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Permed Patent Bet | What is a Patent Bet?

Patent bet types are becoming all the rage at top betting sites. What is a Patent bet, though? Can it be used in several sports? If so, what is a Patent bet in football? If you are not the world’s leading authority on betting terms, you need not worry.
With our guide, we will walk you through the ins and outs of Patent betting in just a few moments. If you want full coverage with your bets and hope for a reasonable return, then a Patent bet could be for you. Let us start by looking at the Patent bet definition before we go any further.

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Patent bet explained

Patent sports betting is popular in many sports. Whether you wish to enjoy a sport of UK horse racing betting, dog betting, or even profitable football betting, a win only Patent bet could be ideal. Unlike basic betting accumulators, this type of system bets allows you full coverage on whatever it is you are betting on. Precisely what is a Patent bet, though?

A Patent bet is a wager consisting of seven individual £1 bets, costing a total of £7. It covers three selections in three different events. These consist of three single bet options, three double bets, and one treble bet. The basic Patent bet meaning is that only one of your bets needs to be a winner to see a return. The basic rules are:

  • You cannot bet on multiple outcomes in the same event.
  • There must be three, very separate events.
  • A typical Patent bet will cost £7.
  • It is best done when using decimal odds, as these are easier to read.
  • You cannot use Patent bets with any other forms of wagers to guarantee the same results.
  • Winning more than one bet results in a profitable return.

While that might explain what a Patent bet consists of, it does not explain “how does a Patent bet work?”. We will explain it in detail below. First have a look at our recommended list of bookmakers where you can place Patent bets.

Learn how to place a Patent bet online

We assume that you know how to place a bet conventionally. If not, we would recommend that you read up on that quickly before progressing to Patent bets and Patent horse betsconver. Below you will find our Patent bet example. Follow it to understand how to bet on horses and other types of sports betting options. 

There are three races that you wish to bet on at William Hill, one of the biggest bookmakers in the UK. You fancy betting on Horse A to win. However, Horse B and Horse C do not have bad odds either. They look like this:

    • Horse A: 6/1 to win
    • Horse B: 5/1 to win
    • Horse C: 10/1 to win

To place a typical Patent bet, you need to place three singles, three doubles, and a treble, as mentioned above. You will do that, like so…



3 x Singles
On Horse A, Horse B and Horse C
3 x Doubles
On Horse A and B, and Horse B and C, and Horse A and C
1 x Treble
On Horse A, B and C

Placing a permed patent bet for football

You already know the answer to the “what is a permed patent bet” question: We explained it in detail below and told you that it is used in horse racing bets. However, this is not the only sport you can place a permed patent bet: There are lots of sports and sports betting systems that use patent bets, and football is the most popular one.

Obviously, patent bet meaning in football is a little different: There are no 7 bets or four selections this time. You still make three selections, and this is the total number of bets. Basically, you skip the “double” and “treble” parts of the patent bet – you just place three single bets in total. Here is an example:

  • Find three independent football matches you want to bet on
  • Your first bet will be “Team A wins”
  • Your second bet will be “Team B wins”
  • Your third bet will be “Team C wins”
  • Place all these bets on the same slip (you are placing three singles)

That’s it: This is how you place a patent bet for football. Even if only one of your selections wins, you will qualify for a payout (one winning bet is enough). If all your selections win, the payout will be much bigger. You don’t need to win in order, any order of winning is fine. You can use the same method in other sports too: For more info, check our NHL betting system and Snooker betting system guides. In fact, if you are a beginner, make sure to start with our how to win at sports betting guide.

Top tips for Patent betting online

While there are plenty of tipsters out there offering Patent bet strategy guides for you, there is no such thing as a guaranteed way to win via a Patent bet system. We can, however, offer you Patent bet tips, and these include:


👉 It is possible to place Each-Way bets (as Patent bets), as well as the To Win bets that we have already covered. This will double your original stake to £14, and works in much the same way, requiring seven selections on three separate events. An each-way bet may not be the smartest bet in horse racing, but is the safest one.

👉 Always include at least one single in any bet you make. The main reason is that this will guarantee a payout, even if all your other bets fail.

👉 Consider exploring Trixies and Permed bets. If a typical To Win Patent bet does not seem like it will get the job done (perhaps you cannot find enough selections), these are options worth considering instead.

👉 It is best to stick to the minimum bet of £1 per selection here. If you opt to go higher, you could find that you run out of money rather rapidly. With a bit of luck and careful planning, a £7 bet is all you will need to turn a handsome profit.

How are your stake and winnings calculated with Patent bets?

Now that you have your popular combination bet in place, you must hope for the best. Each bet here will cost £1, making the total bet cost £7. A single winner will result in a profit being made. However, you can get a sizable return if all come good. Based on the odds displayed above, Horse A will pay £7 if it wins, Horse B a total of £6, and Horse C £11. It can be tricky learning how to work out a Patent bet.

  • As mentioned above, if Horse A, B or C wins, you will pocket £7, £6, or £11, respectively, which will see you break even.
  • However, if two of your selections come good, you can maximise your win. If Horses B and C were to win in their respective events, you could pocket £66 on one double and £6 and £11 on the singles. When you subtract your original £7 stake, you end up with a Patent bet payout of £76.
  • And if all 3 horses win you end up with a return of £671 and a profit of £664.

