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Trixie Bet | What is a Trixie Bet and How Does a Trixie Bet Work?

There are different types of sports betting offered to bettors, and some manage to fit a large number of bets into one slip: Trixie bet is one of the best examples of this. With this type of bet, you can place four different bets at the same time with a low bankroll and get very satisfying returns.

But Trixie bet may seem a bit complicated for beginners, and there are hardly any guidelines on the internet that explain Trixie bet simply. That’s why we prepared this article: If you are looking for a “Trixie bet explained simply” guide, this is it: Let’s start.

What is a Trixie bet?

First things first: what does Trixie bet mean? As you already guessed, this is a multiple bet, which means you are placing more than one bet in a single slip. In total, you will be placing 4 bets on three selections, and these selections must be in different events.

The most common Trixie bet example is placing 3 double bets and one treble bet in a single betting slip. A Trixie bet is similar to a Patent bet, a Canadian bet, or a Yankee bet in the sense that they are system bets, because you don’t need to win all of these selections but if you win them all, the payout will be quite big.

Still confused? Need a better Trixie bet definition? If you are not familiar with all the betting terms, this is normal, don’t worry. Let’s use what is a Trixie bet on horses question to explain this topic in detail.

  • In a double bet, you try to predict two winners across two different races. For example, you can say “Horse A will win race 1, and Horse B will win race 2”: You placed two different bets on two races: This is a double bet. 
  • In a treble bet, you are trying to predict the winners across three different races. For example, you can say “The winners of the races 1, 2, and 3 will be Horses A, B, and C, respectively”. You are placing three different bets on three races: This is a treble bet. 

So far, so good, right? Now imagine placing three double bets and a single treble bet together, on a single bet slip: You have combined multiple selections & bets together and this is the Trixie bet meaning. At this point, you probably have two questions in mind: 

  • What is the reason for a Trixie bet? It looks complicated, why should I prefer it?
  • Accumulator bets work the same way: What is the difference?

The answer to the second question is simple? In parlay betting, all of your selections on the slip must win in order to win the bet. Even if you lose a single one, the whole bet is lost. A Trixie bet, on the other hand, can still be won even if you lose a selection. And the answer to the first question is, well, it is a cheaper way to place multiple bets and the payouts are higher than if you had played these bets individually.

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How does a Trixie bet work?

There a couple of Trixie bet rules you need to know about:

  1. Your selections cannot be a single bet. This means all selections in your bet slip must be multiple bets (double & treble). If you are thinking about placing more than one single bet, you should try accumulators. 
  2. In order to win a Trixie multibet, at least 2 of your selections must win. Remember that you are making 4 bets on 3 selections (3 double & 1 treble) in a Trixie bet, so winning 2 selections will be enough to win the bet, as you will have one winning double bet. 
  3. You cannot bet on multiple outcomes on the same event: All of your bets must be about different events.
  4. You cannot bet on multiple sports (i.e. double bets on football, treble bet on horse racing). All of the bets on your slip must belong to the same sport.

Best sports for Trixie bets

Truth be told, the majority of Trixie bet offers will be about horse racing. There is a very simple reason for this: Trixie combines multiple bets and these bets must belong to different events. You are betting 3 doubles and 1 treble: This means you have to find four different events, moreover, one of these events must have three teams/players.

Horse racing is best suited for Trixie bets as there are many horse races held every day. But it’s not the only option: Any sport that meets these conditions can be subject to Trixie bets. Dog betting is the first example that comes to mind, but Trixie bet football may also be an option, as long as it is possible to place the required number of bets.

How to place a Trixie bet?

You have learned what is a Trixie bet, so it is time to explain how to do a Trixie bet. We will do this step by step. However, remember that this is not a how to place a bet (or how to bet on horses) article, so we will keep things brief.

Step 1
Pick one of our recommended bookies and become a member
Step 2
Pick any sport that can meet the conditions described above: In this example, we will pick horse racing.
Step 3
Start by selecting three races and placing three double bets (select a race, pick the first and second horses, repeat this three times).
Step 4
The bet slip on the right will update in real time to reflect your selections. After selecting the third double bet, switch to the “system” tab (or “multi” tab, depends on the bookmaker).
Step 5
You will see a drop-down menu here: Select “Trixie”.
Step 6
Select the stake (which will be multiplied by 4, as there are 4 bets) and confirm the bet.

You can try to place Trixie bets at William Hill, for example. The bet slip will look like this at the end:

Trixie bet William Hill

The steps may slightly change at a different bookmakers (for example, the bookie may offer you the Trixie option right from the start) but in general, this is how you place a Trixie bet.

