News about Football

Football is the most popular sport worldwide and the one that draws the largest crowds. Invented more than a century ago in England, it continues to rank high in the preferences of sports enthusiasts. It is the preferred one at bookmakers, with these offering the highest selection of mainstream and special betting markets. Major tournaments such as the Champions League, Europa League or the World Cup are the flagship competitions for sports enthusiasts three out of four years when the Olympics don’t take place.

What makes football special?

Football is a fascinating sport because it is played at a fast pace and rewards commitment, perseverance and skill. It is a team game, therefore flawless coordination must exist between players, for the team to win. From a betting perspective, it is an excellent choice if you want to go beyond the mainstream markets and bet on special events. It is also perfect for live wagering, with nonstop action on the pitch.

Who invented football?

There is no account of a specific person inventing football, but it came to life in England.

Did the English invent football?

It is true that the English invented the football, although the original rules were slightly different.

What is modern football?

Modern football is a variation of the game invented in the 19th century in England, with similar rules.

Who is the no.1 football player?

Pele and Maradona are regarded as some of the best football players in history.