If calculating these odds is too much for you, you will be delighted to know that much like with Parlay betting; there are Patent bet calculators out there. You can find many of these Patent bet return calculators online.

The Patent bet versus the Permed bet and Trixie bets

You may be familiar with Patent bets but not simply know their name. They are quite like Trixie bets and Lucky 15 bets. In fact, you could argue that Patent bets are the bridge between them. Similar types of bets include:

  • Trixie Bets: A four-tier bet consisting of three selections. Namely, three doubles and a treble.
  • Permed Bets: Any wager which consists of at least two selections. It will typically involve wagering on several selections with small stakes. By contrast, Permed Patent Bets require four to six selections, with up to twenty-eight bets made in all. 
  • Lucky 15 Bets: As its name suggests, this bet involves wagering on four different selections with fifteen bets. Expect to see four singles, six doubles, four trebles and a single fourfold accumulator bet.

The fundamental similarity between all these bets is this – if a single bet is involved somewhere, you are guaranteed a payout if at least one of your bets wins. See our table below, for more details on this:

Patent Bet

Trixie Bet

Permed Patent Bet

Number of Selections
Patent Bet
Trixie Bet
Permed Patent Bet
4 (up to 6)
Number of Bets
Patent Bet
Trixie Bet
Permed Patent Bet
Bet Structure
Patent Bet
3 Singles: 1, 2, 3
3 Doubles: 1-2, 1-3, 2-3
1 Treble: 1-2-3
Trixie Bet
3 Doubles: 1-2, 1-3, 2-3
1 Treble: 1-2-3
Permed Patent Bet
4 individual patent bets
Winning Return
Patent Bet
At least 1 selection must win
Trixie Bet
At least 2 selections must win
Permed Patent Bet
At least 1 selection must win

Patent bets can also form a part of an Alphabet bet when they are used alongside accumulator and Yankee bets. Of course the more selections there are the higher the bet will cost. In this case always preffer low stakes betting sites.

How to work out a patent bet: simple steps

Now you know what’s a permed patent bet even in different sports. However, horse racing is still the most popular option for this bet type and we should explain how to place a patent bet in horse racing too. If this is your first time, simply follow the following steps:

Log in to your favorite bookmaker and choose “horse racing”
Pick three individual races and pick three winners
After adding three single bets to your slip, it will automatically display an option that says “patent” or “full cover” (depends on the bookmaker)
Place three more double bets
Lastly, place a treble bet
The default unit stake per bet will be 1 EUR/USD, but you can change this if you like
Submit your bet

Important things to know about patent betting

  1. Stick what you know and do not keep changing sports. If you know how a patent bet works in horse racing, try to become a master of it instead of chasing other sports.
  2. Betting on the favorite is your best option but it is not the highest-paying one: Sometimes, picking the underdog will be the better option and will pay much more.
  3. Do not increase the stakes too much unless you are a high roller: Remember that all bet values will be multiplied by 7 in a permed patent bet.
  4. You can still use several strategies in a permed patent bet too. For example, start with the low odds betting strategy, as the majority of patent bets cost only 7 EUR/USD.

The pros and cons of placing Patent bets

There are pros and cons with every bet. Here is what you need to know about Patent bets:


  • Are friendly with Each-Way bets
  • Not as complicated as Permed Patent bets
  • Improved probability on a return


  • Must be used on three different selections
  • More reliable but often pay less than traditional accumulators

FAQs: Your questions about Patent bets answered

You should now know how to place a Patent bet. That said, we are here to answer any lingering questions you may have with our FAQ…

A Patent bet is a wager on three selections, where seven bets are made. These are three singles, three doubles, and a treble.

You can use the example given above to calculate a patent bet. However, you do not have to bother. There are Patent bet calculators out there which make short work of calculating a win. But as a simple example a typical Patent bet will cost £7, containing seven individual £1 bets.

Patent bet rules can vary from site to site. If your horse fails to run, you may end up seeing your entire Patent bet canceled. This is not as bad as if it were to go on, which would lessen your chance of success.

Of course. Bear in mind though, that when you place Each Way Patent bets, you will need to double your stake to £14.

A Permed Patent bet is arguably one of the more complicated stakes you can wager. It involves four to six selections and up to twenty-eight bets. You still only need one selection to win, but those bets span many outcomes. Check our table above to learn more about this.

Play online using Patent bets today

As you can see, Patent bets can be incredibly profitable if multiple bets come good. There is no guarantee that you will win your Patent bet, but as you only need one selection to do so, this presents you with a far better chance of winning than conventional accumulators and other bets, even if the winnings “may be” a touch smaller. 

If you are interested in placing Patent bets online, you will need a trusted, licensed, and reputable sportsbook. You may also want to try other types of bets on horse racing – like forecast bets and reverse forecast bets. Anyway, do not hesitate to check out our selection of top bookmakers, all of which are Patent bet-friendly and ready to offer their services to you today.

You are now ready to place your first permed patent bet: The only thing left is choosing a bookmaker for the job. Well, we are ready to help you in this regard too: We already picked the best bookies for your first patent bet. Check our lists, pick one, and make sure to claim your bonus with your first deposit: It is that easy. As always, we wish you good luck!