How to calculate a Trixie bet?

There are two more questions we need to answer: How much is a Trixie bet and how can you calculate the potential payout? To be honest, do not worry about the cost of the Trixie bets: The bookmaker will always show how much you need to pay for that specific bet in real time. The only thing you need to calculate is the payout. You must multiply the stake amount by the odds of the bets you think will win. You have two options for this: 

  • You can simply add the payouts of each winning bet (3 double, 1 treble)
  • You can use a Trixie bet calculator

We highly recommend using a calculator: There are multiple bets & payouts here and it is easy to make a mistake if you do this manually. Most of the bookmakers will display the potential winnings in case all selections win. 

Differences between Trixie bet, Treble bet, and Patent bet

There are lots of bet types that allow you to place multiple bets (i.e. Alphabet betLucky 63 betHeinz betSuper Heinz bet etc.), and some of them are quite similar to each other. In this section, we will explain the difference between Trixie and other similar bets, treble and patent. 

What is the difference between a Trixie and a Treble bet?

A Treble bet consists of three different selections on three different races/events placed on the same betting slip. To win a Treble bet you have to predict correctly all three selections. A Trixie bet, on the other hand, adds three double bets made from the same three selections on top of the treble bet. 

What is the difference between a Trixie and a Patent bet?

A patent bet consists of seven bets; three singles, three doubles, and a single treble. Unlike Trixie bets, it includes single bets too. More importantly, it is enough to win just 1 selection to win the bet. 

The table below shows the differences and winning conditions of all these bets.

Treble Bet

Trixie Bet

Patent Bet

Number of Selections
Treble Bet
Trixie Bet
Patent Bet
Number of Bets
Treble Bet
Trixie Bet
Patent Bet
Bet Structure
Treble Bet
1 Treble: 1-2-3
Trixie Bet
3 Doubles: 1-2, 1-3, 2-3
1 Treble: 1-2-3
Patent Bet
3 Singles: 1, 2, 3
3 Doubles: 1-2, 1-3, 2-3
1 Treble: 1-2-3
Winning Return
Treble Bet
All 3 selections must win
Trixie Bet
At least 2 selections must win
Patent Bet
At least 1 selection must win

Trixie bet tips & tricks for beginners


👉Winning 2 selections is enough to get paid but in this case, the payout will be quite small. Always aim for winning all your selections: Trixie bets can pay very big amounts if you win all your selections.

👉 There is no single best Trixie bet strategy: You must be familiar with different strategies in different sports. Do not rely only on your luck and do your research well. There is a different Trixie bet system for each sport and you must know all of them.

👉 It may be easier to predict the top 2 and/or top 3 in other sports, namely football. Remember that horse racing is not your only option: As long as possible, place a Trixie bet in other sports too.

Pros & cons of Trixie bet type


  • Better winning chances than accumulator bets
  • Big payouts are possible
  • You need to win only 2 selections


  • Unless you win all your selections, the payouts won’t be that big
  • It is a complex betting type for beginners

FAQ about Trixie bets

This Each Way bet consists of 8 bets in total. Four of these bets are for “win” and the remaining four are for “place”: These are horse betting terms for the first and second horses.

Your bet still stands: It will just be settled without that runner. Remember that Trixie bets consist of multiple selections. So if you placed a treble and there is a non-runner, it becomes a double bet. And a double bet becomes a single bet. Odds will also be reduced according to the betting Rule 4.

While you can find this bet type in several bookmakers, we recommend starting with our affiliates: Betfair Trixie bet and Trixie bet William Hill will be good choices both for beginners and veterans.

You are still placing three double bets and a single treble bet on football teams: The rules (and winning conditions) of Trixie bets do not change according to the sport.

This is a bet that has 9 combinations consisting of 8 Trixies. Basically, you are placing 24 double bets and create 8 trebles. In total, you are placing 32 bets.

This is a Trixie bet placed on the famous Irish lottery. It has 3 combinations and 4 bets in total, which means you select 3 numbers but place 4 separate bets (3 double & 1 treble) with them.

Place your first Trixie bet today

After reading our guide, you have learned what’s a Trixie bet and how to use it: It is time to try it. Whether you are interested in horse racing betting or profitable football betting, you can win big with a Trixie bet. So pick one of our recommended bookies (make sure to check our list of the biggest bookmakers UK) and pick one: You can place your first Trixie bet today and use a bonus to do so. As always, we wish you good luck: See you out there!