How do we rate companies?

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There are more than 3,000 iGaming companies activating in the iGaming industry. Our plan is to review all of them over time. If you want to review so many operators, you should do it professionally with a mathematical approach, so that ratings reflect the value of the company. 99.99% of websites in the industry provide ratings on companies without any complex algorithms behind.

Most of the time, a webmaster is rating an operator by how popular he thinks the company is, or by how many customers he gets on the respective operator. That gives absolutely no assurance in quality and safety on long-term activity with the company.

We follow different rules. We follow strict rules. We respect our visitors and calculate ratings based on 40+ factors, which result in extremely accurate ratings, that can’t be influenced or manipulated by anyone. There’s a reason why Bet365 has a 9.95 rating out of 10.00. There are actually more than forty reasons. On the same page, Dobet  has only 5.11 out of 10.00 (sorry guys!).

How do we rate bookies?

While we will never expose our full formula publicly in order not to get it replicated, we can express several factors that we take in account when starting to rate an operator. First of all, at this moment we have two ratings for each operator: one is the general rating and the other one is the sportsbook rating. Yes, we do calculate them differently – as one can be very good in payments and customer support, but offer poor odds and betting offer.

We’re not trying to reinvent hot water. We’re using Google Drive to keep our data online and easy to modify at any point.

General ratings for operators

Ratings go from 0.00 to 10.00. There is no minimum rating offered without a reason, just for the sake of companies not getting ridiculous low results. No, we do expose them transparently and we can assure you will have a better experience at a company rated in between 9.00 – 10.00, than with someone ranked between 5.00 – 6.00. So what do we take in consideration for general ratings?

  • Payment solutions – this is very sensitive for customers and we do give points for each operator based on how many PSPs they have in their offer, payment time, fees;
  • Website age – again, a crucial factor showing how much trust customers should have in operators; while there is absolutely no 100% guarantee that an operator can go bankrupt, an established LTD for +10 years will always be safer than a new corner;
  • Mobile interface – nowadays, having a mobile interface is not optional; you will seriously be penalized in our rating if you don’t offer this to your customers;
  • Number of products – we appreciate operators that offer diversity for their customers – while nobody states a stand-alone casino can’t be the best one, operators do get some extra point if they offer numerous products to their customers.

These would be 4 out of the 40+ factors taken in consideration when we rate companies.

Sports ratings for bookmakers

Similar to general ratings, we have identified key performance indicators that stand out for the betting industry. There are a lot of cases in which a company is rated higher in general rating and lower in sports rating. The other way around happens as well. That is because we take products separately and rate them individually. Some key factors taken in consideration for sportsbook ratings:

  • Odds value – most important factor while rating a bookie; anyone with a margin lower than 5.00% is good in our eyes, but we’re also careful about their brand awareness and financial perspective; if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!
  • Sports offer – each bookmaker has different feeds/traders inputting matches and events; we take in consideration how many events a bookie is covering and how many betting options they offer to customers;
  • Live betting offer – nowadays people love to bet live; if you as a bookie don’t have a live betting platform, you will get hurt in your rating; again, we compare number of events offered by each operator and rate them accordingly;
  • Mobile betting – we also love to sit and drink beers with friends and have a fun bet on the game we’re watching – every single bookmaker should have this prepared for their customers;
  • Live streaming video, currencies, dedicated apps, customer support – you name it, we guarantee you we have included them in our calculations.

Be sure to also check our explanations on how we calculate TVB (True Value of Bonus), which are ratings regarding bonuses offered by companies.


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