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Tote Win/Place Betting Guide | What is a Tote Win and Place Bet? [2024]

Risk-averse punters usually steer clear of horse races, because of the high volatility they involve. If you can pick winners, you will be paid lavishly, but the odds of making the right prediction are stacked against you.

Tote win and place provides punters with a safety net when betting on these events, therefore makes horse racing more appealing to beginners.

In this guide, we shall review the popular type of betting and see how it pays dividends in 2024 at the best horse racing betting sites UK has to offer.

Your 2024 guide for Tote win and place betting

Tote win/place is a mainstream type of horse race betting, therefore suitable for casual punters and amateurs. In this guide we shall explain what is tote win in horse racing and how it matches against other types of UK horse racing betting.

We’ll look at the pros and cons of the Tote win/place bet to help those who have just learned how to bet on horses make an educated decision. Keep reading if you want to learn the tote win betting rules, as well as other horse betting terms that any punter must know.

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What is a Tote win and place bet?

Before we proceed with the tote place betting rules, we need to have the tote win and place meaning explained. The name is self-explanatory, with this type of wagering giving players two avenues to victory. It is a combination of the two most popular bets available at new horse racing betting sites UK.

The tote win bet requires players to pick the winner of the race, whereas a tote place will pay if the horse finishes on one of the top spots. Naturally, the tote win/place is a combination of the two types of bets.

Tote win and place differences at a glance

The best way to understand what is tote place in horse racing is to look at the differences between the two wagers that create this hybrid.

Tote Win bet

  • Getting the tote win bet explained is easy because this type of bet implies picking the winner.
  • It is the easiest type of bet and the most common one at UK horse racing betting websites.
  • Since it offers some of the best odds, it is perfect for using UK free bets that have the stakes subtracted, so you only get to keep the profits.

Tote Place bet

  • Moving on to having the tote place bet explained, we stumble upon an equally basic wager.
  • It is very similar to the each way betting that applies to football, but it has an advantage. It will pay even if the horse doesn’t win the race, as long as it finishes in one of the qualifying places.
  • This type of wager can usually be placed only on races that have at least five runners, but different horse racing sites can have slightly different rules.
  • In any case, it provides an essential safety net to casual and recreational punters.

Tote win and place betting – Step by Step

Now that you know how does a tote win/place bet work, it is time to place the first bet. There are five steps to complete, so you can have your first horse racing wager up and running in a matter of minutes.

Step 1
Select the horse racing event you want to bet on
Step 2
Click the tote win and place icon next to your horse of choice
Step 3
Add more selections on your betting slip or stick to a single choice
Step 4
Enter the desired stake to have the potential profits automatically calculated
Step 5
Wait for the end of the race and claim your tote win and place returns

Tote win and place bets vs fixed-odds bets?

A frequent question for horse racing fans is what is the difference between fixed and tote? Both types of wagers are available at free horse racing bets no deposit sites, so punters must choose one or the other. Tote place vs fixed place are distinct options, so it’s important to know exactly what each term stands for.

Tote price bets

  • The tote price is the reflection of the total number of people and wagers placed on the event.
  • Whether you choose the tote exacta, tote trifecta, tote swinger or the tote jackpot, the payouts differ based on how many people are involved.
  • You only find out how high the tote dividend is after the race, so there is a certain degree of uncertainty involving tote betting.
  • On the bright side, someone is guaranteed to win and if nobody makes the right prediction, the prize pool is rolled over for the next race.

Fixed odds bets

  • Fixed odds betting is more popular among punters who switch from other sports to horse racing.
  • It gives them the chance of knowing exactly how much the potential winnings are based on the stakes. This makes it easier to calculate profits when adding multiple events on the same betting slip.
  • Fixed odds are perfect for systems that involve a Scoop 6, Alphabet bet or a forecast bet.
  • It is also preferred for creating multifaceted strategies that involve complex bankroll management such as the superfecta strategy.

What’s the price of a tote win and place bet?

We strive to address all the major concerns in our tote win and place guide, including monetary ones. How much does a tote win/place cost is obviously of great importance. At most bookmakers, including those offering some of the best reload offers UK has to offer, minimal stakes are low.

You can bet as little as €1 on the winner of the race and horses finishing on paid positions. The total cost of tickets increase when you create multiple combinations with trifecta box betting or place a tricast bet

There is an indissoluble link between potential winnings and risks and this includes the amounts wagered. Grasping what does sp mean in betting helps you estimate the profits when betting on horses. Fixed bet wagering simplifies the process as you know potential profits after placing the bet. Winnings at tote pool betting sites depend on how many people participate and how much money is invested.

Calculating tote win and place winnings

The tote win and place winnings can only be estimated from the current dividend guide. The amount can change based on how many new bets are made and this includes pregame and tote win and place live bets.

In order to make sure you will be paid at SP or more, choose bookies offering a tote guarantee. Here is our list of the best odds guaranteed bookmakers. This is one of the best tote win and place tips for beginners who want to make sure they always get the best prize.

Top Tote win and place strategies

The tote win/place bet is defined by simplicity, which makes it easy to recommend to beginners. Based on its simple rules, you can craft advanced tote win and tote place strategies to maximize profits. They must be centered on a solid bankroll management system, which is at the cornerstone of any successful punter.


👉 Take advantage of rollovers

One of the biggest advantages of the tote win and place is that somebody is guaranteed to win. If nobody makes the right prediction on a race, the amount is rolled over to the next event. This means that there is more money up for grabs and you could win more with the same stakes. Take the time to learn what is a tote placepot and quadpot and whenever you have the opportunity bets on horses that had the amounts rolled over for bigger winnings.

👉 Bet against the public sentiment

Instead of blindly backing the favorites, try to extract value from betting on the underdogs. The tote win/place bet is simple but it can be developed into more complex strategies that involve permutation bets. Combined four or more horses in a tote exacta, with or without a banker to create multiple winning combinations. You have to pay slightly more for the bet, but the odds of winning will be greatly enhanced.

👉 Get creative with your stakes

Unlike fixed odds, which are more restrictive, the tote win/place bet accommodates variable stakes. Divide the amounts in such a way as to deliver identical, or at least similar profits based on the outcome. Essentially, you can allocate a larger part of the bet to the tote place and the smaller one on the tote win. This ensures the fact that you win a decent amount even if the horse only places.

Tote win and place Pros and cons


  • One of the easiest type of horse bets
  • You also win if the horse only places
  • Suitable for risk-averse punters
  • Available at all horse racing bookmakers


  • Subject to higher volatility and greater risks

FAQ: Your questions on the Tote win and place bet answered

Tote win/place can produce larger winnings with a smaller amount than regular types of bets

International horse racing specialists also feature tote win and tote place wagers

As one of the most popular bets, the tote win and place is available at most UK bookmakers, where tote betting is available.

There are no special maximum winnings for tote win/place bets, but the general bookie limitations apply.

With tote win/place you cash in if the horse places on any of the top paying games. Each way betting requires your selection to either win or finish in the second place.

Make horse racing bets safer with the Tote win and place

The tote win/place is a popular betting option among horse racing fans. It can be found at most of the top bookmakers and it offers multiple avenues to winning wagers. You can win a larger amount by picking horse winners and also a hefty paycheck for indicating placed horses. It is an excellent choice for amateur horse racing punters who seek the perfect balance between risk and reward. Give the tote win and place a chance and make horse racing fun, simple and profitable right now.