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Best matched betting free bet offers. List of top bonuses for matched betting!

Understanding and properly using matched betting can help punters make a steady income without taking any chances.

At the cornerstone of a functional strategy one will always find the best matched betting free bet offers.

The quality, frequency and ease of use of these offers can make a difference between marginally winning and losing punters.

Luckily for those who are ready to take online gambling to the next level, there is no shortage of such offers at Internet casinos.

In this section of the guide, we will teach you how to find matched betting free bets and how to put them to good use to create a profitable system. There are many types of offers out there, so it is important to filter out those that are a waste of time and focus on those worthwhile.

Competition pushes online casinos to offer increasingly better welcome offers, so the real challenge is to deal with the paradox of choice. That’s precisely what you will learn if you keep reading.

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What are matched betting free bet offers and how can you make money with them?

To start with, matched betting free bet offers and bonuses are never going to be advertised like this by online casinos. That’s because gambling operators frown upon the idea of players gaining an unfair advantage and rendering the proverbial house edge useless.

What players can expect to find on their websites are promotions wrapped up as deposit bonuses, welcome offers, free bets and so on.

Whenever such opportunity presents itself, players hunting for matched betting free bets should take advantage. The idea is to sign up for these offers a different sites and use them to bet on opposite outcomes.

This way, players hit two birds with one stone, as they meet the wagering requirements and bet on a certain outcome without risking anything. Regardless of the bet that finishes in the money, players will take the winnings and their bankroll with grow a little bit. You can also find out here what are unmatched bets and partially matched bets.

Are these one-time offers or they are provided daily?

While the quest for the best matched betting free bet offers is never ending, the promotions have limited time availability. We can make a distinction between one-time offers and matched betting deals that players can take advantage on a regular basis, also called reload offers and reload offers UK, if we specifically take those for UK players.

All bookmakers, casino and poker rooms now offer incentives to those who sign up for an account. When it comes to sports betting, there are two types of offers that can be put to good use for easy matched betting profits.

Matched deposit bonuses are the ideal way of getting the funds needed to bet on opposite outcomes without risking your own cash. Bookies are willing to match the first deposit made by players by a certain percentage, so they start on the right foot.

Similar to these offers, but having the unique advantage of being provided often, are reload bonuses. They work in the same fashion, but the upside is that players can claim them whenever they make a deposit and regardless of how long they’ve been around.

Another one-time deal comes in the form of an introductory free bet, offered independently or in conjunction with the matched deposit bonus. It has the downside of having the stakes subtracted after the bet is settled, but this doesn’t affect a smart matched betting strategy.

The only thing that happens is that the profits are diminished, but then again players don’t lose anything in the process.

What types of matched betting offers are there?

Another important distinction that people need to make when trying to assemble a matched betting list of worthy offers is in regard to the nature of these freebies. While the aforementioned free bets that have the stakes subtracted from the resulting profits are offered more frequently, there is another, more lucrative offer out there.

Sometimes bookies offer free bets on smaller amounts that don’t have the stakes removed after the bet is place and settled.

Free matched betting strategies benefit greatly from this type of offer, since players end up with more money in their bankroll. Sign up and reload bonuses are more clear-cut, because in an overwhelming majority of cases players get to keep the bonus and the profits.

Savvy punters dwelling on matched betting strategies can use more subtle offers for existing customers. They go by the name of ACCA insurance, cashback deals and occasional refunds.

The ACCA insurance is less suitable for simple matched betting strategies, because it requires players to add several events of the same betting slip. This makes it more difficult to place wagers on the opposite outcome and the stakes are only refunded if one bet is lost.

Cashback deals that allow players to bet on a single event are much better, since they can be used in conjunction with a standard free that on a different website. In any case, the arbitrage is insured and players eliminate the risks of losing.

Do you need big free bet offers for matched betting?

To cut to the chase, the bigger the sign-up offers, the more generous the deposit bonus and the larger the free bets, the better. It makes perfect sense to chase the biggest bonuses out there, since ultimately profits represent a percentage of the free bets.

Having account with multiple operators helps, as this allows players to take advantage not only of welcome bonuses, but also offers for existing customers. Those who have attained VIP status and highrollers are also more likely to benefit from bigger rewards.

How to match these free bet offers?

The easiest way to match free bet offers is by using bonuses of identical size or free bets of the same magnitude and nature. That’s because it is easier to do the math when betting the same amount on a team to win and lay the same squad on identical stakes.

With so many bookies out there, it’s relatively easy to find similar bonuses and match these free bet offers. Furthermore, bookmakers and casinos tend to offer bonuses that only the first likely, since their goal is not to fall behind the curve.

