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UK Betting Sites – Top Betting Sites in UK [2024] – Updated List

When we say UK betting sites, we keep the scope quite wide: From UK horse racing betting to cricket, you can bet on every type of sport and try your luck.

If you search for the best betting websites UK, you will see hundreds of results. Thing is, every site on that list claims to be the best.

So, which ones are telling the truth? What is the quality of service you should expect from UK sports betting sites and how do you find the most reliable ones?

In this guide, we will first provide you with a full list of UK betting sites (including 5 pound betting sites) to get you started quickly.

But more importantly, we will explain how we made that UK sports betting sites list and show you how you can create your own personal lists.

Let’s get started: There are hundreds of online sports betting sites UK, but our time is limited – we should spend it only on best UK betting sites that are worth it.

Best Bookmakers in the UK in 18 April 2024 – Updated List

Safe & Trusted in UK
Get Started
BET £10 GET £30
Rating 9.99 out of 10
Rating 9.98 out of 10
100% up to £500
Rating 9.97 out of 10
100% up to €500
Rating 9.81 out of 10
$50 Risk Free Bet
Rating 9.73 out of 10
100% up to 5000 USDT
Rating 9.69 out of 10
Up to 240% Bonus
Rating 9.63 out of 10
100% up to £500
Rating 9.59 out of 10
Up to £30 in Free Bets
Rating 8.82 out of 10
100% up to £1000 or 1 BTC
Rating 8.80 out of 10

The distinctive feature of all UK betting sites

Further Information

First of all, we need to talk about the common feature that all the top UK betting sites have. This feature is so important that it determines how reliable a sport betting UK website is, what to expect from its service quality, and how it will behave towards its customers. It also makes that site legal. The name of this feature we mentioned is “electronic gambling license”: This license, granted by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), allows genuine betting sites UK to legally accept and serve British players.

But that’s not all it provides, because the UKGC license contains many other terms and conditions:

  • UK legal betting sites with this license must comply with EU privacy laws.
  • Identity information of UKGC license holders is known by the UK government and they are regularly audited
  • Likewise, casino games and bets on the websites of these online betting companies UK are constantly being checked for fairness
  • If you experience problems with the old and new UK betting sites with this license, you can request legal support from the UK government.

In short, this license is the most important feature of the best online betting sites UK and it should be the first thing to check. As you can see, a UKGC license has many features in favor of the players and you should prefer good betting sites UK that have this license first and foremost. It’s easy to see if a UK betting site has this license or not: Look at the bottom of the home page and look for the “Gambling Commission” logo in capital letters. Once you find this logo, remember to verify it by clicking on it. The official UKGC website will open in a separate window and you will be able to see if the license is still valid. You can also see the licensed UK betting sites full list by clicking here.

How to find a reliable betting site in UK?

We can answer this question by giving a list of the review criteria we use ourselves. We use detailed criteria when reviewing sports gambling sites UK and only recommend betting companies UK that have managed to satisfy us in each. W

hether you are interested in horse racing, football or e-sports betting UK; you can use the following criteria to find the most reliable and best sports betting sites UK:

  • Legality

Legality. We explained this above: Safe betting sites UK are licensed by UKG. In addition, all of their pages are secured by SSL – look for a tiny lock icon on the left side of your address bar.

  • KYC Checks

This is short for “know your customer” and it means verifying your identity. All betting sites available in UK must verify the identity of their customers due to local laws and license conditions. Gambling age UK is 18 and they check for this condition first. But that’s not all: You must also verify your address, email, and phone number too. If a website does not ask for KYC information, it is probably not licensed – beware.

  • Customer Support

There should be multiple ways to reach customer support – live chat, telephone, social media, webmail, email… The more the better. Moreover, all customer complaints must be resolved in 24 hours. In fact, it should be even shorter: Let’s say you used a no deposit betting UK bonus but it failed to activate. The customer support should resolve this issue as fast as possible.

