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How to bet on dog racing strategy – Greyhound betting tips | 2023

The sports betting industry is rife with several tips and tricks on how to how to bet on dog racing strategy. Although greyhound racing is one of the best and easiest sports to bet on, only a few techniques have proven to be effective.

The sport is quite similar to a racehorse, only that it involves an enclosed track with an electrically controlled and propelled mechanical hare (rabbit) that sets the dogs in pursuit. On this page, we will be looking at the step-by-step guide to betting on dog racing, the most effective dog betting strategy, as well as helpful dog racing tips for beginners.

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What is a dog race?

Dog racing, otherwise called greyhound racing, is a form of track racing event (usually held on an oval or sometimes circular track) that uses a mechanical rabbit or hare to lure or propel the dogs to compete until they have successfully crossed the finish line.

In recent times, dog racing betting has evolved into a source of entertainment, as well as revenue for punters who have been able to master dog racing terms and strategies.

Online dog racing is a digital form of the sport where fans may not be required to be at a live track racing event to watch dogs compete but can watch live dog racing online and place wagers at their convenience.

A brief Evolution of Dog racing

In 1919, O.P. Smith made a demonstration of the dog racing system at Emeryville, California, the first open track was also situated there. This sport spread to other countries across the world like Belgium gambling sites, Ireland, Australia, and Mexico. By 1928, England established the Greyhound Racing Club, with about eight racing to a meeting.

Initially, about six dog runners were racing on a dirt track of about 500-700 meters. In the U.S, dog races started in California and spread through to Florida in the 1920s, and later became a pastime event in other States. By the late 20th-century, there were calls to prioritize the welfare of the animals and by the 1990s the sport was banned in several States.

However, a few states continued with the supervision of the dogs under the state commissions. The 21st century witnessed an increase in the popularity of dog race betting, with about 8 dogs competing in each race (usually 10-11 races).

Online dog racing vs Live dog racing

Online dog racing offers a virtual, easily navigable platform that allows players to live stream the events of the dogs on their mobile devices. With this option, you do not have to consider the additional cost of traveling to the venue of the dog race, and you also stand a chance to win free bonuses offered at the online sports betting sites.

While live dog racing involves watching the live event and placing bets physically. This system may be cost-intensive but is still a popular choice among many punters.

What are the various factors to consider before betting?

The best way to bet on dog races is to adopt a strategy that suits your playing style. Some of the factors to take into account before taking part in online greyhound wagering include;

  • The form and performance in recent races of the dog you are betting on.
  • The track number. Say track number 6 was where the dog with the highest form and performance was placed in the previous round, its performance could be different when placed on a different track ( say track no.2) with faster contenders.
  • The dog racing odd offer, the value of the odd (if overpriced or underpriced)
  • dog race bets type (single, multiple, and combined bets).

Other factors to consider before making money from greyhound racing include the dog’s sex and age. Female dogs are notably fast runners at the early stages of the season. In addition, you’ll need to consider the age of the dog. Greyhound betting would be detrimental when the dog is close to its retirement age.

How to bet on Dog racing –Easy step guide

You can bet on greyhound racing online using a dog racing app or on the browser version of your preferred sports betting websites, make sure to compare the low odds vs high odds. Follow these simple dog racing easy steps.

Step 1
Deposit your preferred amount into your betting account, then select the dog racing section on the betting site.
Step 2
Choose your preferred dog and bet type, be it single, combine or multiple bets.
Step 3
After your selection, tap the selected list and throw in your wager.

