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How to bet online from abroad | Accessing betting sites in UK – Complete Guide [2024]

Many of the best bookmakers in the world have their operations in the United Kingdom.

What if you’re based outside of the country, though? You will still likely want to play with the very best sites.

Our how to bet online from abroad guide for UK citizens is a comprehensive walkthrough on how to go about doing just that.

Over the following sections, we’ll show you how expats and foreign nationals alike can enjoy the perks and privileges of playing at UK bookmakers from abroad.

It might sound complicated, but this is a straightforward process. If you’re eager to learn how, and why this could be advantageous for you, read on to find out more…

How to bet online from abroad for UK players – The only guide you’ll need

Ever found yourself wondering “can you use UK betting sites abroad?” but never stumbled across a definitive answer. You needn’t worry. Our guide will help straighten things out.

Nobody knows how many betting sites there are in the UK, but it is generally agreed that they represent some of the best, safest and fairest places to wager online.

Ordinarily – unless they also run international domains – these bookmakers are reserved for players residing in the UK.

However, in 2024, we have lots of tips, tricks and tools to get around this little problem. Our guide will introduce you to them.

Most trusted UK bookies when betting from abroad in 18 April 2024 – Updated List

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Restricted Access Gambling Judge

I can’t access UK betting sites from abroad, can I?


You might be baffled to learn that many British citizens live abroad. Statistics from the ONS (Office of National Statistics) show that 33% of British expatriates live in Australia (check our Australia betting sites) or New Zealand (see here our recommended New Zealand bookmakers and New Zealand Dollar bookmakers). A further 28% live in North America (predominantly in the US and Canada), and another 26% live inside the European Union (6% alone live in the Republic of Ireland – read also Ireland Gambling sites for more information about this field).

Of those expats, most live in countries where gambling is either prohibited almost entirely (such as the USA) or is restricted in some way, like in the European Union. Many EU countries prohibit access to UK betting sites and have only legalized online gambling to those sites which are licensed out of their own jurisdictions. This can make it tough for UK nationals residing in foreign countries to play at UK gambling sites.

If you were to make a quick scan of what UK betting sites work in the USA, you would see that many British bookmakers and gambling sites won’t accept you, or access is limited. UK citizens can only play in a handful of allowed casinos in countries where they reside.

Discovering which UK betting sites work in America or learning how to use UK betting sites in Spain is made easy if you follow these few, short steps.

How to use UK betting sites when abroad – A step-by-step guide

If you’re wondering what UK betting sites work in Spain, or more generally how to use UK betting sites abroad, we can help you. Just follow these steps, to get started:

Step 1
First, you need to find a website, such as cricket betting sites in the UK, which you like the look of. You should ensure that it is licensed out of the UK, by the UK Gambling Commission.
Step 2
It may be that the betting site already provides you access via an international domain. This is the case with some of the international gambling companies. If so, just sign up as you usually would.
Step 3
If not, that is likely because there are geo-blocks in place. These are restrictions which mean that only UK players can access the site. There are ways around that. One such method is via a VPN (and we’ll go into detail on that in a moment)
Step 4
Get your hands on a VPN and set your “location” to the United Kingdom. Now, when you go to register at a UK site, the website should (if you’ve got a decent VPN) assume that you’re based in the UK.
Step 5
When it comes to entering your address and phone number, you have two options. If you have a family based in the UK, just use their address and let them know. If you are on holiday, then you can enter your own address.
Step 6
Check for free bets and no deposit UK offers offers. No deposit betting in the UK is a popular pastime, and most bookies have betting offers for UK players to take advantage of.

Of course, if you reside in the UK full-time and are planning a trip to Spain on holiday, you can save yourself the trouble of registering via VPN. Just sign up at the casino before you go on holiday!

Play at the top UK bookmakers when abroad

Whether you are interested in snapping up betting offers in UK, fancy trying your hand at CSGO betting sites, or simply want to play at the leading betting companies the UK has to offer; there are many top sites you can choose from. Here are ten of the best:

888Sport runs many international betting sites. It is possible that you can engage in match betting on UK sports at one of their foreign websites, without the need of a VPN at this bookmaker, while also runs a top casino.
William Hill
William Hill is arguably the king of UK high-street bookmakers. They are notable for offering no deposit betting, UK bonuses and free bets.

They also excel at providing UK horse racing betting. A VPN is often required to access this quintessentially British bookmaker.

Bet abroad by using a trusted VPN


VPNs are a great way to access websites which suffer from geo-blocks. Whether you are wondering what UK betting sites work in Portugal (check here our list of gambling in Portugal sites), or simply want to know how to access UK betting sites from abroad, a VPN is the ideal starting point.

At their most basic, VPNs (virtual private networks) are pieces of software which trick your internet service provider (and subsequent sites you visit) into assuming that you are based somewhere other than where you truly are. Not all of them excel at getting through the toughest geo-blocks.

However, ExpressVPN and NordVPN have been proven to do rather well in that regard. There is a wealth of other VPN software out there you can use, too, but make sure they excel at breaking geo-blocks.