  • Ease Of Use

We are talking about the user experience: Top gambling sites UK use a simple design that gives you all the information you need and is very easy to use. If you cannot understand how to find the bet options or having navigation troubles, that design is problematic. Reliable UK betting sites use reliable designs too.

  • Service Variety

Simply put, additional services you can get. For example, can you place in-game bets? Is it possible to watch a live stream of the match? Does the website notify you of important information about the match even if you are not using a mobile application (e.g. via SMS)? Best gambling sites UK offer all of these and more. All of this is part of the user experience and indicates that the service variety is meticulously planned.

  • Compatibility

This means using the website & placing a bet with any device you like. We are not talking about finding the best betting app in UK: We’re talking about being able to bet on mobile devices, even without an app. Modern and new sports betting sites UK support all operating systems and platforms because their services can run directly on browsers. You may not be able to use an application at all times or you may not have access to the app at that time: If this is the case, can you continue to use the website on mobile? If so, can you get the same user experience and performance? We definitely ask this question in our reviews and test with different types of devices, we recommend you the same.

  • Fair Bonuses

We know that you are looking for no deposit betting UK bonuses and free bets – we like them too. However, we also like fair bonuses. This means we don’t look at the “numbers”. Instead, we look at the terms and conditions: What is the wagering rate of the promotion? How fast can you complete the wagering requirements? What kind of account restrictions do you get until the wagering is complete? We like our bonuses fair and while big numbers are important, they are not the only thing we check. Reliable websites will offer you reasonable bonuses. For example, getting a free 5 GBP balance with the new UK betting sites no deposit bonus is perfectly fine: This is a reasonable amount. But if a website offers you 50 GBP for free, you should remember the old saying: If something sounds too good to be true, it isn’t true.

  • Reputation

The reputation in the UK betting industry and the reputation among bettors: We check for both. We use comments of our visitors and member reviews at other websites to find out how reputable that website is.

  • Payment Options

Lastly, there should be lots of payment options available. And we are not just talking about PayPal betting sites UK: You should be able to use bank transfers, credit cards, e-wallets, pre-paid cards, mobile payments (like Boku at Boku betting sites), and even cryptocurrencies – yes, there are a couple of Bitcoin betting sites in the UK, too. The more options you get, the better. Oh, and, all your transactions must be completed in 24 hours maximum.

Best betting sites in the UK: The 2024 Edition

William Hill betting sites UK is probably the oldest gambling brand in the United Kingdom. It is founded in 1934 and owns & operates lots of betting booths in Great Britain too. (To be exact, they have 1.568 booths only in the United Kingdom.)

William Hill is in a partnership with OpenBet and Playtech. It also owns a couple of land-based casinos in Las Vegas. We recommend William Hill especially for horse racing and greyhound bets.

William Hill
William Hill betting sites UK is probably the oldest gambling brand in the United Kingdom. It is founded in 1934 and owns & operates lots of betting booths in Great Britain too. (To be exact, they have 1.568 booths only in the United Kingdom.)

William Hill is in a partnership with OpenBet and Playtech. It also owns a couple of land-based casinos in Las Vegas. We recommend William Hill especially for horse racing and greyhound bets.

888Sport is a part of 888 Holdings, which owns and operates several online casinos and sportsbooks all over the world.

It is active even in Nevada and known as the “first non-US online betting company that can operate in the USA legally”.

888Sports is a member of ESSA and owner of the BetBright brand, which is a famous bookie in Ireland. 888Sports is also one of the best horse racing betting sites UK you can find.

Comparing the bonuses of top UK betting companies: What do you actually get?

If you find it challenging to pick one of the UK betting sites listed above, we can help you by comparing their welcome bonuses for new members. First, let’s see what they offer, then we will make a detailed comparison.

