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League Of Legends Special Bets | How To Become A Professional Esports Gambler [2024]

Apart from ordinary bets, there is different League Of Legends special bets you can freely and easily choose.

While many might argue that LOL no longer offers lucrative betting markets as it was in the second and third competitive seasons, the numbers show a different picture. The seventh season had an astonishing 60 million viewers worldwide.  

This indicates that LOL is at its peak. At the same time, the LOL betting industry is picking up. This further means there will be more tournaments, matches, and events.

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What is League of Legends?

League of Legends is a multiplayer PC video game created by Riot Games. You can play this multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game on Microsoft Windows operating system and macOS. This popular video game features a team-based competitive play mode where each team aims at outplaying its opponents. This requires employing some tactics and strategies. 

A-League of Legends match features two teams, each with five players. The gameplay starts with each team at the opposing side of the map, near the Nexus. The game’s main objective is that each team must break the of the opposing team before that opposing team breaks their Nexus. This means that the members of each team must work cohesively to achieve that objective. 

Ideally, each team works through turrets (a series of towers), placed along three paths of each lane/base. When players complete game objectives along the way, they gain power, which earns them gold and experience points; thus, elevating their level. Players can use the gold to purchase powerful items, which are also helpful in the game. 

Also, League of Legends is a diverse game. The developers ensure that there is a tone of options. There are 148 champions, with each of them having unique abilities. Consequently, they can contribute to the team in different ways. Additionally, League of Legends sports 175+ purchasable items, which offer different special abilities – both active and passive. 

How to bet on League of Legends?

Before studying League of Legends betting tips, it is essential to learn how to place LOL bets on different League of Legends. It’s worth noting that placing League of Legends bets can be tricky if you are not tech-savvy. Similarly, there is a fair amount of online technical jargon you have to deal with – it might hinder your betting, especially if you cannot handle it well.

Nonetheless, there is always somewhere you can comfortably begin, especially if you are a beginner. Follow the steps below to place a bet on League of Legends bets.

Further Information

  • Find a betting site offering special bets for the League of Legends. An excellent place to begin is the list of LOL esports betting sites on this page.
  • Create a betting account (if you lack one) by clicking on the register now or join now button. Remember, the requirements for being a member of a League of Legends gambling website vary. Just comply with the requirements.
  • You will require to confirm your email address; do it and log in to the gambling site.
  • Deposit money to start real money gambling. Select a deposit method from the list of payment options offered by the gambling site, enter your personal details and the amount you wish to deposit. Some bookmakers have a generous welcome League of Legends betting bonuses based on deposit amount. It is worth depositing a considerable amount.
  • Navigate to the LOL betting market. Check out the available events, tournaments, or markets, and select those you wish to place bets on to create a bet.
  • Enter the cash you want to wager on the selected events, championships, specific matches, or specific elements of a game in the case of the League of Legends live betting.
  • Confirm your bet and place the wager.

If you are getting started with League of Legends betting, try using the League of Legends worlds betting predictions –  they might help you make informed choices. Also, be sure to shop for the best LOL esports betting odds for a chance to make good money. Some betting sites offer tips on LOL betting; therefore, check the League of Legends odds today section to see what is on offer.

Top 5 League of Legends special bets

As earlier indicated, League of Legends features multiple betting options. This section looks at some of the best League of Legends’ special bets. Check them out to see which one suits your betting style.

First Turret

The first turret LoL special bet means placing your wager on the first team to destroy the out turret. Remember, the foremost objective in each lane is destroying the outer turret. While it may sound easy, it involves lots of work and strategy. Beyond the creeps, opposing players are standing on the opposite side. This means taking down the first turret can be an uphill task. 

Therefore, if you must place this lol special bet, choose a team known for being aggressive early in the game. 

Which Team to Score More Aces

This bet means selecting a team that you think will score more aces. Ace in LOL occurs a team member kills the last remaining opposing team’s player. An ace occurs when a team has all their players dead for one or more seconds. 

Therefore, this bet shows the total number of aces scored by a particular team to determine whether your guess is correct. Put in mind that this bet features lots of variations, but the most popular is the number of aces in a match. 

The first turret LoL special bet means placing your wager on the first team to destroy the out turret. Remember, the foremost objective in each lane is destroying the outer turret. While it may sound easy, it involves lots of work and strategy. Beyond the creeps, opposing players are standing on the opposite side. This means taking down the first turret can be an uphill task. 

Therefore, if you must place this lol special bet, choose a team known for being aggressive early in the game. 

Pentakill/Quadra Kill

If you choose to place a pentakill special bet, it means you feel that there will be total dominance in a LOL match. If you are unfamiliar with LOL games, a pentakill occurs when one player kills all five enemies by himself. 

