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Best Boku Sports Betting Sites 2024

Boku betting sites are the best option for gamblers that do not use a credit card method or a bank account. It allows you to bet using phone bill or mobile phone credit, via a method called “carrier billing”. In this context, Boku is one of the best payment methods to use at low deposit betting sites.

It is also very easy to use: As phonelong as you are able to use SMS, you can play at Boku deposit betting sites too. And it is supported by even the biggest sports betting companies, so you can use your mobile phone to make a deposit in lots of online bookmakers. In this article about Boku betting, we will explain how this payment system works and give you a list of the best Boku payment betting sites.

What is Boku betting and how does it work?

Boku is one of the bookmakers payment methods you can use for deposits and it can be summarized as “text betting”. Boku is the name of a mobile payment processing company located in the USA. It was founded in 2009 and one of the largest companies that offer carrier billing services.

To simply explain, Boku betting allows you to use your mobile phone to make deposits to online bookmakers and casinos. Here is how it works:

🔵 You don’t need aBoku account” to use the service. You cannot “join” Boku as a customer/player. This is a service that does not require a “user” account. (Only the merchants can create an account.)

🔵 You just need a mobile phone that can receive and send SMS. To simply explain, when you choose to pay with Boku, an SMS is sent to your phone for you to approve the transaction. If you answer this SMS by typing “yes”, the transaction is complete.

🔵 Your mobile phone carrier makes the payment on behalf of you. And you pay it back with your monthly phone bill – the payment amount is added to your bill. It is easier than paying with a bank transfer method, but sometimes this latter option can be used too.

That’s it! This is how Boku sports betting works. You can use any type of phone for this service, it does not need to be “smart”. Boku pay by mobile method works even on old Nokia 3310s. As long as it can send and receive SMS, any phone can be used. However, there are three things you need to know:

👉 There is a transaction limit of 10 EUR/USD/GBP. You cannot deposit more than this amount in one transaction.

👉 There is also a daily deposit limit of 30 EUR/USD/GBP. You cannot send more than this amount within 24 hours.

👉 Boku betting sports can be used with pre-paid SIM cards too but the number of carriers that offer this option is very limited. And even then they require you to have an active balance, because the charge will be deducted from it instantly. If you don’t have an active balance on your phone account, you cannot use Boku betting with pre-paid SIM cards. As of 2020, pre-paid SIM cards from Verizon, MetroPCS, Straight Talk, Cricket, and AT&T are not supported.

Below, we are presenting you with a list of bookmakers who accept Boku payments. This list contains all the information you need to know. We will explain how you can do this below.

These are the best Boku betting sites you can play right now and as always we wish you good luck.  There are also a number of betting promotions that can be accessed.

Best Boku Betting Sites in 19 June 2024 – Updated List

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Rating 9.90 out of 10
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Rating 9.80 out of 10
100% up to €100
Rating 9.65 out of 10
Exclusive: 100% up to €130
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Rating 9.52 out of 10
Exclusive: 100% up to €130 Use Promocode: GJBET
Rating 9.26 out of 10
100% up to 500 USDT
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Rating 9.12 out of 10

Please note that: 

  • There are high stakes live betting sites in this list too, but Boku betting has payment limits, as explained above. If you are a high roller, you should pick another payment method. 
  • While there are instant withdrawal bookmakers in this list, you cannot use Boku as a withdrawal method. Once again, we will explain this in detail below.

As always, you can personalize this list by switching to a different country: for example, you can easily see the biggest bookmakers in UK that supports Boku payments. We can find the best betting sites that use Boku for any country and currency type in the world.

Countries with Boku sports betting

Betting with Boku is available in 60+ countries and 160+ mobile networks worldwide. It is used in almost all European countries, including the United Kingdom, Italy, and the Netherlands. You can use it on French betting sites, Chinese betting sites, and even sports betting Japan sites and e-sports betting sites too.

Boku betting is also available in the United States Of America. In fact, Boku has lots of partners from the USA, including Google, Facebook, and PayPal. Bet using mobile credit is more common than you think. Other than the Middle East and a couple of Asian countries, Boku sports betting is available almost everywhere.

The benefits of playing at Boku betting sites

Boku betting sites offer lots of benefits. Once you find the easiest sport to bet on, you can start using Boku for all your deposits and get the following advantages:

✅ You don’t need a bank account or credit card to make a payment. There are lots of players who don’t use both and Boku betting is the best option for them.