Are there any qualifying bets necessary?

It’s nothing more than wishful thinking to assume that you can steadily find sign up and bonuses, daily offers or free bets with no wagering requirements. The system simply doesn’t work in this manner and casinos will always try to protect themselves from those who might abuse these bonuses.

That’s why in an overwhelming majority of cases, players will have to bet the resulting profits several times before cash outs are possible. Luckily, this is only a slight obstacle for someone using matched betting. Players will simply use their bankrolls at other bookmakers or find more free bet offers to hedge against the risks.

Do these matched betting offers have special and different rollover/terms and conditions?

A serious punter who wants to extract the most from match betting offers will have accounts with dozens of bookmakers. As a result one can expect to deal with different terms and conditions for various bonuses, and wagering requirements that differ based on the type of offer. A deposit bonus is usually more difficult to clear, as players are supposed to wager the combined amount of bonus and deposit several times.

Free bets are usually more straightforward, since it is sufficient to place them once on a game of choice and winners keep their profits. However, in both cases, bookmakers might impose additional restrictions, in regard to minimum odds and maximum winnings. None of these prerequisites are serious threat for a successful match betting strategy, since players can back teams at one bookie and lay them at the other. Some prefer “sharbing“, where you back the bet in a betting shop and use the free bet to lay it at an online bookmaker.

Are these offers for players all around the world?

As long as national restrictions don’t prevent you from opening an account with the casino and signing up for an account, these matched betting bonuses are accessible. All UK players can get the deposit bonuses, daily offers and the free bets listed here and we will create pages for dedicated offers for other countries.

What is the best strategy to use these?

The beauty of matched betting is that despite being extremely effective, it is also easy to understand. The best strategy to beat the bookies is always to lay the free bets and daily offers at the most popular betting exchanges, like Betfair. By applying the best Betfair trading strategies you will definitely end up with profits.

A quick glance on the matched betting offers list will highlight the gambling operators that offer the biggest odds and charge the lowest commission. Savvy players can even take advantage of the changing trends and cash in on bigger odds when betting against favorites and heavily supported teams. Lots of guides and tutorials will be provided by our website for each type of offer so stick around.

Can all payment methods be used for these offers?

Credit cards and wire transfers are going to work like a charm at most bookmakers when claiming deposit bonuses and most of their matched betting free bets. If you are the proud owner of a Visa or MasterCard as well as other major credit and debit cards you have nothing to worry about. Skrill, Paypal, Neteller and other e-wallets are accepted by most casinos for deposits and withdrawals. However, many bookies don’t allow players to make deposits with these financial instruments when applying for bonuses.

Are there any casino, bingo and poker offers that are worth taking?

The largest gambling operators have distinct sections for bookmakers, casinos, poker and bingo rooms. An all-round punter who feels comfortable gambling in all these online parlors can take advantage of different matched betting best offers. In most cases the wagering requirements and the sheer fact that sports betting fans are not familiar with other types of gambling mitigate their usefulness. Even so, it is worth claiming these bonuses whenever offered, since you don’t lose anything and only have to gain.

Frequently Asked Questions

A matched bet offer is a strategy whereby you can “guarantee” a profit by using the promotions offered by betting companies. By using “money back” promos to wager on two outcomes, you are guaranteed to receive winnings on one bet and your money back on the other.

It isn’t particularly difficult to do, but it does require patience and a bit of reading up. Ultimately, our matched betting guide tells you everything you need to know and can help you get started in mere moments.

The best way to calculate a matched bet is to use an online matched bet calculator. Failing that, you can do this yourself by calculating the optimal lay stake, profit if the back bet wins, calculating the lay bet winnings, and the profit on qualifying bets, as explained in our guide.

Many bookmakers are getting wise to matched bettors. However, they can’t afford to not offer money back deals for new players. With so many betting sites out there with these offers, it is well worth having a crack at matched betting in 2021.

You won’t make much money matched betting in the beginning. Instead, you need to keep up this practice for a year or more. Some returns can be worth several thousand dollars a year if you regularly jump between bookies over an extended period.

Conclusion: can you make a living out of matched betting offers?

The short answer is: Absolutely! There are hundreds of matched betting offers such as the ones listed here and free bets are offered routinely by bookmakers. An active punter can sign up for many of them and we diligently work towards finding the best matched betting offers.

Furthermore, this guide will teach you how to properly use these opportunities to craft the ultimate strategy and beat the house. All you have to do is create an account will all bookmakers and take up on their offers. The rest will come naturally.