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Quadpot | What is a Quadpot & Quadpot Rules (2024)

Similar to a Placepot, a Quadpot is a popular betting option at pool betting sites and most leading sportsbooks offering horse racing stakes. What is a Quadpot bet? How does a Quadpot work?

In our guide to Quadpot betting in 2024, you will have Tote Quadpot betting explained to you. We will look at how the bet works, how you can wager with it, and discuss a few tips and tricks to understanding it and making the most of this type of horse racing bet.

If you have got a desire to wager on the nags, and you happen to be signed up to a mobile bookie which offers horse racing betting, this is the guide for you. Read on to find out more…

Your guide to Quadpot bets in 2024

What is a Quadpot in horse racing? A horse racing Quadpot is a Tote bet, where the winnings from all bets are pooled together. The more bets that are made, the greater the pool will be; thus, the bigger your share of the rewards could potentially be.

There are many horse betting terms that are worth knowing. These include Scoop 6, Trixie bet, Yankee Bet, and Patent bets. The Quadpot is more easily explained, though, making it ideal for players who only have a basic understanding of fixed-odds stakes at horse racing betting sites in UK. If you are interested in learning how it works, let’s begin with our review.

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Tote Betting on William Hill

➤ William Hill is an agent for the Tote and accepts bets at Tote odds on horse racing in Great Britain and selected pools in the Republic of Ireland and other countries where their acceptance is advertised.
➤ The bets accepted at horse race meetings in Great Britain are the Scoop 6, Jackpot, Placepot, Quadpot, Trifecta, Exacta, Swinger, win, place and any other new bet introduced by the UK Tote.
➤ Where the UK Tote offers a pool facility for horse race meetings taking place outside Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland bets will be accepted.

What is a Quadpot bet?

What is a Quadpot? This type of bet requires you to wager at online bookmakers on horses to place in the third, fourth, fifth and sixth races at a meeting. Quadpot rules state that you cannot wager on the first and second races with this bet – that would constitute a Tote Placepot bet, instead. 

If the first two races at an event look tricky to call, then a Quadpot bet could be ideal for you. It works differently from a conventional Forecast bet and is far simpler than an Alphabet bet. Provided you have some knowledge of how to bet on horses, though, you will understand how it works.

Let us start by looking at how Quadpot places work before moving on to how much a Quadpot costs and answering “how do you win on a Quadpot” when engaging in UK horse racing betting.

Place a Quadpot bet online: Quadpot rules

Learning how to bet on a Tote Quadpot is not as tricky as it sounds. Following these Tote Quadpot rules to start betting today:

➤ You can only bet on the second to sixth races at an event.

➤ You need to pick one or more horses for your Tote Win/Place bet in each race. These horses will be called “lines”. 

➤ The more lines you add after your first bet, the greater the odds your horse will place or win in a race. However, your stake will be based “per line”, meaning that the more lines you add, the quicker the cost of the total stake will rise.

➤ Generally speaking, there are two minimum stakes. The minimum total stake can range from 50p up to £2. The minimum stake per line must add up to the minimum total stake. So, if you were to play with 1p minimum stakes per line, you would never wager 50 lines to meet the minimum stake of 50p. Alternatively, you can wager at 10p a line and simply place 5 lines for this bet.

➤ Once you have made your selections, submit the bet on your betting slip. Your wager will now be added to the Tote Quadpot pool. Now you can settle down to watch the horse racing. Hopefully, you will land a win for your efforts.

Aren’t Quadpot and Placepot bets the same thing?

Quadpot pools are often considered the same thing as Tote Placepot bets. In reality, there is a subtle difference when wagering at sports betting exchanges. Placepot bets span the first six races of any event. By contrast, Quadpot bets only cover the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth races at any event. The definition of what is a quadpot states that you cannot place Quadpot bets on the first two races in an event.

How are Tote prizes from Quadpot bets calculated?

The Quadpot payout you can win is known as a dividend and it does not contain offers. Of course, the easiest way to calculate what you will win is to use a Quadpot calculator. However, we can run you through the basics of Tote Quadpot returns here.