✅ You can place a bet even if you don’t have any money: Your phone carrier will make the payment for you. You can start paying back a month later.

✅ You won’t pay a transaction fee: All Boku betting payments are free of charge.

✅ You won’t share your name, address, or any other financial information with the Boku betting sites. If you are playing at Boku betting sites UK, for example, you just need to give your phone number and that’s it.

All Boku payments are instant. If you send a deposit to a Boku betting UK site, for example, it will instantly appear on your account.

Making a deposit at betting sites with Boku

Let’s say you are making a William Hill Boku payment: How can you complete it? As mentioned above, payments at Boku betting sites are quick and easy. Here is everything you need to know:

Step 1
Open your profile page and click the “deposit” button.
Step 2
You will see a list of all available payment methods. Select “Boku” among them.
Step 3
On the next screen, you need to enter the deposit amount and your phone number. Click “submit” when you are done.
Step 4
You will receive an SMS asking you to confirm the transaction. Answer this SMS by sending a “yes” message.
Step 5
And that’s everything you need to do: You will see the deposit amount on your casino account instantly. You can now start mobile phone betting and gambling!

Making a withdrawal at bookmakers that accept Boku

Unfortunately, Boku cannot be used for withdrawals. You don’t need to check bookmaker withdrawal limits if you are using this method: Boku is for making deposits only. Since there is no “customer account”, there can’t be withdrawals.

To make a withdrawal from Kluwp bookmakers, you must pick a different method. We suggest using an e-wallet service because as we will explain below, Boku and e-wallets have a good synergy. For withdrawals eWallet bookmakers like Neteller betting sites are recommended, but also ecoPayz betting sites are a good choice. 

Combining Boku betting with Neteller: The best of both worlds


If the bookmaker does not support Boku payments for sports betting exchanges but offers e-wallet payments, you can still make a deposit with your phone. Boku has partnered a couple of e-wallet services for this purpose, and at the moment, Neteller is the best service you can use.

Basically, you will top up your Neteller account with Boku and use Neteller to complete the payment. Here is what you need to do: 

Select “Boku” from the “Money In” section of your Neteller account. 

Submit the amount you wish to send with Boku. 

Confirm the SMS as explained above. 

Your Neteller account will be credited instantly and now you can pay & withdraw with Neteller. However, remember that there will be a 2.5% fee for this operation. Using Neteller Boku betting has its benefits as it expands the use of Boku payments but it also brings a transaction fee.

Limits and fees of depositing with Boku


❗ You cannot send more than 10 EUR/GBP/USD in one transaction. 

❗ You cannot send more than 30 EUR/GBP/USD in a day. 

❗ There is no fee for direct Boku payments.

❗ There is a 2.5% fee for sending money to your Neteller account with Boku.

Best alternatives you can use at betting sites that accept Boku

Boku betting sites support other payment methods too and you can always use them if Boku payments are not available. PayPal is currently the best alternative to Boku. You can also send money from Boku to PayPal. We think that these are other best alternatives you can use:

Should you play at Boku betting sites?


  • Fast and secure payments
  • Pay back with the monthly phone bill
  • There are special bonuses for Boku payments
  • It is as easy as sending an SMS


  • Withdrawals are not possible
  • You cannot use Boku in some countries

FAQ about betting sites using Boku

Yes, but this is a limited option – the majority of carriers don’t offer this opportunity. And the ones that offer require you to have an active balance.

Yes. You can even send funds to your e-wallet account by using Boku. This option allows you to use Boku payments even in bookmakers that don’t support it.

If it is a direct Boku payment, no, you don’t have to pay any fees. If you are sending money to Neteller with Boku, there will be a 2.5% fee per transaction.

This is because of the local laws – carriers in some countries don’t have an agreement with Boku and some countries don’t allow mobile payments for online gambling.

Play at the best Boku betting sites

We explained what Boku sports betting is and gave you a list of the best Boku betting sites: The rest is up to you. Pick a Boku betting website from the list above and create your account today. Use your mobile phone to make instant deposits and pay back to your phone carrier later! Boku offers the chance to gamble even if you don’t have a credit card or bank account, you should not miss this opportunity. Good luck out there!