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League Of Legends Live Betting | In-play Betting And Updated Odds [2024]

 League of Legends live betting is currently a buzz in the e-sport industry. Each day more and more players are embracing the sport, thanks to the increasing number of betting sites. What’s more, top live betting League of Legends betting sites offers a variety of tournaments throughout the year.

This lets you take advantage of the game and make sharp gambling decisions on the fly. Check out this article if you are looking for the best League of Legends live betting sites. 

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What is League of Legends? First, is a game in high demand

League of Legends, also called LOL, is a 2009 multiplayer online battle arena video game inspired by the defense of the ancients. This standalone game has been free to play the game since its inception. However, this game from Riot Games can be monetized through purchasable character customization.

You can play LOL on both macOS and Microsoft windows. This player versus player game pits two teams of five players each against each other. Each team will be defending their half of the map, and each of the players in a match controls a character (champion) with unique abilities and diverging styles of play. Champions increase their power by collecting experience points, purchasing items, and earning gold to defeat opponents. 

What is League of Legends live betting?

League of Legends live betting is a betting option on League of Legends that allows you to place bets when the games are underway. Also called in-play betting, this form of betting is pretty straightforward – you only need to study the match and place bets according to your judgment. However, you will need to combine League of Legends’ lives betting with League of Legends live streaming for better judgment. Typically, it is much more sensible to follow the action before placing wagers with your hard-earned money – this is a key advantage of in-play betting. 

Keep in mind, LOL, live betting is far more engaging and enjoyable than standard betting. Apart from increasing your interest, this form of betting provides you with the necessary information to make sound decisions. You would not have access to such information prior to the game starting. The very basic components of live betting in LOL involve getting more information on what events to place your bets on. That means you can place your bets before, early, mid and late in the game of one match. 

How to find the best betting sites with LOL live option?

While looking for the best live betting sites and bookmakers for League of Legends, there are some factors you need to consider. It is not only about finding a live game LOL player can participate in, but the best LOL live betting experience. If League of Legends live betting fascinates you, here are some factors to always consider to identify top LOL live betting sites. 

LOL Sports Live Betting Customer Service

The key factor behind the League of Legends live betting sites is customer service! For any online service, customer service remains one of the most important factors to consider. Typically customer service improves user satisfaction drastically. Regardless of the type of problem you encounter, customer support is present to guide you through it. 

Most LOL live betting sites allow you to receive customer service via email, live chat, and phone calls. Most gambling sites offer customer solutions via social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

Special League of Legends Bets

Some LOL bets offer short-lasting fun, e.g., match winners. If you are an esports enthusiast, you will be more excited with League of Legends’ special bets, as they form part of the best live betting available for LOL. That means looking for more variety of live bets, and only keen LOL betting sites offer such special bets and League of Legends tournaments.

Payout Speed

Faster payout is very important. However, the payout speed may be affected by several factors, including the amount of money and the payment method. But that should not mean that your sportsbook should delay your winnings. Some bookies are known for faster payout; select such bookies. 

On average, it might take up to 72 hours. But for larger winnings, it might take up to a week because the process demands that you go through an additional layer of security.


The reputation of the best LOL sites is pegged on several factors, including customer service, payment methods, bet variety, live betting bonuses or odds, LOL lines, and payout speed. Therefore, before signing up on a betting site, it is important to do extensive research. Remember, outright fake reviews outnumber legit reviews, so you need an eagle eye to avoid betting scams.

User Interface

For a better betting experience, look for nothing less than an intuitive and user-friendly gambling website. When a user interface is more friendly, it gives you an enjoyable live betting experience because you will be able to identify and place bets easily. 

Aspects such as market structure, page to page navigation, loading speed, responsiveness, and category organization are critical. And much consideration should be given to betting sites having a fluid mobile platform and dedicated mobile betting sites.

