional Odds: Fractional odds are the most prevalent type of League of Legends LCS odds that you can take advantage of to place a bet. Finding your way around fractional odds is simple once you split the two integers.

Types of LCS betting options

The most popular LCS betting options include Moneyline, spreads, LCS live betting, totals over/under, LOL handicap betting, and futures. If you are a new player, you can start with spread betting which gives you a fair starting point and a likely margin of taking profits.

For example, you choose among three outcomes – win, loss, and push. And once you choose well, you can turn a -110 wager of $110 into $100 earning a profit for your League of Legends spread betting. When you are speculating on the team that will win a single game, that is called a Moneyline bet.

Unlike a spread bet, there are no other outcomes. If the team you bet on wins, you win the bet regardless of the LCS scores. Placing a bet at any point during a game is how bookies place their League of Legends live betting. Your bet remains valid throughout the LCS matches.

When you wager on the outcome in aggregate points in a game, you are placing an over/under LOL bet. You can determine whether the points scored by the teams will cross a specific amount and that is one idea among several LCS betting tips listed on this page.

The popular special bets for LCS

Race to Kill: This is a straightforward wager allowing you to take advantage of dominant playmakers only if you understand how to get into LCS betting. Specific team members or characters have crazy abilities allowing them to inflict damage early in the game.

First Dragon: Your major concern here is to determine the first team to “slay a dragon.” On the surface, this could appear easy and convenient, but it is not. Focus on LCS teams that dominate the map and can be seen around the dragon.

Map Duration: While several teams have a dominant playmaker early in the game, others introduce their heroes once an opportunity presents itself later in the game. If you are betting on one team, you need to consider their commitment to winning and Map Duration is a huge criterion.

First Blood: When it comes to first blood, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for jugglers. There are few heroes in the early stages of the game that can deliver more damage leading to points. With solid map visibility, you can always draw first blood and take your profit.

Correct Score: This is a more conventional special bet that is frequently utilized in LOL esports betting. Essentially, you are guessing the score of a contest that is not a best of 1 encounter.

Betting alternatives for LCS

Apart from betting on League of Legends, other fantasy betting options include:

Payment methods used in LCS Betting

The choice of payment options sometimes intimidates first-time betters, especially when wagering a large sum of money. However, there are easier payment options such as credit card deposits and payment via Paypal.

Regardless of your deposit amount, you can pick a convenient payment option like League of Legends Bitcoin betting, another alternative that favors crypto deposits, but for more read our main article about crypto esports betting in order to be up to date in 2023.

If you are concerned about your money going into the buckets, sign up with a registered betting site. Register with one that is licensed and operates within the laws of their regions.

Other payment methods recommended for LOL betting:

LCS mobile betting

mobile betting on phoneNowadays, a good number of players participate in the LCS with their mobile devices; this is why the quality of the mobile version or mobile app of the esports website is very important.

Many of the top LCS betting sites offer a mobile version and/or a mobile app that makes LCS more flexible and enjoyable for players. The mobile versions have all the necessary features: swift loading times, HD picture quality, and superb user experience.

LCS betting Safety and Security

It’s natural for some individuals to be concerned about internet betting. This is true for new bettors trying their hands on LCK betting for the first time.

Apart from LEC betting and LPL betting, avid bookies have mastered the fundamentals and are looking at snatching higher profits from League of Legends’ betting bonuses.

Pros and cons of LCS betting


  • Easy to grasp
  • Relatively high odds
  • Substantial prize money
  • Lucrative LCS betting bonuses


  • Finding the right team may be difficult.
  • Legal Gray Areas

Frequently asked questions about LCS betting

Depending on the region or country, betting can either be allowed or not. However, fantasy betting on esports is legal and allowed in several regions and countries.

Like traditional sports, the best LCS website depends on the features you are looking for. To guide your search, we have listed a few of them on this page.

This sport is quite popular, if not the most popular one. The community has more than 100million players who log into the site to compete. Also, there are activities for players to participate in throughout the year.

If you are looking at getting your withdrawals faster, then cryptocurrency is a better alternative. Bitcoins are accepted for deposits. If you also like to remain anonymous, you can bet using the cryptocurrency payment option.

Top-notch LCS betting Experience

Only a few players know what to look out for at LCS betting sites. It doesn’t matter whether you are an esports betting UK or US player, this article provides you with a comprehensive list of features to look out for at the top LCS betting sites. Once you follow this guide, you can expect a wholesome and profitable LCS betting experience. Start betting right away!