UK Betting Site

Welcome Bonus

Wagering Requirements

William Hill
Welcome Bonus
Use the P30 and make a £10 deposit. Place a bet with ½ odds. Get two free bets, each worth £15.
Wagering Requirements
Welcome Bonus
Place an accumulator bet with at least five choices. If you lose just one match, your wager will be refunded.
Wagering Requirements
Welcome Bonus
If your first bet loses, you will get a refund of up to £40. You will also win a £10 bonus for the casino section.
Wagering Requirements
Welcome Bonus
Bet £20 on horse racing, win a £5 free bet. The odds of the horse racing bet must be ½ minimum.
Wagering Requirements
Welcome Bonus
Place a £10 bet with odds of ½, get £30 in free bets. Use the bonus code 30f.
Wagering Requirements
Welcome Bonus
Deposit £10 and place a bet with 1/1 odds. Get a £10 free bet.
Wagering Requirements


  • The welcome bonus of William Hill is quite advantageous: If you win a prize with your free bets, you can withdraw it immediately – there is no wagering requirement. After becoming a member, you also get 10% of your in-play losses as a free bet and win various “boost” bonuses for horse racing and greyhound bets.
  • The offer of Novibet is useful if you like accumulator bets and there is no wagering requirement too. However, this bonus is for those who know what an accumulator bet is: We can say that Novibet has no actual bonuses for new members. You can get boost bonuses and enhanced odds after becoming a member but you don’t get a special offer for making your first deposit & placing your first bet.
  • Unibet’s welcome package is useful but don’t forget the 3x wagering requirement: If you get the full refund, you need to wager £120 to withdraw it. Not a big number but still required. You can also win a £10 free bet bonus for playing in-game bets.
  • Betfair makes a very charming offer if you are interested in horse racing. (The same offer is available for greyhound racing bets too.) Moreover, you can use this bonus multiple times and win that £5 free bet every day. However, for those who are not interested in horse racing (and greyhound) bets, this offer won’t be useful at all.
  • 888Sport makes a very good offer to new members and it is quite similar to the bonus of William Hill. Unlike two free bets worth £15, however, you will get a single £30 free bet. The choice is yours, both offers are quite useful.
  • The bonus of Bwin is simple and direct: If you lose your first bet, you will get a 100% refund without any wagering requirement. You cannot withdraw this refund but you can use it to try your luck once again. It is a very useful offer for newcomers.

Finding the best betting site UK: Create your personal 100 betting sites UK list

  • Coverage

The variety of sports and available markets you can bet on. There are some sports that are favorites of British players, such as horse racing and cricket betting UK. All these sports should be supported by default. However, these should not be the only sports you can bet on: E-sports are as important as classical sports nowadays. For example, if you choose among CSGO betting sites UK, you increase the number of your options. In short, whatever sports you are interested in, make sure the website supports them. But more importantly, even sports that you are not interested in at the moment should be supported too: Your likes may change in the future and you can start playing UK political betting, for example. Likewise, all world leagues and championships must be supported, not only the ones in the United Kingdom.

  • Competitive Odds

It’s not possible to get best odds in every match, but make sure you get good odds overall. For the same reason, we recommend that you have a membership on multiple popular UK betting sites. This way, you can play at the website that offers better odds. This tactic will also be useful for advanced techniques such as arbitrage betting UK. In short, compare the odds on multiple sportingbet betting sites UK before placing a bet and make sure you get the most competitive odds.

  • Loyalty Program

Free bets no deposit UK bonuses are nice and welcome offers can give you the boost you need initially. However, all such offers are one-time only: They can only be used once by new members. If you become a member of a site with a loyalty program, you can continue to enjoy bonuses during your membership period and even get better offers as your membership level increases. When you review the betting sites offers UK, pay attention to two things: Is there a special offer for the sports you are interested in and can you continue to use bonuses after signing up? And, of course, don’t forget to check the wagering rates of these bonuses. Take a look at our best UK betting sites reviews if you need help, we check for these things too.