League Of Legends Betting Bonuses

Sign-up betting bonuses start you off with a bigger bankroll. By the way, who doesn’t like free bets or extra cash? Punters love bonuses as they are incentives to hook them to a bookie, and with proper strategy, they can win big cash using the bonuses. However, they should check the fine print before claiming the League of Legends betting bonuses.

Variety of Payment Methods

Bookies offer payment methods based on geography, i.e., some payment methods are only available in specific regions. Beyond that, sportsbooks require licenses to use some payment options. Always settle on the operator that offers multiple payment options (read: bookmakers by payment methods). Good thing you can partake in a League of Legends bitcoin betting on some sites, which is the latest trend.

League of Legends live betting is currently a buzz in the e-sport industry. Each day more and more players are embracing the sport, thanks to the increasing number of live streaming betting sites.

What’s more, the top live betting events available for League of Legends sites offer a variety of tournaments throughout the year. This lets you take advantage of the game and make sharp gambling decisions on the fly. 

Payment methods recommended for LOL betting:

Top 4 bets available for League of Legends live betting:

if you want to bet on League of Legends games with much excitement, look for a site offering a variety of exciting bets. That would mean that you stay updated with the latest development in the scene of LOL live betting. Besides, it would help if you learned how to bet on the League of Legends. Simply put, you must learn how each bet works for you to be able to win bets, read the over-under League of Legends betting guide for more information.

Here are the top 4 bets you can place on legends matches:


Match Winner

This is the simplest bet in live esports betting events. Typically, in a match winner bet, punters place their wagers on a team they believe will win a given match. Therefore, between the two competing teams, you can simply select the one that you feel is stronger and has a higher chance of winning.

First Blood

Players place their wager on the team they believe will make the first kill in this bet type. Perhaps this is one of the most immersive bets as it draws bettors into the game, and it is a great option for LOL live betting. Good thing; esports live results are usually out within ten minutes of the match. 

Match Duration

League of Legends is an objective-based game. Therefore, you can bet on the duration in which the game will end. Also, you place wagers on the time it will take a team to complete the set objectives. One match can last anywhere between one hour and 115 minutes. If you correctly choose the time it will take for a match to end or a team to meet an object, your bet is successful. 

First To Take Baron

This bet is similar to the first blood bet. Here, punters place a wager on the team they feel will be the first to kill the first Baron of the match. You need to focus on the match for your bet to be successful here. Remember, it is live betting, and you can modify your bets as the game progresses.

If you are a beginner, you can opt for beginner-friendly bets such as:

  • Map Winner Betting 
  • Outright Winner Betting 
  • Over Under League Of Legends Betting
  • League Of Legends Handicap Betting or League Of Legends Spread Betting

To better utilize the above bets, choose live stream betting sites. Such betting sites allow you to watch the game; thus, you will be able to make sound choices. The criteria for finding the best live stream gambling site is similar to finding the best live betting sites and bookmakers.

Odds available for League of Legends live betting

Odds in LOL live betting is just a way of representing the implied probability that determines the chances of the final results. Accept all odds movement idea is presented in different ways, essentially, depending on the region. If you are in areas offering major leagues such as LCS betting, LCK, LEC betting, and LPL, you are exposed to more betting markets and lucrative opportunities. The common odds in these games are: 

Fractional Odds 

These odds are common in the UK. Therefore, esports betting UK offers use fractional odds, e.g., 15/1. These odds are pretty straightforward to read,  calculate and comprehend. The fraction displays the underdog and the favourite. To differentiate between the underdog and favourite, look at the numbers offered.

If the number on the left is greater than the one on the right, that team is the favourite and is more likely to win. Contrastingly, if the number on the left is bigger than that on the right, that team is an underdog and is more likely to lose. 

For example: 

Odds: G2 (1/7) Esports to win against Fnatic

Probability of winning for G2: 

7/(7+1)* 100% = 87.5%


The left number indicates the amount to get if the team wins. In this case, if you stake £7, you receive £1 if the team wins, but for more, read our article about the maximum payout of bookmakers.