Various Types of bets available for dog racing

Dog racing is quite similar to horse racing, both share the most popular of bet options. Some of the greyhound betting systems that win include:



To Win
This is one of the simplest and most popular options. It simply requires you to choose a particular dog to win the game.
Each Way
This involves two-way betting, one on a particular dog to win and stake another for the dog to finish 'placed.' Here you get paid the winning port in full and the placed at ¼ if the odds won.
Place Only
Unlike Each-Way, this requires a single bet with a potential return about whether the fog finished in the first place or second.
Here you predict the dog that finishes first and second.
Reverse Forecast
Unlike forecast, this dog betting type requires that you either bet on the dog that comes out first or second, but with double the amount of the standard bet.
Combination forecast
Here you can predict on selected options of three or more, out of which at least two have to finish at first and second place. The combination of three dogs results in a total of six bets.
Combination Trio/Tricast
Just like the combination forecast although slightly different. In a Tricast bet, the outcome of your bet of the first three positions can be in any order.

Some of the most Popular Greyhound methods

  • Hedging Your Bets

Hedging your bets is a greyhound strategy that implies that you maximize your potential profit by betting on the favourite to place and then the second favourite to appear.

  • Arbitrage

This is quite similar to hedging your bet. However, this method guarantees a lot more profit, regardless of the outcome. Arbitrage tends to be the best and easiest sport to bet on as it guarantees maximized profit.

  • Finding the Value bet

Before placing any dog racing bet, it is important to find the value bet. To do this, know the. odds at which is much favourable to stake on and how much should be used. For example, 3.00 odds and 1.5 odds, you stake higher on the lower odds and otherwise. If you’re certain the dog on 3.00 would finish first then stake lower to be on a safe bet.

Major Greyhound Betting System to Avoid

  • Monte Carlo Fallacy

Named after The Monte Carlo Casino where players lost millions of dollars, the Monte Carlo Fallacy involves betting on the outcome to be red with black coming up 26 times in a row. This is also applicable to greyhound racing. Know how to pick dog races by following the betting terms.

  • Martingale Fallacy

This is one of the most popular dogs racing systems that a lot of gamblers fall prey to, by doubling or even multiplying their bets after a loss with the hope of regaining all that was lost. This should be avoided. The greyhound betting system that wins is to be followed consistently until there’s a twist.

Top-notch Tips and Tricks in Greyhound racing


The best dog racing tips encompass the various tricks on how to win at dog racing in a live greyhound racing online platform. More so, you could adopt a few betting techniques like Trixie-bet, Yankee-bet, and ditching while applying the superfecta strategy. Some of the greyhound tips include:

  • Paying attention to the weather condition would be a benefactor to a bettor, as the wetter track of a particular dog would be favorable for wide and frontrunner dogs. Also, it is important to research the runners’ handful of previous races to know whether or not there’s an improved form.
  • Again, always favor young and lighter-weighed competitors over heavily-run competitors with sufficient miles.

Betting on dog racing–pros and Cons


  • The dog racing app is seemingly convenient to use.
  • Guaranteed methods to win


  • The risk associated with Monte Carlo Fallacy and Martingale fallacy, especially for new players.


Yes! Many casinos now offer greyhounds betting as one of their sports betting options. So long as you bet at a verified sports betting site, you can enjoy betting on dog racing right from your mobile device.

The race is held on an enclosed track where about eight dogs compete by chasing an electrically controlled hare until the finish line and the fastest emerges the winner.

To win a dog race bet, you must adopt a strategy that suits your playing style. You should also look through the tips and tricks listed in this article. Take note that you can only claim your bet if you wager at authentic bookmakers.

Yes! Dog racing as a sport is also a source of cash as you could potentially win high through betting. Just make sure to play at trusted sports betting sires.

No! Just like human athletes, the welfare of the dogs is prioritized and they are treated with care. They also retire at a certain age just as humans do.

Some of the states where dog bets are legalized are West Virginia, Arkansas, Alabama, and Iowa. These states also operate an active racetrack. Connecticut, Oregon, Kansas, and Wisconsin, do not operate active tracks, but dog racing is allowed in these states.

The Best Dog racing Strategy gives flawless cash!

Have you been trying to beat the odds without success? Not to worry, this guide provides you with effective tips and strategies needed to get the best out of greyhound betting. All you need do is to strategize using the aforementioned tips and tricks to step up your guard. It’s really that easy!