On the other hand, quadra kill occurs when one place kills four enemies by himself. Keep in mind; assists are not counted towards the score. There might be as many assists as possible, but it will only count as a pentakill or quadra kill only if one player accomplishes the task. 

Pentakills are very rare than quadra kills. Therefore, if you want to place this bet, the quadra is much more realistic than the pentakill. 

First Baron

Baron Nashor is the most compelling neutral monster in Summoner’s Rift map on LOL. This monster gives a massive advantage to the team that kills it. This explains why there is a race to see which team will be the first to kill it. 

It is immensely difficult to kill it. Worst case scenario is when an opposing team is trying to steal it from you mid-fight. Baron brings lots of gold and brutal buff for a team that slays it. The Baron’s buff can be the key figure in winning matches in the late game. Currently, this bet is offered on regular League of Legends betting LCS matches, unlike before, where it was only provided on LOL world championships. 

First Dragon

In this bet, you choose the team that will make the first Dragon kill. Of course, it cannot be the Elder. So, it will be one of the smaller Dragons.

This bet features a similar concept to Baron with only a few differences. The Dragon is a relatively more minor neutral monster, but still an important aspect, especially the Elder Dragon. This Dragon can entirely change the course of the match. 

Other types of bets available for League of Legends

Other bet types you can place are:


Total Kills Over/Under

The total kill bet is standard in the esport world, and the bet doesn’t spell an outright match-winner. Instead, a team with many kills at the end of the game is the winner. A bookie can set the total number of kills and bettors to select whether kills will be over or under that set number. 

Match Length

This is not a standard bet. Here, you will be placing a bet on how long a match will take. Typically, a LOL match takes between 25 to 30 minutes. However, the games can be shorter or longer depending on several factors. 

This bet offers a choice between several durations. Pick one that you feel will be close to the actual time. League of Legends betting odds on this option is very high, making it a great way to make money. 

Maps Over/Under

Maps over-under bets are an option to bettors looking to bet on best of threes and best of fives. These are very popular bets, especially during the LOL World Championship, in which most matches are played as a best of series. 

For the best of three matchups, the value is usually 2.5. therefore, you will have to select whether the rounds fought will be two or three. So if you choose under 2.5, for instance, the results can be 2:1 or 2:0 for a winning team. If you go with under 2.5, you will need to cheer for a 2:0 blowout regardless of which team wins. 

On the contrary, if you select over 2.5, the team that loses the map1 draws right back up in the second map. 

Outright Bets 

Outright bests are among the commonest bets in the betting industry. However, these bets are not based on a single team but rather the entire competition. So, you have to select the desired tournament and then predict the outright winner. 

You can also try match-winner bets and League of Legends spread betting.

Tips and tricks about League of Legends special bets

Beyond knowing how to bet on the League of Legends, there are strategies you must learn to win your special bets in a League of Legends. It is always betting for fun vs. betting for profit. If it is just fun, play around to understand the betting systems. however, if you are putting your money on the line, here are some essential tips:

  • Play League of Legends – when you spend time playing the game, you will clearly understand how the game functions. Then you will be able to make a sound League of Legends worlds betting predictions.
  • Watch the best streamers and pro players – watch as streamers stream and play the game daily. Though they are not at the level of pros, they’ll give a picture of how the game functions.
  • Start with simple markets – LOL is a bit complex; therefore, it is advisable to begin with, straightforward bets such as Moneyline bets. You move to special bets when your winning rate is above 35%. Here, you will understand the various League of Legends betting lines.
  • Choose a trusted betting site: when a betting site is fully licensed, you are sure of timely payouts and the safety of your data. Thus, escaping betting scams.
  • Take advantage of bonuses: Whether it is ordinary or live betting bonuses, utilize them efficiently for a chance to win more cash.

PROS and CONS about League of Legends special bets


  • Some bookmakers offer live specials
  • A wide range of bet types
  • Favorable LOL betting lines


  • Special bets are not beginner-friendly

FAQ about League of Legends special bets

Yes, as long as you know how to place a bet online and the bookies are mobile-ready, you can easily place a LOL special bet on your phone.

First Turret Seems to be the easiest, best special bet in LOL. However, it depends on your level of experience. Otherwise, you can opt for the first Baron or first dragon bets.

Overwatch, rocket league, and hearthstone betting feature their specific bet, whether esports betting at betworld or any other bookmaker.

Bookies offer bonuses as an incentive to attract and keep customers. Therefore, the number and types of bonuses depending on a bookie.

Yes. You can place special bets on live lol events.

Skin betting is simply using virtual goods as a virtual currency as your wagers. Therefore, it is not a special bet.

Lol special bets: Get the right betting advice

You need the right League of Legends betting advice on different types of bets to win more. This article looks at only the top special bets available for LOL, but there are more. Before you begin betting, be informed of the choices you make. That should start from the selection of the betting site, like LEC betting, to the payment methods.