  • Betting Types

The multitude of betting options offered directly affects the quality of your experience. The more choices you have, the better: There should be plenty of betting options for both beginners and professionals alike. For example, even if you are not currently interested in spread betting UK, make sure it is offered as an option, as you may want to try it in the future. You should be able to bet for any outcome that can happen in a match or league. Likewise, make sure you can use match betting UK tactics. (Take a look at our matched betting sites UK guide to learn more about this strategy.) Once again, the more options you have, the better: Biggest betting sites UK offer you dozens of options for every match/leagues.

UK betting sites registration: A step-by-step guide for beginners

We gave you a best UK betting sites list, we explained how to create a personal list of the best UK online betting sites, and we compared the bonuses of the biggest bookmakers in UK.

There is only one topic left to talk about before we finish our UK betting sites guide: account registration. Creating betting accounts UK is easier than you think. If you are a beginner, we recommend following the steps explained above.

Step 1
Take a look at the list of UK sports betting sites above and pick one. You can choose anyone you like.
Step 2
Visit the website of the company of your choice. Look for a button that says “register”, “create account”, etc. Usually, they are located at the top corners.
Step 3
Click on that button. A registration form will open. You will be asked for your personal data such as your name, address, email address, phone number, etc. Even if you do not live in the UK, you can apply to UK betting sites, they also accept members from other countries (*). Check the terms and conditions to see if your country is accepted.
Step 4
Fill out the form. You can, theoretically, fill the form with bogus data and complete the registration process, but do not do this. As we have explained above, you will be asked to verify this information in the future. If you cannot verify, you will not be allowed to withdraw money and even your account will be canceled. So, be sure to provide real and verifiable information.
Step 5
A message with an activation link will be sent to your email address. Activate your account by clicking this link.
Step 6
Login with your chosen username and password. Now you can make your first deposit and start betting: Good luck!

(*) If you are wondering how to use UK betting sites abroad, this is the answer: If you are a UK citizen living abroad, you can still join the top betting sites UK. If you are not a UK citizen, you can still join if your country is accepted. And if your country is not accepted, there is nothing you can do – pick another bookmaker that accepts you. 

Pros and Cons of UK online betting sites


  • Safe and fair play
  • Regular and continuous inspection
  • Legal liability
  • PayPal support
  • Wide platform compatibility
  • Responsible gaming practices
  • Full compliance with EU privacy laws


  • Bonuses may not be that big due to license conditions
  • They have a long list of restricted countries

Frequently Asked Questions about sports betting sites in the UK:

There is no single answer to the “what is the best betting site UK” question. Everyone has different needs and expectations. As we mentioned above, we recommend that you create your own personal list of the best betting companies UK.

On our website, of course. We update our list of the best betting company UK on a regular basis and review new websites all the time. Our list of UK bookmakers is always up-to-date and contains only the best brands.

All of our recommendations are UK mobile betting sites but not all of them offer a native application. This means you can play on mobile devices even without an app. And, once again, we cannot pick a single “best app” for everybody.

The whole process can be completed in a maximum of 10 minutes. Probably even shorter: It all depends on how fast you can fill the membership form. In other words, you can create an account and start placing bets in mere minutes.

The KYC process is a legal obligation and a mandatory process. It is required due to anti-money laundering regulations. UK betting sites (and other financial institutions) must store and verify the identity data of their customers.

If you are a UK citizen, you can choose to play at other online bookies too: For example, you can play at a website licensed from Malta. However, playing at licensed UK betting sites will be a better and safer experience due to the advantages we listed above.

Check out our UK betting sites top list, pick one today!

You are now ready to play at the best UK betting sites, whether they are the ones we recommend or the ones you found. You have learned what to expect from UK online betting sites and how to find the best ones.

Now it’s time to start your UK sports betting career: Take a look at our list of betting sites UK again, choose one, and complete the registration today. Do not forget to visit us frequently, as we constantly update our list: You can see new websites every time you visit. May the Lady Luck always be with you!


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