Decimal Odds

The decimal odds are also common in the UK. These odds have a much clearer presentation, and you can quickly figure out whether or not to place a wager. It combines your stake and winnings. To calculate the potential payout, divide by 100%. Alternatively, look at the decimal; it is higher, your chances of winning are less. 


Given odds: 3.25.

Calculate the chance of winning:

Calculate payout

State X Odds

£50 x 3.25 = £162.5

The total payout combines your stake and winnings. To know your winnings, subtract your stake, but for more read our article about the early payout option.

Moneyline Odds 

Moneyline betting and odds are mostly found in the US. So, esports betting USA offers mostly use the Moneyline odds. The odds are indicated using a minus sign (-) and a positive sign (+). The negative sign means the favorited side, while the positive signifies the underdog. Typically, the symbols highlight how much you win when you wager $100 or how much you will need to bet to get $100. 

For example:

G2 Esports -175 Vs Fnatic + 250

If you choose G2 to win, you will wager $150 to win $100. On the other hand, if you think Fnatic will win, wager $100 to get a profit of $250.

LOL live betting on mobile

All League of Legends betting sites have created mobile-friendly betting sites. This allows bettors to place live bets using their smartphones or tablets. If a betting site has a dedicated mobile app, it is even a plus.

Tips and tricks about League of Legends live betting

Some things are obvious; bet on trusted sports betting sites. Besides, their games are fully audited for fairness, meaning that you are safe while playing on such sites. This should be betting advice number one. Other League of Legends betting tips to keep in mind are:

Further Information

  • If you are a starter/novice, betting live on LOL might not be a good idea. Although live betting offers you lots of information if you don’t know what is going on, chances of making wrong choices are high.
  • Stay updated with what is happening in the League of Legends competitive scene. Check out the game on Twitch, where you will find thousands of players watching the game. Also, check out the tournament schedule and watch a League of Legends pro league match for more insights into utilizing live betting strategies, tips, and systems.
  • Know the live bet you need to place. When betting early in the game, select bets such as First Blood or the first kill of the game. On the other hand, select mid-game objects such as Baron if you are betting mid-game. You have enough information to place bets for late-game betting, such as map winner.

Above all, understand how sports betting systems work before using them. Similarly, understand the various betting terms and options utilized in the League of Legends games.

PROS and CONS about League of Legends live betting


  • You can watch and react to live game action and momentum changes
  • Live bets have great value
  • Some bookmakers offer live specials, which up the fun factor


  • You can base live bets on facts
  • Momentum shifts might negatively affect your judgement

FAQ about LOL live betting:

Lile LOL betting isn’t for ever better. Beginners can bet, but if they only place beginner-friendly bets such as match-winner and League of Legends spread betting.

Any bookie offering League of Legends gambling offers a live betting option to make the game more exciting.

Yes, LoL, live betting sites offer their punters a wide range of bonuses. Some betting sites have more lucrative bonuses than others. Common bonuses are welcome, sign up, and reload bonuses. Also, you can get free bets.

Like other esports betting, the League of Legend betting is safe provided you are betting on a reputable League of Legends betting site. A reputable site uses an SSL certificate, has fair and the best esports odds, and decent customer service.

Place a live League of Legends bet after live-streaming the match. Depending on the time of the game, select an appropriate bet. For instance, when betting early in the game, select bets such as First Blood or the first kill of the game. On the other hand, select mid-game objects such as Baron if you are betting mid-game.

Lol offers several competitions featuring professional players with tournaments at different levels. You can choose to participate in worldwide champions or regional championships. These tournaments are intertwined. Therefore, isolating one as the best is a bit tricky.

LOL live betting: An exciting yet demanding betting option

League of Legends lives betting offers unique flexibility to place bets at the beginning, mid, or towards the end of the game. Each section has specific bet types that work well. However, if you want to shine in this form of betting, you need to live stream the entire game. This offers enough information to make informed choices.

Besides, live betting odds for League of Legends special bets, cand change as the match progresses. Live streams help you track esports live odds and changing lines and let you take advantage of the best odds bookmakers.