  • Once all bets have been made, the bookmaker will deduct 27% of all the wagers, with the rest forming a Tote jackpot.
  • That 73% jackpot is then divided amongst all the winners, according to the amount they have bet and the number of winners.
  • Tote Quadpot dividends are paid out per unit, with each £1 bet consisting of one unit.
  • For instance, if the Total Quadpot dividend is set to £500 a stake, and you have two £1 lines which win, you will win £1,000 for your two successful £1 units.

How to choose horses with Quadpot bets

You need to choose carefully when selecting your horses, especially when placing Quadpot live bets, as the odds change radically. You are wagering in any currencies you want on horses to place with a Quadpot. Here is how the places work…

What is a Quadpot definition states that in each race, the number of runners will determine the Quadpot positions for your horses.

If there are just 1-4 runners, then you need to pick the winner. If there are 5-7 runners, then your horse must place first or second. Eight or more runners allow your horse to finish in the top three. If your race has 16 or more runners (only for handicap races), your horse will place in the top four. It all depends on the type of races your bookmaker chosen by payment methods lets you wager on.

Ideal Quadpot strategies to consider when Tote betting

There are lots of horse racing tips out there, such as Superfecta strategy. We would always commend claiming free horse racing bets with no deposit required or reload offers for UK bettors. In terms of specific Quadpot tips, have a look at these…


👉 Banker Legs: Ultimately, you want to use as few legs as possible to ensure that you keep your total stake down. One way to do this is if you only target races where one horse is almost certain to win. When betting with Banker Bets, always go for the hot favourites.

👉 Identifying Weak Favourites: Weak favourites are ideal for those who want to bag a sizable prize (same as in other sports). The more non-favourites win a race, the greater the pot will be. This is a riskier strategy, but one that could pay massive dividends if you identify a weak favourite or an outsider to place.

👉 Playing Multiple Lines in Competitive Races: Your primary goal will be to keep your Quadpot alive if you can over the four races. To do this, you may have to wager on single horses to place in easier to predict races and select more lines in other races to keep your Quadpot alive. Keeping live Quadpots is more challenging the further into the event you go, so do not be afraid to add a few more lines if you need to.

The pros and cons of Tote Quadpot bets


  • Non-runners are replaced by SP favourites
  • Great returns if your bets come good
  • Found at most major UK bookmakers


  • Can prove costly with many lines
  • Does not count on the first and second races in an event

FAQs: Your questions on Quadpot bets answered

If you still have questions about Quadpot bets, allow us to try and answer them in this brief FAQ guide.

Quadpots can be just as ineffective as Trifecta Box betting and Tricast bets if you predict incorrectly and just as valuable as others if predicted correctly. It is all down to which horses you select, but Quadpots will make you more money with successful bets than many other options.

If you are stumped as to who will win the first two races in an event, then Quadpots can be more beneficial than Placepots. If you want to learn more about Placepot bets, then read our guide on “What is a Placepot?”

Tote betting spans many different types of bets. You have got Tote Swinger, Tote Exacta, Tote Trifecta, and many others. We would not say that one is more profitable than the other. It really does vary depending on how your race pans out.

No. While horse racing betting sites in the UK all offer this type of bet, several international racebooks do, too. For instance, Betfair Quadpots are possible across Europe.

Any major UK bookmakers and even new horse racing betting sites in the UK should offer Quadpots. This means that you should easily find William Hill Quadpots and many more.

There is no cap on how much you can win, per se. The total amount you can win depends on your total stake, the bets you have made, and how many other players have winning tickets.

Start betting with Quadpots at online bookmakers today

Now that you know the Quadpot meaning, it may be time to head over to horse racing sites to start betting? If you need more assistance, do not hesitate to read our other horse racing guides, including “what does SP mean in betting?”, Placepot bets, Tote Exactas and more. Do not hesitate to claim UK free bets at our top, recommended bookmakers before placing Quadpot bets, too, many of which you can find right here.