Most of the best ones will cost money. However, you can “point” your VPN to the United Kingdom. From there, you can access horse racing betting sites in the UK, or any other gambling domains which tickle your fancy.

Using a Remote Desktop App to bet abroad

Another (slightly trickier) way to go about betting when abroad is to use a Remote Desktop App. These essentially allow you to access computers which are in other countries. In our case, those in the UK. TeamViewer is one such piece of software. The basic idea is that you will engage in your gambling activities using a computer which is based in the UK and connected to the internet from there.

Many such software exists which you can use. If you are planning on going on a little vacation/holiday, for instance, it may be worth leaving your desktop computer on (while you are away) and taking your laptop with you.

This software allows you to control your desktop remotely via your laptop. Thus, you can sign in to your sportsbook account, and play abroad without any trouble at all.

Licensed Gambling Judge

Licenses and regulation – Things worth noting about betting abroad

Before you start to bet at UK bookmakers from abroad, there are a few things you should check out. For instance, each betting site has its own terms and conditions and policy regarding betting from outside the UK. Have a read of these first, because they may allow you to do it via an international site, as mentioned.

Any UK bookmakers you decide to play at should be licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. This organisation controls the UK betting industry and determines the rules. Provided you are above the defined legal gambling age in the UK (18) and adhere to these terms, you are fine.

While these UKGC licensed betting sites are fully legal in the UK, they may not be where you currently reside. Betting sites and their licenses can typically be broken down into five categories, and these include:



Unrestricted License
These betting sites are licensed out of a bookmaker jurisdiction, and there are no limitations on where they will accept players from. These sites often accept players from many countries, even if they aren’t supposed to do so.
Restricted License
These sites are also licensed, but they only accept players from specific countries. You will need a VPN to access gameplay at these sites, as local ISPs (internet service providers) will likely have blocked and restricted access to them.
Regulated domains are not only licensed, but the licensing jurisdiction monitors them, to ensure that they are adhering to strict rules. These are often restricted license betting sites, but may include a handful of unrestricted license ones, too.
Essentially betting domains which have a gambling license, but that are not regulated. They typically comprise unrestricted license sites, and ordinarily, players should stay away from these domains, as they won’t have any guarantees that the site is safe.
The worst kind of site you can bet at. These do not have a valid gambling license and are not regulated, either. You have absolutely no protections or guarantees that such a domain is safe at all.

Ideally, you will be hoping to play at regulated and licensed betting sites in UK, either restricted or unrestricted.

When betting abroad, it is also worth noting that the tax rules may be different from those in the UK. At home, there are no taxes on anything you win when betting online, even if you are betting for a living in the UK.

However, if you reside in a foreign country, their gambling tax laws will apply (if they have any) not those of the UK. You will be liable for any potential tax you may need to pay.

Pros and cons of betting abroad in the UK

There are a few pros and cons to take into consideration when you open betting accounts at UK sites when abroad. Here are some of them:


  • UK bookmakers are arguably more heavily regulated than offshore domains
  • UK betting sites tend to offer more variety in terms of games
  • Gameplay is in English and with the British pound sterling
  • Customer support is widely available
  • Such sites must adhere to fair play and responsible gaming terms


  • Only tend to be accessible to players residing in the UK
  • Tend to carry smaller welcome bonuses than foreign casinos
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Gambling Judge

Your FAQs on betting abroad at UK bookmakers answered

We’ve covered a lot of ground in this guide to betting abroad at UK bookmakers. However, if you have any lingering queries, we will try to answer them below.

Being able to wager using British pounds sterling has little to do with where you reside. Instead, it is dependent on the site itself. If your betting site accepts GBP, then you can wager with it. Here you can check our list of GBP bookmakers.

Yes. Provided you have an accepted bookmaker payment method; you can deposit and withdraw with ease.

There are strict laws of gambling in Spain. Players in Spain are restricted to wagering at regulates and licensed Spanish bookmakers. Spain doesn’t have any punishments in store for residents who bet at offshore sites, though. A good VPN can see you wager freely at foreign (UK) bookmakers.

The Bet365 sign up process is the same as other UK bookies. They will check your location when you sign-in. If they don’t operate in the country where you are, you can try using a VPN to play. However, this site is notoriously tough about restricting access to players using a VPN.

Having betting accounts in the UK, and betting accounts at local sites based in the country you holiday in is a decent idea. However, it is smarter to choose a domain which has sites in both countries anyway. This way, you can log-in with the same account, no matter where you are.

Some countries have legalised sports betting but not casino gaming, or vice-versa. For instance, you can wager on sports in Spain, but casino games (specifically games of chance) are banned. Each country has its own laws, so these are worth checking out before you decide to play at a local site.

Get started playing at UK online bookmakers today!

You could dive right at the traditional and well known biggest bookmakers UK sites. Alternatively, you may wish to check out some of the new UK betting sites (including 5 pound betting sites) doing the rounds.

Aside from just tell you how to bet online from abroad, we also provide UK players with top recommendations and links to many of the safest, fairest and most trusted UK bookmakers.

All our sites are vetted, checked and guaranteed to appeal to players who want to be at British websites while based abroad.


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