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Reverse Forecast Bet – What is a reverse forecast bet [2024]

The reverse forecast bet will surely sound familiar to those betting at horse racing betting sites UK.

If you’re familiar with horse betting terms, then you surely know the classic forecast bet and can at least assume what reverse forecast betting stands for.

Even if you are completely new to gambling and don’t know how to bet on horses, this guide will prove useful.

We explain how does a reverse forecast bet work, and highlight the sites offering it, with a promising review and competitive odds.

Best bookies for placing reverse forecast bets in 20 July 2024 – Updated List

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The basic 2024 reverse forecast bet guide

To better understand how to place a reverse forecast bet, we also explained the forecast bet meaning. In this guide we look at the best bookmakers of 2023 where you can use this type of bet on other sports like football, tennis, and other sports in addition to horse racing.

We explain the advantages and shortcomings of using reverse forecast in betting and also analyze similar types of bets. You will learn more about the trebles bet and the tricast bet, and the similarities between them and the classic reverse forecast bet.

What is a forecast bet?

Before we try to understand what is a reverse forecast bet and how to place it at online bookmakers, it pays off to look at the straight forecast bet. This requires players to correctly predict the winner and the runner-up in the sports competition of choice.

Made popular by horse racing sites, it’s now featured by mainstream bookmakers who offer it on other sports. It is vital for both predictions to be correct, so you need to indicate the first and second-placed contenders in the right order.

What is a reverse forecast bet?

The regular reverse forecast bet will pay if the two teams, athletes or horses finish in the first two places. Assuming you chose to bet on Djokovic to win at Wimbledon and Roger Federer to finish second. You will be paid regardless of who wins the tournament and who loses in the final if the two players make it this far.

The reverse forecast double will add two more selections for a different tournament. In addition to the aforesaid bet, you also wager on Nadal and Djokovic to prevail at Roland Garros. In order to win, these 4 players will need to find their way to the finals of the two Grand Slams, regardless who wins the event.

Now that you have the basic and double reverse forecast bet explained, you can get creative with the reverse forecast treble. Let’s say you also decide to bet on the US open winners and choose Thiem and Medvedev to prevail. The total number of combinations increases from 8 for a reverse forecast double to 24 and you must have these three pairs of players make it to the finals in any order.

Place a reverse forecast bet – Step by Step

The horse racing reverse forecast bet at live bookies and its counterpart for football and tennis use the same formula. You indicate the winner and the team finishing in second place then bet the amount you feel comfortable.

It doesn’t matter if you predict the winner correctly, as long as both players make it to the final act of the competition. The odds are simply multiplied, without any additional offers, so learning how to calculate a reverse forecast bet is easy.

Step 1
Choose the event and pick the winner and runner-up
Step 2
Add the selection consisting of two bets and the stakes
Step 3
You win if the two teams or athletes make it to the final

Forecast bet vs reverse forecast bet

The main difference between the straight forecast and the reverse forecast bet when playing at sports betting exchanges is the manner in which they are settled. The first requires you to predict the correct order and it benefits from higher odds.

The reverse forecast bet odds are lower because you win even if the designated winner finishes in second place and the runner-up takes the trophy. You have more winning combinations but sacrifice the odds, since the reverse forecast bet payout is lower.

Reverse Forecast betting tips and tricks


You can use the reverse forecast bet for UK horse racing betting and even take advantage of free horse racing bets no deposit bonuses. To be successful in your quest, researching post position win percentage information can be useful. You should also follow these reverse forecast bet tips that work for other sports not only for horse racing.

Reverse forecast betting for hedging – you can hedge against the risk of a negative outcome by using the reverse forecast bet at new mobile betting sites. You sacrifice the odds of being to have twice as many chances of winning so this bet is great in races with two horses that are equally good.

Consider double and multi reverse forecasts – for tennis fans, this type of reverse forecast betting is perfect for Grand Slam events. There are 4 such tournaments every year, so you can pick up to 8 players and bet on them to reach the finals. The odds are spectacular and you have an action-packed season.

Pros and cons of reverse forecast betting


  • Twice as many chances to win at competitive odds
  • Better value than the trifecta box betting
  • Can be used for other sports besides horse racing


  • High volatility and a high level of risk

Frequently Asked Questions about reverse forecast betting:

Reverse forecast horse racing is just one of the options and you can use this type of bet for other sports. Tennis is a particularly good choice, especially for grand slam tournaments.

The most important UK bookmakers offer reverse forecast betting. Many have added other betting systems inspired by it, such as the patent bet or the alphabet bet.

UK bookmakers are famous for the horse racing offer, hence the propensity for the reverse forecast bet. You can find it at international bookies, next to special types of bets such as Lucky 15and Yankee bet.

The odds of the reverse forecast bet are lower, but you have twice as many chances to win. You finish in the money if your designated winner finishes second and the runner-up claims the trophy.

Double the odds of winning big with the reverse forecast bet

Reverse forecast betting is an excellent choice for horse racing enthusiasts betting in any currencies, who seek higher odds. It can be used for football, tennis, and other sports to bet on the outright winners of tournaments. Compared to the straight forecast bet, it pays slightly less but you are twice as lucky to win.

Risk-averse punters prefer the reverse forecast bet as it mitigate the risks even at crypto bookmakers. At the end of the day, it’s heartbreaking to see the team you choose to win finish second, while the designated runner-up wins the event.