Explore the Exclusive Z-Games Collection at Cazino-Z

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Cazino-Z has an impressive selection of games, neatly divided into smaller categories to simplify navigation.

Slots and live dealer table games have their own sections, but one particular area helps this casino stand out from the crowd.

Z-Games is the place where you will find all the other games that don’t fit into one of the two main genres.

Some of them are inspired by classic table games, video pokers, and dice games, but there are also some original subcategories containing titles not found anywhere else.

Video games meet blackjack

Cazino-Z runs a successful bookmaker where punters can bet on eSports and also a live casino for the fans of blackjack, baccarat, and other card games. One of the most exciting propositions made by the gambling operator is to combine the two genres into something new and original.

Dota 2 is a shining example of how they found a creative way to merge elements from the two different games. The result is a blackjack game that uses standard rules, but with a background inspired by the popular MOBA.

Closer to what modern casinos offer to demand table games enthusiasts, are blackjack games with sexy dealers. This has been a trend in recent years to spice things up by having beautiful women as dealers at blackjack tables.

Those who have learned and mastered and the classic game will have no problem in navigating the waters of the “Games with Girls” category. In addition to the fancy graphics, these blackjack games have several useful features that allow players to monitor their progress.

Contests, cases and survival games

Cazino-Z has found other creative ways to merge different genres and the games found in the contest category are a shining example. This is where you’ll find Greyhound and Derby races, as well as original creations, such as “Monkeys”. The outcome of the game is totally random, but players get the feeling of being a part of a competition that they actually have a chance of influencing.

“Cases” are perhaps the most original games and they are also based loosely on original mechanics from video games. The concept of loot boxes is at their cornerstones, with players purchasing a case that has a prize hidden inside. There are different levels, with more expensive boxes having bigger potential prizes, so players make an investment for a chance of winning.

Survival games represent a smaller category of the titles available in the section dedicated by Cazino-Z to original titles. You could play a post-apocalyptic mini-game, try to survive in medieval times, or play a friendly game of Russian roulette. All these games are defined by randomness, but the unique game mechanics and narrative provide players with the thrills of playing something new and different.


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